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  1. I will still read the books since I seriously doubt GRRM would do anything like this. Bran being king was just stupid in so many ways and it seems like they wanted to have a tragic hero in jon but have everyone get happy endings at the same time. Seeing sansa get off for all her crimes and betrayl made my stomach hurt.
  2. Actually fake danny is worse then roose and even aerys. Aerys was gonna burn down the city because he lost and it was a mixture of "I'll take you out with me" and "if I can't have it then noone can" Not saying it was right because it was evil. They had her burn a city to the ground for no reason except shock value. The show destroyed one of the fan favorites for shock value. Nothing else. It would have...nope I am done.
  3. Your thinking of the books. There we hear how he was once nice and protective and how he started to go insane. We don't see or hear any of that in the show. Just him being brutal and cruel towards her. She wasn't a saint and I never said she was. But there is a BIG difference between that and doing what she did. She outdid aerys because...nope no reason just for shock value. I am always the one to defend the writers and say things like "well if you look at it this way" or how it is acceptable because they have a budget and a time limit. Nope I am done with it. This made no sense. Jons attitude towards her when they get together made no sense.
  4. This was just stupid writing. There was no way you can link the two. She watched the guy who tortured her and had her living in terror of him be killed. I don't see why she should feel bad. She cared about the small folk then becomes worse then aerys. Sorry it made no sense at all. It was just meant to have shock value. Next episode might have fake dany try to justify it somehow but I don't see it. It made no sense. The show runners need to be kept away from any future tv shows,movies,or books.
  5. Exatly she has been a champion of the common people and now she does a 180 for no reason. There is no logic for this and it killed her character. It was purely for shock value and to make her as unforgivable as possible
  6. she planned to use that spell and it worked. It was risky and I wouldn't do t. However there is a huge difference from that type of crazy to what happened.
  7. You do realize dragons have destroyed cities and armies before right? There are still wars. Once cersei was dead then only jon would be left as a contender and if she was truly mad she could have killed him then there would be noone with a claim or with enough power to attack her. Now all she did was kill civilians for no reason. The only way to end all war would be to kill everyone. Yeah not just in KL but in that ENTIRE world. So will she fly around killing everyone now? She finished the war and that was it. Then she killed civilians for no reason. I am done arguing about this
  8. Exactly. It makes no sense. It was just for shock value. It made no sense.
  9. Jon was on the fence? Jon said NO flat out. No this wasn't dany planning it or doing it for any reasons. This was bad writing. And that stupid "break the wheel" thing is way overused by fans. It's like how everyone expected that prophecy that cersei would be strangled by her younger brother to mean something. Sometimes people just say things and it doesn't matter.
  10. It was so out of character for her that it made no sense. And it was cersei who did it. she could have gone to the red keep and burned it down killing cersei but also killing the people inside and it would have showed her losing it but at the same time make sense. This would be the equivalant of jon deciding he wants to be a lannister.
  11. Someone was supplying those sons of the harpies and her response while brutal was understandable. However killing off sir barristan was stupid. He was one of the best characters on the show and they killed him off because...
  12. It's just a saying. But fine. No it made no sense.
  13. bull This is not what she meant. I will say again this was just them destroying her character and doing it in the most shocking way possible even if it made no sense for her character or anything.
  14. No dude the whole thing made no sense. I like dany alot and this was completly out of character for her and killed her character. The showrunners wanted to have the "good" person become pure evil and in the most shocking way possible. There was no other reason for it. Usually I try to find reasons and excuses for the writers in alot of show but this is just them breaking the show and dany's character. I am gonna head cannon that after the bell rang a stray arrow hit dany in the fore head and she died and the rest of this never happened. And while I wanted a happy ending for her I would have understood her going mad. But this is just over the top. pretending that it was dany's evil twin makes as much sense as what happened.
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