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  1. NickStark2494

    Can we talk about Jon?

    This thread has devolved into something quite different from what it was originally started for, but so be it, I'm not above discussing gorgeous naked women. Carice and Nathalie are the hottest women on the show to me. Their bodies are literally perfect, in my estimation. Everthing about them is stunning. And those asses are just unreal. Melisandre and Missandei's beautiful round asses are quite simply works of art. And yeah, if I had been in Kit's position, I definitely would have tried to get with Carice after the shooting of that Season 5 scene. From interviews they've both given, they seem to both be very attracted to each other. And apparently during the filming of the resurrection scene, Carice's nickname for Kit was "Big Dick".
  2. NickStark2494

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Jaime's last chapter, and the Ironborn stuff. The burning of the letter is the greatest moment of the book to me.
  3. NickStark2494

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Except of course, Euron did not sink most of Dany's fleet. In Episode 2, he only sinks her Greyjoy ships, and there are 100 of them, according to Yara in Season 6 Episode 9. They weren't transporting the armies of the Reach or the Dornish armies. They were on their way to Dorne to pick up Ellaria's armies, they hadn't arrived yet. As for the Reach, their armies were never supposed to be transported by ship, the plan was for them to march to KL. Dany still had enough ships to bring her 60'000 Dothraki to the mainland, so the 100 ships Yara had and however many ships the 8'000 Unsullied had wouldn't be anywhere near "most of Dany's fleet". Euron probably destroyed around 20 to 30% of her fleet maximum, and killed only Iron Islanders in that process. The show is incredibly dumb for even suggesting that Dany has lost anything more than Olenna, the Sand militia, and some of her ships.
  4. NickStark2494

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    How exactly did Dany lose two kingdoms ? Do the Dornish not still have an army ? Why are they suddenly out of the game due to Ellaria's capture ? And what about the Reach ? Either Cersei or Dany must have their allegiance. In this episode, they seem to imply it's Dany, because both she and Cersei are talking about the possibility of Cersei "retaking half the country". Apparently Dany holds "half the country". I'm guessing that means she now somehow controls the Reach. The whole thing is nonsense.
  5. NickStark2494

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I'm guessing the tortured reasoning is that had Tywin been alive, there would have been no issue with the Faith or with the High Sparrow, and therefore Tommen wouldn't have died.
  6. NickStark2494

