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  1. NickStark2494

    Didn't get the premise of the truce

    Doesn't change the point that Dany was asking for a truce, not for Cersei's army to join them.
  2. NickStark2494

    Didn't get the premise of the truce

    You are correct, Hoo is not.
  3. NickStark2494

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    They weren't asking her to go North though. Go back to Episode 5, and go back to the dragon pit scene. In both instances, you'll see that what Jon and Dany want is for Cersei to say that she won't take advantage of Dany's absence to further her dominion of the South. They want Dany to be able to go North without worrying about what Cersei might do in the meantime. A truce. They aren't asking her to pledge her army to the cause. Cersei says that she'll grant the truce, if Jon promises to stay neutral once the war with the dead is over. Jon refuses, so Cersei refuses the truce and storms off. The implication is that she is refusing to pull her armies back, and that she will take advantage of Dany's absence. When she returns, she gives them more than what they asked for, because she pledges her army.
  4. NickStark2494

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    Of course characters' decisions can be irrational, nobody is asking for "emotionless computing machines". Lots of characters make emotional and illogical decisions. And that's fine. But it has to make sense from a storytelling perspective. We as an audience have to be able to understand why an irrational decision was made. In others words internally logical character decisions (whether the character's behavior is "logical" from an in-universe perspective) are not always necessary, as human beings are capable of making emotional and illogical choices, but externally logical decisions (a character's behavior making sense based on what the story has established about them and about the world) are necessary. Cersei's actions regarding the truce don't make any sense, either internally or externally. Her initial acceptance of the truce, then refusal of it because of Jon, then re-acceptance of it, only to then reveal she was planning on feigning it and betraying them from the very start, none of that has any sense to it whatsoever. If that was her plan, she'd have just enacted it. No reason to create this whole roller coaster of drama. It is completely irrational, and the problem is that in this situation, the irrationality has no reason to exist. There is no reason for her to act irrationally on this point. It's insanity, in fact, more than just irrationality. She has a plan, a plan she is enacting with Euron from the beginning (since he pretends to be a coward and leaves, and we later find out this was all a set-up), and yet she decides to go back and forth like 3 times and throw a fit over Jon's refusal to stay neutral, instead of just going ahead with the fucking plan. The writers have not established why she would do this. And therein lies the problem. The roller coaster has no reason to exist from the perspective of character motivation. It exists for the audience to be fucked with, so the show can surprise us with Cersei, first by making us think it's going well, then by making us think it's fucked, then by making us think she's back on board, and once more by showing us her true intentions. The point is just to toy with us, even though there is no reason for the character to act this way. That is the definition of bad writing. Contrast this with an example of a character being irrational that isn't illogical from a story perspective : Cersei's betrayal. Cersei's decision not to go North is completely irrational. As Jaime says, no matter who wins in the North, they're going to destroy her after the war is over. In this case, however, it makes sense for Cersei's character that she would act in this irrational way. It is established in both book and show that she is selfish, unhinged, cruel, and that she is both short-sighted enough and evil enough to be willing to let the living and the dead kill each other without her feeling the need to intervene. Cersei makes lots of irrational decisions that aren't bad writing, because it makes sense for her to act in that way. Irrationality is a part of her character, to an extent. The problem with her fake drama over Jon is that it is an act of irrationality that deliberately goes against her own plan and wastes time for no reason. It doesn't make sense for her to act in that way, instead of just doing what she was planning from the beginning. This is the difference.
  5. NickStark2494

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    Responding to the bold : no, actually the show has repeatedly told us that she could take King's Landing in a day if she wanted to. Go back to the Dragonstone scenes in Episodes 2 and 3. It was made clear, contrary to what you're saying, that it would be incredibly easy. The entire reason for the truce is that Dany doesn't want Cersei to take advantage of her absence while she goes North. She wants to be able to fight in the North, and then come back to take KL later, without too much bloodshed. If Cersei refuses the truce, she is essentially saying she will take advantage of Dany's absence to further her dominion of the south. In that case, it would be in Dany's best interest to take KL immediately. Cersei has no way of knowing that Dany won't do that. She also has no way of knowing that Dany wants to hold back her dragons to prevent them from killing innocents. This idea would never occur to Cersei, and she doesn't know Dany at all. Dany brought two armies to the meeting. It is entirely reasonable to assume she is willing to use them if things go awry. There is no reason why Cersei should feel so confident that Dany won't do that. As for the point about Cersei convincing them, you misunderstand my argument. What I'm saying is that since they are the ones who asked for the truce, and since Cersei does not plan on respecting the truce, she does not need to concern herself with whether Jon and Dany are merely suspicious. All she needs is for them to accept the truce. Which they will if she does. Jon and Dany aren't going to refuse it if Cersei agrees immediately, that's insane. They are the ones who asked for it ! They're already betting on her good will. If Cersei accepted immediately, Jon and Dany wouldn't then suddenly refuse. Would they be suspicious ? Maybe. But this makes no difference to Cersei. Why should she care about erasing all doubt from their mind ? Jon and Dany wouldn't entirely trust her no matter what she did. There was always going to be doubt in their mind, but they were never going to refuse the truce over that doubt if Cersei agreed to it. Cersei simply has no reason to throw a fit over Jon's refusal to stay neutral.
  6. NickStark2494

