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  1. Haha no im not too young to drink but i just dont like drinks ...well most of them there are some exceptions.: D But seeing how much you like winerfell i think its safe to say you do like drinks dont you?
  2. Ohhhh....now i realised what you meant. Yeahh it was a mistake thanks for pointing that out!!!! PS ( i dont have anything against wine but personally i dont like it.)
  3. Ηahah....not at all, I live in Greece But I always liked more cold climates, rains etc ( you always want what you don't have) So yeah Winterfell for me.
  4. Valedina

    Who could play Rhaegar or Could anyone play him?

    what do you think of him?? he is tall too XD https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTa7BpXEJt4DpKJ80nfWmr9ETLpQaJAz5r825w6z7p1JaZVNFZNeA TRAVIS FIMMEL
  5. Valedina

    Who could play Rhaegar or Could anyone play him?

    I have the same question as well.There are so many handsome men but handsome with a silver-white-long hair??hmmm....not so much. I like Tom Hardy.I don't know he is so serious but I can't think of him as Rhaegar although he could play on GoT on some other role but anyway that's not our topic. I'm afraid we will be disappointed as I was with Lyannas actress(the old Lya not the young one).In the end, even if they don't find someone as handsome as we imagine they can at least find someone who has this charm like Oberyns actor.He wasnt handsome but he had something that made you like him.
  6. I personally liked that Talisha died at the Red wedding.It seemed more fitting to die along with her king and since I had read the books I wasn't expecting that. Bronn, Oberyn, Osha , Oleanna. All of them are more intriguing in the show. ******No lady stoneheart *****
  7. Valedina

    Just Rhaegar and Lyanna things

    Well, it isn't necessary for GRRM to say that Rhaegar was pretty obsessed with the prophecy.As I said for me it's perfectly clear he was.All his life was revolving around the prophecy.When he was a child all he did was read to the point that jests were made about his habits and people said that Baelor the blessed was reborn.Somewhere along the way, he read something that changed his life and made him feel obligated to learn martial arts.It is highly possible and logical that he read something about the ptwsp being a descendant of Aerys and Naerys and therefore believing he was that person.So he starts learning how to fight even though he doesn't really want to engage in martial arts just so he can fulfil the prophecy. He then realises that he is not the ptwp and that his child will be the one .So Aegon is born and again Rhaegar mentions the prophecy.Then he "steals" Lya an act that lead to the Targaryen dynasty to fall and thousands of people to die.Something that was pretty done again for the prophecy. For me, he sure seems obsessed but not necessarily with the bad meaning of this word.Maybe I should have chosen another world but anyway....... Of course, i believe he had other things to occupy himself and many other hobbies but his main priority was that. Again that's what I believe.I would really like to hear your opinion about why he changed something in his life if he didn't find what he read in that book that important( and not one of his priorities) ,why he kept corresponding with Aemon if (as you said) he was just studying the prophecy and why he caused such destruction (a man who loved the people and wasn't reckless) if not to sacrifice some lives so he could save the next generations to come. I'm really interested to hear your opinion.
  8. Valedina

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    For me it was Briennes chapter were she kills Rorge and the others.....this scene was very intensive for me.How i imagine an inn full of frightened children,Rorge treatening to rape Willow and Brienne rescuing her and all these happening while rainning ,i dont know its kind of a creepy but intresting scene.(at least for me)
  9. Ouuuu....nice question lets see The answer is Aegon V( or Egg) My reason is very simple. I have read the Dunk and Egg novellas and i fell in love with that boy so i would like to know more about his reign. Aside from Egg i would like to know more about Aegon the unworthy. There were so many intresting Targaryens before and after his reign like Daeron,Daena,Eleana,Aemon,Naerys , Baelor and Daemon ofcourse. So by learning more about him you could learn more about the rest as well . That would be sweet! Sorry for mistakes English is not my mother tongue
  10. Valedina

    Just Rhaegar and Lyanna things

    How do you notice such things? It would never cross my mind to investigate what kind of gown was Lyanna wearing in that scene. Nice !!
  11. One of the most desbuted theme in asoiaf is whether Rhaegar loved Lyanna and visa versa or not.It seems that half the fans believe that they loved each other and the other half believe that they didnt.But why couldnt be something between those two?? I for myshelf dont support the idea of them falling in love at first sight.I think that Rhaegar somehow realised that Lyanna was the one to bear the prince who was promised and somehow convinced her too. It would make perfect sense for if they had fallen in love at first sight why wait one year to disappear and live their love??More importantly were they so selfless that they would risk the lives of so many people just so they could be together? Rhaegar was descriped as an honorable and respected man who liked the smalfolk and wad obsessed with the prophesy of the prince that wad promished.So would he really sacrifise so many lives and abandon his son even thought he thought he was the prince that was promished? No unless there was something far greater and frightening to come if he didnt make that 3rd child with Lyanna ..not if he realised that he had made a huge mistake in believing that Aegon was the prince who was promished. The same goes for Lyanna.She loved her family dearly so i couldnt envision her running of with a man without caring for the consequences of her actions to those she loved.Unless again she knew that if she didnt go with Rhaegar all of humankind was lost So i dont think that Rhaegar and Lyanna actually loved each other at first.They certainly liked each other at the beginning and then during of their duration at the Tower of Joy they eventually came to love one another since there are undisputed proofs of that --Rhaegar naming the tower ->tower of joy --Lyanna dying in a bed full of blue roses --*And ofcourse the most important of all is the fact that Rhaegar wispered Lyannas name before he died (i think GRRM confired that the name was Lyannas )! So what do you guys think ? Let me know!! Sorry for bad english
  12. Valedina

    Why is Stannis an Appealing Character?

    I totally agree with you.I for myself never liked Stannis more than i liked the rest secondary characters but i too believe that he is appealing cause somehow he has simplier and more realistic opinions that the rest who either are always confused like Jon and Dany or they always change their minds like Varys and Tyrion.Furthermore i have some friends who like him so much because he is an active character who fought 3 wars(Blackwater,Willdings,Boltons).He is a man whose only option is war so for those who want that he is the perfect choice!!