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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    9/10 episode with a big fuck you to Ros, everything you touch you ruin. Having you be Pycell's whore? No worries but seriously we lost two good scenes because you had to show up. Much like Voyager, any scene with Neelix (AKA Ros) just gets worse, you don't belong in this series please go away.
  2. Mr Bean

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    My first ten, we got Walder Frey(+2), we got Aemon Targ(+1) even if they did shorten down his three tests, we got Tyrion telling his back story (+5) and we have the dancing tent and another decent fight (2) The only negative is this very WTF Shae thing, okay Shae what? and no Halfman killing But I'll move past that considering everything else.
  3. Mr Bean

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    7 Great episode which could have been a 9 but gets a -2 from me because they cut Tyrion's Oscar speech. All Roz's fault, it's Roz fault we never got my number 2 favorite scene in the book with the Hound in the Darkness and now it's Roz's fault again we never got to see Tyrion tells us about Tysha! It's his Oscar speech! They cut out his bloody Oscar speech. Now I'll have to embezzle the require money to hire Peter and the actor planning Bron to get them to act out that scene instead.
  4. Mr Bean

    How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    An Eight Any episode without Dire wolves receives an automatic one point deduction if the Direwolf's played a pivotal role in the scene and this week there were two wildings which could have been eaten by Dire wolves but were not. There lack was missed because we got to saw one eat one already. Half a point point deduction was for Ros because that entire episode was very Why is this here? The other half a point lost because Theon and Rob once again have a heart to heart but act like assholes to each other not the good friends as described, considering how Theon is treated in the show to date I don't know why he's fallen into the Stark lacky role... it makes no sense when everyone treats him like shit. Every other episode felt required, needed or was just awesome, could have used a little more Mord but what I got was excellent.
  5. Best episode to date The Episode in which Sir Allister is the world biggest dick to everyone in existence Best Episode, gave it a ten.