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    Totally disagree. She doesn't need them to trust her, the truce was their idea. It's not like they're going to reject it if she accepts "too easily". She in no way needs them to trust her absolutely. And there's no way she could have predicted Tyrion coming to speak with her. For all she knew, Dany could have responded by simply taking the city.
  7. NickStark2494

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    Sometimes I wonder if people read the entirety of my post. The problem with your argument, is that she storms off when Jon refuses, with no way of predicting how they will react as a result. She could not know Tyrion would walk into the Lion's den to convince her. For all she knew, Dany could have decided to simply take King's Landing then and there. It was incredibly risky of Cersei to rupture negotiations with two dragons and two armies at her doorstep, and entirely unnecessary as well, since she was already planning on accepting the truce and then turning on them. Why should Cersei care if Dany and Jon are suspicious ? Let them be suspicious. It was their idea to have a truce, they aren't going to reject it if she accepts "too easily". They may be suspicious, but so what, it doesn't matter to Cersei since she knows they're still planning on going North and she knows that she is planning on betraying them. She in no way needs them to trust her. It isn't necessary at all for any part of her plan. All she needs is for them to fuck off to the North. And that result would have been obtained without throwing a fit, retreating to the Red Keep, and taking the risk that Dany might respond to the end of negotiations by simply taking the city with the forces she brought. After all, it isn't unreasonable to think Dany might do that. She did bring her two armies and two dragons to the capital to potentially use them if things go awry. Cersei should have not been confident playing with fire as she did. It doesn't make sense, the showrunners simply wanted to structure it that way to get the scenes they wanted.
  8. NickStark2494

    Lannister Army will fight for...??

    Hah. Excellent. Sounds exactly like the kind of shit writing D&D deliver us weekly. You've nailed their style.
  9. So, if Cersei had already planned with Euron that he was going to pretend to retreat home, and she was going to pretend to accept the truce but then stab Dany and Jon in the back, then what was the point of her entire fake bullshit about Jon refusing to stay neutral ? She's planning on betraying the truce herself, what's the point of pretending like she cares about permanent peace with Jon ? Why does she even ask for this permanent truce in the first place ? Why does she throw a fit about his refusal ? That entire maneuver on Cersei's part is pointless if she was planning on stabbing them in the back from the beginning. And it's also potentially risky. As it happened, Tyrion came to talk to her, but for all Cersei knew, Dany could have very well said "Fine, if you refuse the truce then I'm taking the city right now". And that's the other thing. Dany could just take the city, but doesn't because the writers want this truce. Cersei could just accept the truce immediately, and then reveal to Jaime and the audience that she's planning to betray them, but she doesn't because the writers want drama surrounding Jon's pledge and they want Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey to have an emotionally charged scene. The whole thing is contrived, nothing is organic, the character motivations are forced, nonsensical, or nonexistent.
  10. NickStark2494

    Can we talk about Jon?

    This thread has devolved into something quite different from what it was originally started for, but so be it, I'm not above discussing gorgeous naked women. Carice and Nathalie are the hottest women on the show to me. Their bodies are literally perfect, in my estimation. Everthing about them is stunning. And those asses are just unreal. Melisandre and Missandei's beautiful round asses are quite simply works of art. And yeah, if I had been in Kit's position, I definitely would have tried to get with Carice after the shooting of that Season 5 scene. From interviews they've both given, they seem to both be very attracted to each other. And apparently during the filming of the resurrection scene, Carice's nickname for Kit was "Big Dick".
  11. NickStark2494

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Jaime's last chapter, and the Ironborn stuff. The burning of the letter is the greatest moment of the book to me.
  12. NickStark2494

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    I believe it may be due to what is commonly called D&D syndrome. A rare affliction suffered by certain TV shows, whereby logic and continuity are entirely thrown out the window, so that folly and stupidity may take over and wreak havoc on the story and characters that the audience has come to love. Sadly, there is no cure.
  13. NickStark2494

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Except of course, Euron did not sink most of Dany's fleet. In Episode 2, he only sinks her Greyjoy ships, and there are 100 of them, according to Yara in Season 6 Episode 9. They weren't transporting the armies of the Reach or the Dornish armies. They were on their way to Dorne to pick up Ellaria's armies, they hadn't arrived yet. As for the Reach, their armies were never supposed to be transported by ship, the plan was for them to march to KL. Dany still had enough ships to bring her 60'000 Dothraki to the mainland, so the 100 ships Yara had and however many ships the 8'000 Unsullied had wouldn't be anywhere near "most of Dany's fleet". Euron probably destroyed around 20 to 30% of her fleet maximum, and killed only Iron Islanders in that process. The show is incredibly dumb for even suggesting that Dany has lost anything more than Olenna, the Sand militia, and some of her ships.
  14. NickStark2494

    That was Rhaegar?

    He wasn't beautiful at all, in my opinion. Looked terrible.