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    Names for new Targaryens

    Should Arianne give FAegon a child, I could totally see her naming a girl Nymeria.
  2. Lynesse

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    No. Neither the age nor the description line up. Lemore is in her forties, Ashara is in her late thirties at most. "She was past forty, more handsome than pretty, but still easy on the eye." (ADWD, Tyrion IV) That doesn't sound like the description of one of the most beautiful women in all of Westeros. I also feel that Tyrion would have mentioned it if Lemore had an unusual eye color.
  3. Lynesse

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    "No." She stamped a foot. "I want you now, this very night. And I must warn you, after all these years of silence and whisperings, I mean to scream when you love me. I am going to scream so loud they'll hear me in the Eyrie!" (ASOS, Sansa VI)
  4. Lynesse

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    Yes. Sweetrobin has brown hair and is unusually small for his age, just like Littlefinger. Jon Arryn was a tall, powerful man. (While we don't know for a fact if Harry the Heir having Jon Arryn's look in his youth extends to the coloring – Harry has sandy blond hair and blue eyes – this being brought up seems to me like another hint.) The Tullys are tall people (both Lysa and Catelyn are taller than Littlefinger; Hoster and Edmure are tall men) with auburn hair. So Sweetrobin has neither the Arryn look nor the Tully look, in a book in which mysteries concerning genetic traits play a large role. Considering how obsessed with Littlefinger and how needy Lysa is, and that both of them lived at court, I find it impossible to believe that in all those years they never had sex. She would have demanded it eventually. We also know that Jon's two previous marriages were childless, his first wife giving him only one stillborn, his second wife apparently never even getting pregnant. Compare this to Littlefinger, who got Lysa pregnant only the second time they ever had sex. GRRM likes irony. The man researching and discovering the “Baratheon” heirs to the Iron Throne not being Robert's children himself raising another man's child as his heir is ironic. The only counterargument is Lysa not bringing this up in her rant to Littlefinger before he pushes her out the Moon Door. However, Lysa is clearly mentally unstable and delusional. I believe she deluded herself into believing her son is an Arryn, that she fulfilled her duty to provide the Arryn line with an heir. If she admitted, even to herself, that Sweetrobin is Littlefinger's son, that would mean her beloved son isn't an Arryn and certainly isn't Lord of the Vale.
  5. Lynesse

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    (Apart from those already mentioned:) Bloodraven warging everyone and everything (like for example the boar that killed Robert).
  6. Lynesse

    Last One Standing

  7. Lynesse

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Margaery's septa Nysterica (probably, following the rule of narrative economy) is a Waynwood whose mother Alys Arryn was Jon Arryn's sister. Septa Nysterica had a homely pox-scarred face but seemed jolly (Sansa I, ASOS) "Lord Jasper Arryn, begin with him. Jon Arryn's father. He begot three children, two sons and a daughter. Jon was the eldest, so the Eyrie and the lordship passed to him. His sister Alys wed Ser Elys Waynwood, uncle to the present Lady Waynwood." (Alayne II, AFFC) "Which brings us back to the five remaining daughters of Elys and Alys. The eldest had been left terribly scarred by the same pox that killed her sisters, so she became a septa.” (Alayne II, AFFC "Ser Osney is young and lusty, I will grant you," the queen said, "but a faithful knight for all that. If he says that he was part of this . . . no, it cannot be. Margaery is a maiden!" "She is not. I examined her myself, at the behest of His High Holiness. Her maidenhead is not intact. Septa Aglantine and Septa Melicent will say the same, as will Queen Margaery's own septa, Nysterica, who has been confined to a penitent's cell for her part in the queen's shame." (Cersei X, AFFC) Not sure yet what this means.
  8. If a person is abusive, they are abusive, meaning they will abuse any intimate partner. (Robert beats and rapes Cersei. Of course, Cersei is an abusive person as well, in different ways.) It's a character trait based in narcissism plus cultural conditioning to see women as inferior. It can change with a certain form of therapy, but other than that, it will only get worse over time (Robert beating Cersei in front of Ned). (I have spent several years researching intimate partner violence.) So, yes, Robert would eventually have physically and sexually abused any woman he was married to.
  9. Lynesse

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    This concept that only knights can enter tourneys (which is said in The Hedge Knight to Dunk) is either extremely fuzzy or untrue. We hear about Sandor Clegane, Jory Cassell and Brienne entering tourneys, none of them are knights.
  10. Lynesse

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No. I believe in R + L = J. If that is true, Jon has Dayne blood anyway through Aegon v's Dayne mother.
  11. Lynesse

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    No. The parallels between them are thematic and symbolic.
  12. Lynesse

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Yes. (Not entirely sure, but I lean towards it. There are many hints, it would fit thematically imo with the increasing presence of cannibalism in the story, he eventually stops saying "This is not the day I die", the oddly specific text passage of Jojen in/on a "bole"...)
  13. Like others I find the books (and the audiobooks) to be a great help when coping with depression. Comforting, almost like a safe harbor, a home. There is so much in them to unpack and marvel at that they can even distract me from anxiety and excessive worry. They also keep renewing my faith in stories, in art. They mean so much to me.
  14. Lynesse

    Realistic heights for the Stark characters

    Regarding Ned, Tobho Mott describes Varys (if indeed it was him who brought him Gendry) as “not so tall as you” in conversation with Ned. IIRC, Varys' height is never mentioned, which implies that his height is unremarkable (unlike, say, Littlefinger's), not too far from average. Which leads me to conclude that Ned's height falls in the upper average to tallish range. Around 6'0 would be my guess. That might make Brandon 6'2 or so. Regarding Robb, at age 15 he is around Catelyn's height. She considers him tall then. Littlefinger is shorter than Lysa who is shorter than Catelyn. Littlefinger is described as short, but not freakishly so. If he is 5'5-5'7, that might make Catelyn 5'7-5'9. (The Tullys, including Sansa who has the Tully look, are all either outright stated to be tall or implied to be on the taller side.) Catelyn herself considering Robb, who (at age 15) is of a height with her, to be tall seems to imply that she is also on the taller side of my estimation, closer to 5'9, if not taller. (5'7 isn't considered tall for a 15-year-old male, is it?)