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  1. For sure, I see a lot of sets going for $5-8k, so $16k is definitely a lot, esp since it doesn’t include the MMs or KotSK. But then again, it is #006, which is pretty rare, so wanted to mention.
  2. Also, noticed set #006 is for sale here: https://www.baumanrarebooks.com/rare-books/martin-george/song-of-ice-and-fire-ie-game-of-thrones-set-of-5-novels/112000.aspx Very expensive ($16,000) and does not include the Meisha Merlin books or even apparently KotSK, but worth mentioning since single digit.
  3. KotSK letter GG is sold, please remove from the front page.
  4. There’s a letter ‘Y’ Game of Thrones from SubPress on Ebay right now. Thought I’d mention since it was listed as wanted on the first page (Dino0082)
  5. Looking for PC copies of: AGoT ASoS <- very interested AFFC <- very interested AKotSK
  6. Wow http://www.ebay.com/itm/Song-of-Ice-Fire-LETTERED-ED-set-more-Meisha-M-Subterranean-Game-of-Thrones-/282582657185?hash=item41cb3d28a1:g:MlUAAOSwpAZZc6g3
  7. My "GG" lettered AKotSK is still for sale.
  8. I've got a lettered AKotSK ("GG") for sale from Subterranean Press. I might also be interested in a trade involving a numbered ASoS and/or ADWD.