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  1. shameeka

    funny or annoying translation mistakes

    It's Korean and it's the result of letting a handful of amateur college students translate without supervision and "borrowing" the name of a well-known translator to put on the cover. It was a cheap practice of publishers who didn't want to waste money on hiring a professional translator.
  2. shameeka

    funny or annoying translation mistakes

    Jaime Lannister "The things I do for love." -> "I love doing this." (KR) I bet nothing can surpass this one.
  3. I think Lynesse had some premarital indiscretion, and she was quite shallow so her father married her off to the far north as a form of exile.
  4. “You are a woman, my lady,” the Greatjon rumbled in his deep voice. “Women do not understand these things.” “You are the gentle sex,” said Lord Karstark, with the lines of grief fresh on his face. “A man has a need for vengeance.” “Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be,” Catelyn replied.
  5. shameeka

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Don't worry, Someday I'm sure someone will write fantasy series that is just to your liking!
  6. shameeka

    How destructive should the Others Invasion be?

    The Riverlands also have Lady Stoneheart wandering around. She may have a role to play when the Others invade south.
  7. shameeka

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Something similar to what William Faulkner said in his Nobel speech. "human heart in conflict with itself."
  8. shameeka

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Maybe she did but the raven got lost. Or maybe Rhaegar didn't let her write her family. We don't know.
  9. shameeka

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    Besides what was already mentioned... Fate of Margaery and the Tyrells. Will they survive whatever's going to happen in Kings Landing? How Tommen and Myrcella will die, hopefully not in a brutal way, those poor innocent children... More skinchanger traits from the remaining Starks. Hot Pie!!!
  10. shameeka

    Title of the last episode

    Creatively It Made Sense To Us.
  11. That Sansa's to blame for the fact that Daenerys went insane and burned Kings Landing is so abuser logic. "Look what you made me do! You made me so mad that I just had to murder lots of innocent people!"
  12. With how the show treated Dorne and the Reach, at least the Vale wasn't wiped from existence as well.
  13. shameeka

    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    I am a Sansa/Tyrion shipper but I don't want them to end up together on the show. Mainly because the show will botch it so bad with sudden escalation with little to no build up. No gradual exchange of sentiment and two characters growing into each other. Just some witty flirtation remarks and before you know it BAM! sex scene. It's what they did with Jon/Dany (I was neutral about this ship until D & D made me hate it) and Gendry/Arya (I liked this ship, still do but how the show treated this ship is rushed and unnecessary and I'm saying that in a nice way) I'd rather have no ship than a bad ship, especially if it means Sansa suddenly being all apologetic and say - I don't know - that she should have let Tyrion consummate their marriage back then. Now that I think about it, I'm afraid that's how the show will deal with it. They do seem to excel at making our worst nightmares come true.
  14. I want to erase this episode from my mind... I'd rather read some fanfictions out there and replace that as the show's ending. I'm sure there are some out there that is good and respects the character arc and many of them will be better than Dumb & Dumber Any recommendations?