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  1. DemiNymph

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Anyone feel disgusted that Drogon would make a den out of and sleep in rotting carcasses? Where is the hygeine factor? And they even showed him licking himself. Like that's gonna help you get clean. No animals do that!
  2. I was so satisfied at having my desires fulfilled that I was willing to overlook any lousy SFX. Some of us have been waiting for this for more than a decade. The next big thing will be Dany finally landing in Westeros and burning some stuff while flying Drogon. Hopefully, that includes Elaria Sand.
  3. 9, it was pretty good TV. The flying dragon added a +1. Previously we were speculating if it might be too early for Dany to fly in this episode, but what the hell, as long as it works. Took a point off for Braavos, I can't believe they are going to build up Arya's arc for so long just so she can kill a super duper minor character that no one remembers. My unsullied was asking me, who is that man? (Meryn Trant). I had to tell him it's been 5 years and you wouldn't know him anymore, but he's the royal bodyguard and he is one of those who were nasty to her and her father. It's probably going to end up with her going blind at the end of the season and then waiting for 9 months again, but that is just going to piss a lot of people off. Why are people taking points off for killing of Shireen? She is a really nice girl but she is useless as an heir. I'm not sure if she could give birth to continue the line or if greyscale kills early. Saying why is Stannis killing off his heir is really not a valid reason since she is only good as marriage bait to gain an alliance. I doubt she is fertile. She can't be a viable heir and he is probably banking on having other kids. Of course I'm pissed at show Stannis but I've accepted that he is a bad guy in the show and he killed her for a reason that made sense to him at that time. Hate him for killing his own daughter, but don't hate him for gratuious killing, since it still made sense to the plot. Another point off for Ellaria. Really dislike her. Why is the mistress of a deceased brother even invited to a meeting... doesn't make sense, and what a bitch. I only liked Doran showing his power at last.
  4. DemiNymph

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    If Drogon gets Greyscale, wouldn't it make his armor stronger? Or maybe he'll get too heavy to fly. LOL.
  5. DemiNymph

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Jorah? Maybe he'll get eaten by Drogon in the pits. But it doesn't seem to be time for a flying Dany yet. Plus they're not going to waste the Greyscale plotline. The battle was shaky and unclear at parts. I couldn't make out who was fighting whom since they all seem to be the same colour. However, I would say it's still better than the 2nd Transformer movie battles.
  6. DemiNymph

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    10 straight. Superbly enjoyable, great action and suspense. Hardhome is the best action sequence of the series, even better than Baywater or the Wall and even some zombie movies. I haven't given a 10 in a long while. We all need monsters vs humans! Enjoyed the to and fro between Tyrion and Dany as well.
  7. DemiNymph

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Uh no, it's mostly because Obara shut up and all of them got their weapons taken away from them. Thank god.
  8. DemiNymph

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    9 for not killing Bronn, Sam getting some, Cersei getting it and Tyrion meeting Dany.
  9. Who directed all the Dorne parts? They are terrible. Get rid of the director.
  10. Bronn and Lollys are my favorite couple. I'm gutted they are being broken up by the writers. Any chance we'll see them together again?
  11. DemiNymph

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality Series. Yes it's the famous/infamous author of the Xanth series. But this series is from his earlier works which is above average so don't dismiss it too quickly. It's fantasy with some sci-fi elements. Particularly like the book on Satan (Evil). It's about humans who are recruited to hold the below "jobs" for a period and be the Incarnations or personnifications. You get a book for each. They are still humans despite them doing such an important job, so it affects how the job is done. I recommend reading in sequence. Death - Went on strike and refuses to collect souls to save his girlfriend. As a result no one can die. Time - He has to live backwards in time. So he is actually taking over from his predessor. This is one of the most interesting sci-fi cum fantasy book conceptually. And it works. Fate - They weave the tapestry of fate. 3 women, the maiden, the mother and the crone has to share 1 body. (IMO this is a shit job.) War - Nature - All powerful. Got seduced by Satan iirc. Evil - The next person replaces Lucifer and calls himself Satan. God - Add: There's another one for Night. It's published long after the series ended and I just discovered it.
  12. 5, the lowest I ever gave for any GoT episode. I don't think the cherography for the fight scenes and the whole battle are very good. Good enough for a low budget TV I guess. But even Xena was better TV, sorry. And minus 1 point for killing Grenn and Pyp. I only liked the scythe dropping from the wall thingy. That was cool. Why kill them off? Did the actors quit or something?
  13. Quick question. Is the blonde chap sitting beside Tyrion at the feast supposed to be Tommen or Lancel? I thought he might be too old for Tommen but have they aged him up?
  14. There was no mystery. It was all in our minds! We spectulated all these years for nothing!
  15. Thanks for this. I was looking hard in the show at the part where QoT plucked the crystal, but the TV did not show it clearly. So the years old "mystery" is solved then. Read a GRRM interview and he (kinda) confirmed it's QoT as well. On reflection, it's really funny how GRRM decided to reveal the plot to the reader through Littlefinger's conversation to Sansa in the books. But as readers, we did not really believe Littlefinger and it became a mystery to be speculated on for years instead. Hah. I'm glad I'm getting some closure on this issue! *tears up*