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  1. Actually fake danny is worse then roose and even aerys. Aerys was gonna burn down the city because he lost and it was a mixture of "I'll take you out with me" and "if I can't have it then noone can" Not saying it was right because it was evil. They had her burn a city to the ground for no reason except shock value. The show destroyed one of the fan favorites for shock value. Nothing else. It would have...nope I am done.
  2. Your thinking of the books. There we hear how he was once nice and protective and how he started to go insane. We don't see or hear any of that in the show. Just him being brutal and cruel towards her. She wasn't a saint and I never said she was. But there is a BIG difference between that and doing what she did. She outdid aerys because...nope no reason just for shock value. I am always the one to defend the writers and say things like "well if you look at it this way" or how it is acceptable because they have a budget and a time limit. Nope I am done with it. This made no sense. Jons attitude towards her when they get together made no sense.
  3. This was just stupid writing. There was no way you can link the two. She watched the guy who tortured her and had her living in terror of him be killed. I don't see why she should feel bad. She cared about the small folk then becomes worse then aerys. Sorry it made no sense at all. It was just meant to have shock value. Next episode might have fake dany try to justify it somehow but I don't see it. It made no sense. The show runners need to be kept away from any future tv shows,movies,or books.
  4. That battle scene was epic and better done then a ton of action movies. I really liked this episode overall though dany and jons bend the knee thing is annoying.
  5. dianna rig is one of the top 3 actors in the show's history. I loved how they made olenna have a bigger role in the show then she did in the books. I agree people hated the sand snakes but they way it was done was truly well done by the writers and lena killed that scene. She showed just enough vulnerability to show she loved her daughter and make me feel it but the rest was pure and brilliant revenge.
  6. that's my point though. Until she wins her claim it doesn't mean much. The people who joined her didn't join her because she was the rightful ruler but because dorne needed dany to win otherwise they would die and olenna joined for vengence pure and simple
  7. not officiaclly but everyone knew it and excepted it but by that time the tyrells had joined the lannisters and the battle of blackwater had been won and stannis had pretty much lost at that point. Also in both the books and the show dany is never given a crown by her brother. In fact that is specifically mentioned in the books. And by people calling aegon a usurper I meant at the time he conquered.
  8. okay here is the difference. Dany's family LOST THE THRONE before she was even born. She considers the man who took the throne a usuper and I understand why she thinks that but in reality then wasn't aegon the conqueror a usuper when he conquered the seven kingdoms.(well six since he didn't get dorne). Stannis was the rightful heir since his brother was sitting on the throne when he died and had no trueborn children. Stannis was a member of the current ruling dynasty and as such had a right to the north. And dany not recognizing that robert was king doesn't mean she is right.
  9. so then how can jon be in open rebeliion against her. If her birth right was real then she would be in line for the throne like a son of someone sitting on the throne or some family member. Jon has more of a right to the north thenshe does to westero's at the moment since bran will let it pass by him.
  10. When you flee your country and lose the throne for twenty years then tell me why she gets to claim it. Should whoever was on the throne just get off now (even if it was a good king or queen). And dany's only allies were dorne and the tyrells. the dornish joined for survival and olenna joined so she could get vengence. So where are those loyalist at. Robert had a deep hatred of the targs and it blinded him. Dany would not have been a threat if robert hadn't tried to kill her. Khal drogo would never have been willing to cross the sea otherwise
  11. Yes but aegon conquered the seven kingdoms and thus began the targ's "birth right" and yet it has been twenty years in the books probably since any targ (except aemon and jon who noone but ned knew was a targ) set foot in westeros. Robert and ned smashed the targ dynasty and ended it. So dany's line is done when it comes to birth rights. And if you want to get more into it then bran would has a right to be king of the north and since we know he would refuse it then it would go to jon. So given that torren stark or whatever his name was bent the knee to aegon targ and the targ's no longer rule westeros then jon has a better claim to be king of the north then dany does for the entire seven kingdoms.
  12. So when dany said the last king of the north was torren or something like that and he bent the knee he could have easily said. Jon-Actually my brother rob was and he never bent the knee
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