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  1. shameeka

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Arryn Lannister Tarly Greyjoys and Boltons are beyond hope.
  2. shameeka

    Diferent POV for a big event

    This in Sansa POV, just to find out what she exactly said to Joffrey to make him listen to her.
  3. shameeka

    Diferent POV for a big event

    "It should have been you." Catelyn pov. I want to know what her exact mindset was when she said that.
  4. It doesn't matter. Everybody think he's an Arryn so he will live and die as an Arryn. There's no proof that he is a bastard so no one will question his parentage.
  5. shameeka

    Sansa really is Alayne

    How come Sansa was able to tame Lady then? No direwolf would be raised by a Baelish.
  6. I think Ned would have suggested that Aerys should take the black.
  7. shameeka

    Let's congratulate GRRM on his 70th birthday, yay!

    Happy birthday, Martin. I hope you live a long and healthy life.
  8. Highborn ladies are born to be sold off in marriage markets and Lysa was a damaged product after she lost her virginity. Lysa's best outcome for marriage after that would be some second son to a lesser house. I'll bet Hoster was thrilled when the Lord of the Eyrie, Protector of the Vale and Warden of the East wanted to wed her. His daughter's preference was not his concern. And Westeros society look down on lowborn so no one predicted that Littlefinger could rise to such power in the future.
  9. Having a few bastards before marriage are not that frowned upon in Westeros. Harry has a bastard but he is still popular among women cos he's a handsome bloke.
  10. shameeka

    Lysa and Jaime

    Lysa would have been away from Littlefinger in Casterly Rock so she wouldn't become crazy. I think the reason for madness is continued miscarriages and Littlerfinger's influence wouldn't have stabled her mind at all.
  11. Simple. Robert asked and Rickard didn't have any reasons to say no. And Robert was quite handsome and popular in his prime days. No one thought he would become a fat drunkard like he is now.
  12. shameeka

    Favorite quote that has helped you IRL

    Everyone wants to be loved.
  13. shameeka

    Why didn't character X...

    I was being sarcastic. You wouldn't believe how many people hate her and think she deserved to be raped by Ramsey in the show.
  14. shameeka

    Why didn't character X...

    Why did Sansa fall for Joffrey and tattle everything to his mother? She got so many haters for this action! Why did Sansa refuse to sleep with Tyrion? He's been NICE to her and he is such an unloved poor guy that she should have given in as an act of gratitude? Why does Sansa rely on Littlefinger when he betrayed her father? Everyone who's read the books know that and she should have figured it out!
  15. It is my understanding that commoners have no last name. If a commoner is knighted or given lordship, how does he create his house name? Davos was a smuggler from Flea Bottom until he was knighted and later became lord of Rainwood. Where did his house name - Seaworth come from? Seaworth sounds like a region name. Maybe Seaworth is a place where his wife and children are currently living. The founder of house Clegane was a kennelmaster. How did he come up with a name Clegane? My theory is his given name was Clegane and after he was knighted he passed his name to his children as the name of the house.