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  1. No one is here

    Heresy 205 bats and little green men

    I believe this has happened when Drogon flew Dany out of the Meereen fighting pits. He was guiding her away.. Similar to when she was in the HotU. And, I believe that she will heed this and NOT return to Meereen. I believe that the other 2 dragons will join up with her via some combination of Tyrion, Vic, Moroqo or Benerro. As I believe that Drogon flying Dany away from Meereen was GRRM's way of breaking up the mess known as the Meereenese Knot. Or at the very least, the beginning of the untying. As for Quaithe, I think as readers, we need to be careful trusting her words. One only needs to look at how unreliable Mel is throughout the series to know that prophecy is a fickle matter. I believe that, like the other characters that we have seen speak prophecy (Mel, BR, GoHH, Euron, ect.) that she, too, has her own biases and personal motives, not yet revealed. What I want to know about her most of all is if she is acting alone, or as an agent of someone (something?) else.
  2. No one is here

    The Daynes and the Dondarrions

    Thanks for clearing that up! That doesn't blow the possibility out of the water, though. I'm thinking with the way Beric had Edric at court in KL, the joining of the 2 Houses was common knowledge, yet no one else in the story seemed to be bothered enough by it to comment about it after 5 books. I do not remember very many Dornishmen at court during King Robert's reign, so if there was something suspicious or odd about that particular match I would think it would have stood out in a court full of Westermen, Stormlanders and Valemen. (And, The Daynes are mentioned A LOT in the novels!) That leads me to thinking that maybe The Daynes had to agree to allow their next male-born heir to foster in the Stormlands and have marry a daughter into a Stormlord family (possibly of their choosing?) as part of the Jon Arryn - Martell Truce. Why else would such an ancient House attach themselves in such a way to, what seems to me, as a lesser House from a hostile kingdom? Maybe it is punishment/fealty. Makes sense to me and would be consistent with the way politics in Westeros functions.
  3. No one is here

    The Daynes and the Dondarrions

    What if Edric was given up as a ward (hostage) by House Dayne as fealty after the rebellion and they were forced to marry a Dayne daughter to one of the Reacher Lords? It makes sense for Robert B to distrust the Daynes (for a number of reasons; i.e. Arthur Dayne Rhaegar's bestie, ect). It has me wondering if that was part of the infamous "Jon Arryn deal" that he cut with Dorn after the rebellion was won by Robert. Having the heir to Starfall in the Stormlands should keep the Daynes in line. It would be interesting to go back and try to find out if there are any other heirs from the Dornish high lords that are being held as captives right after the war ended. I have always wondered what Jon Arryn did/said that made the Dornish lay down their spears. It's not like Dornish history is not littered with examples of them surviving as underdogs in war. Maybe it was simply forcing Dorn to give up high value political hostages.
  4. First of all, this is a great thread! Many thanks to all! Ass kissing done! I think that the battle of fire has almost already been told in the sample chapters. If you go back and read them, what else needs to happen that cannot be told in 2 or 3 chapters? My speculation is that Dany, Iron Fleet, Dothraki and company will sail west around halfway through the book. That would wrap up the Slavers Bay plot. But, not necessarily the Essos plot. What I mean is that Dany & Co will start west, but won't make it to Westeros until towards the end of the book. There are still a couple stories to be told in Essos (Tattered Prince/Pentos is one I am interested in). I think that Aegon is the real deal, and that Tarly will open KL to him after Mace is defeated at SE fairly early in the book. I believe that Tarly is still loyal to the Targs. From there it feels that most of the Aegon story line will be politicking because he has a lot of bridges to build. I also believe that the story Arya over heard in her sample chapter about Cersi being in power is a total red herring by GRRM because it just doesn't seem to fit. It could be that the information that she was over hearing was outdated (I would need to re-read to be sure). I think the KL plot will linger throughout the book. I am one that believes that Jon will be resurrected (choose your method) early in the book and possibly even have a role in the battle for Winterfell. It is possible that the Winterfell & Wall plots begin to merge towards the end of the book because I don't think the Others attack until either the final POV chapter or in the epilogue. As others here have said, this part of the plot still needs building. Although, I LOVE the idea of an expedition to the Lands of Always Winter. Unfortunately, having been reading these books for a long time, I think this will probably happen in aDoS. But this HAS to happen. As for Arya, I think she will hear about Winterfell being retaken and/or of Jon Snow's death and resurrection while in Braavos, and that is what will motivate her to go back home to join the fight. It is hard to tell when since her plot is so far removed from the rest of the story. Sansa, for me, is a wild card. But, I do think that by the end of the book, she will either be back in Winterfell or en route. She is not my favorite, so I don't really give a damn about her, UNLESS she is the person to off LF. I just don't see that happening because she is finally in a safe place. She might not trust LF, but she doesn't seem motivated to kill him neither. This is about all I can guess. I have some theories of what Euron is up to, but I'm still trying to fit it all together.
  5. No one is here

    Valyrian Steel Armor

    I mentioned this in another thread on the Aerion chapter in TWoW, but I probably should have waited and posted it here. I believe that Euron would be taking too big of a risk sending Vic off with the horn without some kind of insurance from Vic double - crossing him. And in the Aerion chapter, Damp mentions that the VS armor has glyphs that are described to be similar to the glyphs described to be inscribed on the dragonbinder horn. Does anyone else think that the horn and armor are some type of "set" ? Maybe the spells/magic bind the horn to the person wearing the armor? That would explain why Euron was so relaxed about allowing Vic to take the horn with him to Meereen. Also, based on Jon Snow's dream about being clad in all black armor with a blazing sword in his hand leads me to believe that one of Euron's main purposes as a character is to not only get Dany to come west (among other things), but also to be the plot device that lands the magical armor into the possession Former Lord Commander Snow so that he can be resurrected as AA. It seems to me, based on these pre-released chapters, that GRRM is starting to move the story forward towards a conclusion rather quickly.
  6. No one is here

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I also believe that Aegon will eventually sit the IT. I just think that Euron will get there first...if he doesn't go east after Vic instead. That is a real possibility because we see him wearing the armor at the end of the Aerion chapter. If the armor is a part of the Dragonbinder magic, then the reason he put it on could be because he is near the dragon(s) and the horn. It is very difficult to get a feel for the amount of time that has passed from the beginning of the chapter until the point where Damp is brought to the deck of the ship. It could be several weeks. That would be enough time to reach Meereen (maybe?). Just a bunch a speculation, I know. But what else are we supposed to do until WoW is finally released?!
  7. No one is here

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I think that the Dragonbinder horn is directly related to the person wearing the Valyrian steel armor. That is how Euron plans to control the dragons, regardless of who blows the horn. I am guessing that the glyphs on the armor are the same spell, or a continuation of the spell that is carved into the horn. Also, I think that Euron has a clearer path to KL than Aegon does, due to the Tyrell army on the war path to SE. Even if the GC and Aegon win, that should be a long and bloody battle. That would give Euron first crack at the IT, as well as possibly unify Dany and Aegon against a common enemy when/if Dany sails west. One other thing I have been kicking around is greyscale. It seems to me that greyscale has a huge part to play in this world. Not only is it mentioned a gazillion times, we even got a first hand look at the Stone Men, and now a POV is actually infected. My tin foil antenna has been going bonkers on this subject, but my best guess is that the greyscale becomes an epidemic in Westros during the Long Night, and that it ends up being some form of the Stone Men that actually defeat the Others. that could be the bittersweet ending the GRRM has spoken of.