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    Greetings House James here. We have had a hard time of it all ever since my true leader and friend King Robert Baratheon died. I miss the days when we held our own against the Mad King. Old Targarayen scum. I sided with Stannis and lost many good swords in the battle of the Blackwater. I did not follow him North due to my personal sectarian divisions and my long standing dislike of R'hllor. I follow the Old Religion since our forefathers were peasants in the Stark lands North. We are a minority here for now. There is a power vacuum currently in our lands with our many losses on the battlefield. Our left over swords specialise in Phalanx warfare and fortification. Our Standard is a storm fighters Castle over a Green not Red Baratheon heart symbolising the Old Religion and none of this fire death cult the old stags have burned themselves in. I wish you all safe passage in the storm