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  1. shameeka

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    I also thought SR's hostility towards Harry can also be interpreted as an Oedipus complex. At first I thought Littlefinger was the father figure that SW looks up to as a grown male role model but also is intimidated by him. And he sees Harry as father figure that he must compete and win his mother figure Sansa. I don't know if it's lordly instincts, but some studies say that children have a natural instinct of figuring out who can protect them from potential danger. That is why he always wants to stick close to Sansa.
  2. shameeka

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    I think Robert's infatuation with her is symptom of Oedipus complex. He is seeing Sansa as a mother figure, but he's a lot more obsessed with her than normal.
  3. shameeka

    Suggestions for must reads?

    These are some of my favorites.
  4. shameeka

    Bran's next chapter

    The supernatural and magic in Bran's arc have always intrigued me. I also want to hear more from Lady Stoneheart. I think that, if the Others are the zombies that terrorize lands north of the Wall, Stoneheart will be the one that's terrorizing south of the Wall.
  5. I agree with you, and what you said would happen if the show writers had sense but this is D & D we're talking about. Rather than spend money casting a new distant Baratheon/Tyrell ruler they'll just distribute the title to the existing characters who are related. And I agree with the others about Dorne the show botched it so bad they'll treat it as nonexistent.
  6. Just go away and marry Roslin if he is so worried that Jeyne will get pregnant give her Moon tea.
  7. That's what I like about Beric Dondarion. He cares about justice being done and looking after smallfolk than continuing the family name. A rare quality in Westerosi highborns.
  8. shameeka

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Also Renly was gay and he met Loras and fell in love. The Tyrells more or less acquiesced this. I bet Stannis regarded Renly's homosexuality as insanity and Robert would just have mocked him. Having his sexuality be accepted must have played a role in being more closer to the Tyrells.
  9. shameeka

    Minor characters you wanna see win and why?

    Samwell Taryly and Brienne of Tarth
  10. shameeka

    The Symbolism of Sigils

    This is interesting. I'll give it a try although I'll never be as good as you guys. House Arryn : a sky blue falcon soaring against a white moon. So there is loyalty and purity. There words As High as Honor speak for themselves. Falcons are known for their fast diving skills, which may be related to how they make people 'fly' through the Moon Door. Their castle name is the Eyrie. House Greyjoy : gold kraken (I think gold means 'greed' here.) on a black field(unknown). They ironborns are notorious pirates. You can also say that greed caused Balon's Rebellion. A kraken is an octopus-like creature, and octopuses are known to survive even when they are cut in several pieces. (Theon, cough, cough) I'm confused about House Frey because their sigil is two blue towers. According to OP blue is a symbol for trust and loyalty.... Even before the Red Wedding, practically everyone mistrusted Freys... House Dayne : a white sword and falling star on a purple background. House Dayne was one of those loyal to Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion. I wonder if Edric Dayne will pledge to Daenerys when she arrives in Westeros. Can somebody do House Manderly please?
  11. shameeka

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    The North - House Reed because I am curious about crannogmen and Greywater Watch. Riverlands - House Smallwood becuase Lady Smallwood was so nice in Arya chapters. Vale - House Royce. I like almost all of the Royces and even those that I don't like are interesting at least. Westerlands - I don't know much about Westerlands so I'll say House Reyne because they have a good song and an interesting story. Crownlands - House Valaryon. Other houses are just boring. Reach - House Redwyne because of Olenna and they make WINE! Dorne - House Dayne. I don't know much about the other houses. Stormlands - House Tarth of the Sapphire Island. If I have to live in Westeros I would want to live in Tarth. Iron Islands - House Harlaw. Mainly because of Rodrick
  12. In GoT, why did Robert Baratheon bring his entire family when he came to Winterfell to ask Ned Stark to become his Hand? I kind of understand why he would bring Joffrey along if he is going to be Sansa's betrothed, but I would think that Tommen and Myrcella are too young to travel and their presence is not really necessary. I also wonder why he brought along Cersei and her brothers. The Lannisters are not the royal family. They don't have any obligation to tag along. I can't imagine Cersei wanting to follow Robert to the dreary North, and Robert really wouldn't care if Cersei stays in Red Keep or not. Jaime would go with Cersei, but why would Tyrion come with them?
  13. shameeka

    What ASOIAF theory blew your mind?

    I also really liked the theory that the Faceless Men had something to do with the tragedy of Summerhall.
  14. shameeka

    Question regarding Mad King !!

    There are speculations that Targaryens have insanity in their genes as a result of continued incest. The Duskendale incident may have been the trigger that activated the innate madness in him.
  15. shameeka

    What if the Others didn't wake up?

    Oh, and I forgot. Bran would not go north of the Wall and go with Rickon to wherever he went. Not sure the three-eyed raven would seek him out either.