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  1. snow is the man

    The Line(s) of Aerys and Rhaella (and Duncan)

    Wait when did duncan the tall have kids? I thought he became a kings guard eventually. I am not saying your wrong or lying I just haven't heard about it.
  2. true. I was just wondering if it was what GRRM meant by it. I mean she was hallucinating,half naked, and walking through the wilderness. I think neds was more of a "dream" that was altered by the drugs.
  3. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    I think renly was arrogant and had some cruelty to him or at least didn't care if people were cruel. I think he enjoyed the idea of being king and would have been a far better king then robert but he was very flaky and would have been a "meh" king more then anything. Or he might have lost to tywin like stannis did. Stannis was too stubborn and would have caused trouble because he had no give to him. Basically none of the baratheons would have been good kings
  4. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    He fully intended to murder dany and her unborn child. Also stannis didn't go for the crown until AFTER his brother died and he found out his brother had no heirs. Now yes blood raven had people scared and did bad things but HE kept the kingdom together when the first aerys was in power and was useless. The fact you think blood raven wasn't benefiical to the seven kingdoms speaks volumes. We know jon arryn often went to robert to ask for help and permission but was repeatedly ignored and robert sided with little finger,cersei,and the others. Now jon arryn wasn't the best choice in my opinion either however you could do far worse. And as for robert ignoring his duties even though he knew stuff was going wrong well he FOUGHT to get the throne and could have said NO I don't want it and given it to stannis or someone else. He took the throne so he has a duty to be a king. He knowingly did a bad job and ignored it because it wasn't fun. Aerys was mad and maegor was too what was roberts excuse for doing so much damage to the kingdoms.
  5. didn't see that till after I wrote it. My mistake.
  6. No she didn't! She took the stuff form that one guys house in the show and that was it. If she had sacked the city she could have bought all the unsullied easy and all the ships she could have. In the book she gets kicked out of that guys house when she refuses to marry him and then joins up with sir barriston and..can't remember that guys name who brought three ships to take her to that guy in pentos who we saw at the beggining when he spent time with dany and her brother and set up her marriage to khal drogo. She never sacks Qarth just that guys house who helped take her dragons to the warlocks and killed some of her people and tried to have her killed too.
  7. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Exactly and jon arryn was by all accounts a good and honorable man who wasn't corrupted. Yet robert seemed to ignore all his warnings and advice. If it wasn't about tourneys or killing targs he didn't want to be bothered.
  8. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    yep he was the king who got the militant faith to lay down their arms,united the kingdoms in more then just name,had the most dragons during his rule,and had a very very long time of peace. He was probably the best king we know of in the game of thrones universe.
  9. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Not really. Look who had taken the throne. Robert was a drunk and slept with everything that moved even before he became king. Aerys was always a bit off. I can't remember if it said it in the show but in the books sir barriston selmy said in a polite way that aerys had had some episodes when he was younger but he was charming and people ignored it. So it just got worse as he got older and yes the pressure from the throne didn't help. Joffrey was a little psycho even before he became king. Now tommen is the best example. He was still young and he got walked all over but I think you would have seen him come back as weak but capable of keeping the peace if it had been under any normal circumstance. After him came cersei who was a cruel evil person from far earlier. Dany commited her attrocity before she took the throne. I think the pressure and power that came with the throne just added to what a person had already.
  10. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Okay picture it this way. You had a president who set up a house of cards. While he was in charge everything was great on the surface. However just underneath it's completly rotten. The economy is about to fall and the divisions that he caused started to fester until nothing gets done and everyone hates eachother and every system that can fix things or keep them in check has been chipped away until it is just a sign on an empty building. So when the next guy comes in it all crashes and everyone looks at the last guy who caused it and sees a time of prosperity. Also I was only pointing out cersei because she is one of the people he failed to keep in check. And joffrey wasn't just his son (to him and everyone who didn't know about cersei and jaime's creepy relationship) he was also the heir. You see in the books and such that rob is loosely tutored by his father in the ways of ruling. Rob was going to be lord of winterfell and eventually warden of the north. Joffrey was going to be the king of all of westeros and robert didn't try to teach him anything about ruling or have someone teach him. Since his son would be heir it was part of his job as king. And while little finger has caused more trouble he did so much because robert did nothing. When jon arryn tried to get robert to do anything he wouldn't and he would just side with whoever made him do less. Stannis who tried to bring some order to it was ignored and often ridiculed by his brother (though some of his ideas were a bit out there). Think of it this way. robert was supposed to guard the kingdom and instead eat and ignored the wolves..or lions tearing it apart. Robert did so well because he was a war hero and everybody thought of him that way even when he sunk to being so fat he couldn't wear armor and would get winded just walking.
  11. If you read the books you will see that in the past during the dance of dragons a targ was executed using a dragon just like the tarly's were. A dragon bonds to one rider. Aegon the conqueror couldn't ride his sisters dragons for example because they were bonded to them not him. Drogon would have toasted jon like a marshmallow. It was just painfully forced symbolism. So yes I get the idea that it was the throne that killed her and that is why drogon melted it however I fail to see how a dragon has more control and understanding then most people would in that situation.
  12. snow is the man

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    HEY! Blame the writers for the painfully forced symbolism. Drogon wanted to kill jon but the writers wouldn't let him.
  13. snow is the man

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    No. You said it yourself in your post. He set it all up. He let corruption run rampant and didn't care. He knew his son was cruel yet didn't do anything to try and fix him. He ran up a massive debt until tywin lannister all but owned the crown. Even if joffrey had been an okay king and been roberts actual son robert had set up alot of trouble down the road. Aegon the unworthy was similar to robert and it caused a massive war called the blackfyre rebellion. It also set up massive debt and all sorts of other trouble. However after aegon died his son that took over was a very good king and then he died the first aerys became king (not dany's dad) and while he didn't pay much attention it was negated because he put in bloodraven as his hand and bloodraven was more or less king during aerys reign. Bloodraven was a master politician and tactician and was able to pull everything back together. So basically after aegon you had two really good kings who pulled through a war,disease,famine,and pulling a divided country together. If they had had two "okay kings the seven kingdoms would have fallen apart long before robert became king. Robert knowingly did the same stuff as aegon the unworthy and had a horrible heir and did nothing about it. Didn't try and help him. Also in the show robert rarely touched cersei and she was actually interested in him at first.
  14. True. Probably the next generation would just take complete control or have it set up to be an unoffical monarchy. None of it made sense.
  15. It's pretty good. I agree with this. The two biggest problems with what happened in the show were that there wasn't enough buildup for it and also that it just made no sense. Her attacking the red keep made sense however her going after civilians like she did made no sense. I thing your version would have made more sense to show her going too far or bordering madness even if the wildfire didn't catch. Since she would have killed thousands for no real reason except revenge which she would have gotten anyways since cersei lost and could have been caught.