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  1. shameeka

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Daenerys : Her dragons dying Sansa : Joffrey and/or Cersei Samwell : his father Tyrion : maybe an angry Tysha blaming him for raping her Jon : his bastard son or daughter Joffrey : people ridiculing him Arya : her family (especially her father/mother) being disappointed in her Eddard: the image of Lyanna on her deathbed saying "Promise me, Ned."(this really seems to get on his nerves when he thinks about her) Bran : ...the Others? Brienne: Bloody Mummers who tried to rape her wow, this is hard
  2. shameeka

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    Valar morgulis.
  3. shameeka

    A shy girl? She must be insipid.

    He likes wild, ferocious women like Igritte or Val so he thinks shy, sweet girls are boring.
  4. I was personally very shocked when Roose let the women servants of Harrenhal be raped by his men. Not that I thought Roose was incapable of ordering that, but that the Westeros society used rape as a form of punishment for female smallfolks.
  5. shameeka

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

  6. shameeka

    Genderbending ASOIAF characters

    A female Jon would probably be married off to a lesser house or become a septa. I think Bran would become as fairytale-loving and looking-for-my-true-prince as Sansa. Brienne would be knighted and probably become a Kingsguard. I wonder if female Littlefinger would be able to become a master player as well.
  7. shameeka

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    Unless he dies before finishing the book and entrusted someone else to finish the story in his will, no. But I think GRRM would want his story to die with him unfinished than letting someone else continue it.
  8. 1. I think Walder is pretty generous to those who he considers kin or friends. However, to strangers he is more reluctant towards strangers unless he can get something in return. 2. I were an average noble lord in Westeros the reputations of "Late" Lord Frey would affect my judgment so I probably wouldn't trust him. 3. Yes, for reasons that others already explained. 4. No, to him, Walder is a disrespectful bannerman and deserves humiliation. 5. I don't know how GRRM's mind works, so I won't voice any opinion. 6. If I want to stay in Robb's side, assasinate Jeyne and demand Robb to marry a Frey girl or if I want to switch sides, close the gates of the Twins and hold them off until the Lannisters attack them from behind or whatever.
  9. shameeka

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    While I am excited about the upcoming Targaryen books, are they really the first family in the planetos? Brandon the Builder was the first Stark and I think his time was before Valyria.
  10. shameeka

    Fatherhood: Jon Arryn and Randyll Tarly

    If Randyll didn't want Sam as his heir he should have allowed Sam to become a maester, not bully him to the point where he has a trauma.
  11. shameeka

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    Bran or Dany chapters... better yet, I want the whole book.
  12. shameeka

    Book!Joffrey vs Show!Joffrey.

    I think show Joffrey has done more evil deeds but book Joffrey would have done the same if he's in the same situation.
  13. shameeka

    Lady Stoneheart-looking ahead.

    Except she heard "Jaime Lannister sends his regards." in RW. She will very much likely believe that Jaime had a hand in it. How will he prove otherwise? I think the only way Jaime can come out of this alive is to kill her or not meet her at all. BwB is already changed when they began executing Freys without trial.
  14. shameeka

    Lady Stoneheart-looking ahead.

    Thank you. There is a theory that Lady Stoneheart will play the role of Nissa Nissa when she is stabbed by Oathkeeper by Brienne or Jaime. The sword was plunged into water and became Ice, later it was tempered by a lion (Tywin Lannister made Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail with Ice), then by sacrificing LS it will become Lightbringer. There is another theory that she will resurrect Jon Snow although I don't know how that's gonna happen. She's too far away and she never cared for Jon. Honestly, I don't know what her story will be. There are so many ways that her story can go.
  15. shameeka

    Lady Stoneheart-looking ahead.

    Can you tell me the source were GRRM said that?