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    It's pathetic. The show clearly has no clue about what is going to happen to him in the novels.
  7. I have to chuckle at you saying that Dany wants to save innocents by not storming KL. This is one of the most tortured bits of logic used by the show. Her alternative to storming the city is to besiege it and starve them out. I don't know if you know, but that also leads to thousands of innocents dying. A precision attack on the Red Keep with her dragons would have spared far more lives. We've seen that she's capable of controlling her dragons and using them with extreme precision (burning only 2 or 3 ships in Meereen last year, targeting only her enemies, burning only the Tarlys, etc...). The idea that Tyrion presents that they should instead starve out the city is absurd. Dany even burns all the food that the Lannisters had with them. So now yes, thousands will starve to death because of her. So the argument that she's sparing lives is completely thrown out the window. Second thing I have to chuckle at, is the idea that her going North is somehow an amazingly noble act that would make Jon bend the knee. It's the bare minimum. Jorah is her top adviser next to Tyrion. Jon is an important ally. The mission they're on is a plan Tyrion came up with. Dany going North to save her friends and allies and to salvage a plan that her Hand came up with (and that is by extension, a mission that she is responsible for), is not some extraordinary act of selflessness. It's good yes, but it's not like the fight against the WW doesn't concern her. It fucking concerns everyone. It's not like she's helping Jon out with something that has no bearing on her plans. His mission is core to her plans at this point. She should be putting herself at risk not for Jon specifically, but for the entire fucking Kingdom. The Kingdom she claims to be the Protector of. If she is the Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, then it is her duty to protect those Seven Kingdoms. She doesn't get brownie points for finally realizing that doing your duty is more important than acting like an entitled brat, a realization that Stannis came to in Season 4. Once again, doing your duty as ruler is the bare minimum. Finally, it is absurd in my opinion to say that they have "by far the best and most believable" romance of the show, when they didn't have a single personal scene together before Episode 6. They have only ever discussed politics and the war. Sexual attraction + political discussions doesn't equal love. It is rushed and forced because it didn't happen organically, and they are now supposed to be completely in love despite barely knowing each other. Also, Song of Ice and Fire refers to Jon. He is Ice and Fire.
  8. Wow. Talk about delusional. That total screen time count is irrelevant, because the overwhelming majority of Dany and Jon's shared screen time was with other characters present, discussing politics, the war, and bending the knee. Their first meeting was like a 15 minute scene. Most of Jon and Ygritte's shared screen time only featured the two of them, building a relationship progressively and believably. Second, counting the minutes Jon and Ygritte shared before fucking is irrelevant. Jon and Ygritte could have had sex in Season 2 and there would have been no issue, if it was just sex. Sex and love are not the same thing. Sexual attraction can be immediate, love happens progressively. The second half of Season 3 continued to develop their relationship after they had sex, showing us that they were still in the process of falling in love. Dany and Jon are already "in love", after only 4 episodes. Jon and Ygritte had been together for 9 episodes before they had sex, and had lived together as Wildlings for weeks, if not months. Jon and Dany have known each other for a week or ten days tops (I go into this in detail later). Dany and Jon have only had 3 scenes alone together prior to Episode 6. None of those scenes established any sort of personal or emotional bond. Their scene in Episode 3 was all about business, so to speak. Mining the glass, bending the knee, etc... No personal connection at all. Their scene in Episode 4 showed that they were sexually attracted to each other, but that's it. The conversation was strictly about the war. Their scene in Episode 5 was also all about the war. Yes, Dany saw him pet Drogon, but once again, no bond between her and Jon was directly established. The writers didn't even make any effort to give them a scene where they could discuss what they have in common, going from nothing to being monarchs, being outcasts, struggling to find their place in the world, Jon not knowing his mother VS Dany not knowing anyone in her family beyond Viserys, etc... We didn't see them really get to know each other. There's nothing for them to "love" about the other. All they know about each other is what the other looks like and certain aspects of what sort of ruler they are. That's nothing. Beyond that, if you think about things logically, they can't have known each other for more than a week or so, as I said earlier. Jon receives permission to mine the glass in Episode 3, yet in Episode 4, he specifically says he hasn't begun yet. This tells us very little time has passed, probably only 2 or 3 days maximum. Dany then leaves to ambush Jaime immediately after they exit the cave. She returns in Episode 5, right before Jon receives word from Winterfell and decides to leave for Eastwatch. He presumably leaves a couple days later, once Tyrion and Davos return from KL. Basically they barely know each other. You can't compare that with Jon and Ygritte traveling and living together for weeks. The proof of how forced it is is that they have to have Davos and Tyrion telling us that Jon and Dany have feelings for each other, as opposed to the show actually building that relationship. it is the epitome of a forced relationship.
  9. It's much more than that. In the Season 1 finale we're told that King's Landing is 1000 leagues from the Wall. GRRM has said that 1 league in Westeros is 3 miles. So that's 3000 mile from King's Landing to the Wall. What Jon says in Season 7 Episode 1 about Winterfell being 1000 miles from King's Landing is simply nonsense. It's much more than that, as Winterfell is nearly 3/4 of the way to the Wall from KL. Dragonstone is right next to KL, maybe only 5 or 10 miles north of it, so whatever, it's about 3000 miles from where Dany is to the frozen lake, give or take. It is simply absurd. Alan Taylor, the director, has confirmed that they were only on that rock for about 24 hours. Gendry makes it to Eastwatch at night, and we see Dany leave DS during the daytime, so that's clearly the next morning. That means that in about 12 hours, a raven flew 3000 miles. That's a speed of 250 miles per hour. That's more than 5 times faster than ravens can actually fly. As for Drogon, let's break this down. Dany leaves Dragonstone during the daytime. She arrives at the lake during daytime. When Jon returns to the Wall on Benjen's horse, it is still daytime, the sun is even slightly visible. Keep in mind that days are short. It's winter, and we're in the very far North. So let's assume, being very generous to the show, that Dany leaves Dragonstone at 8:30 AM. Let's also assume that Jon returns to Eastwatch on the horse around 5 PM. It would take him a couple hours to make it there from the lake, so let's say he left the lake at 3 PM. That means Dany made it from DS to the lake on her dragons in about 6 hours. That means she was flying at 500 miles per hour. First of all, it is silly to think to dragons could fly that fast. That's the speed of a commercial airliner. Dragons are massive, but they only have wings, not jet engines. But even if a dragon could fly at that speed, how on earth could Dany survive that ? She isn't fastened to Drogon in any way, so she'd fall off. Even if she managed to cling to him, she wouldn't be able to breathe at that speed. She'd be getting smashed in the face by winds that are stronger than the most powerful hurricanes. Breathing would be impossible, her eardrums would likely explode, and she'd fucking die. The whole thing is utter nonsense.
  10. NickStark2494

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Maybe you ought to watch episode 2 again. We saw tons of sails, and they were ALL Greyjoy sails. Yes, it was dark, but we could still clearly see Greyjoy sails. Second, in the council scene on Dragonstone, Tyrion very clearly says that Yara will take "her Iron Fleet" and escort Ellaria to Dorne. It's obvious that Dany's other ships are needed for the Dothraki and Unsullied, so it's only Yara's ships that are being sent to Dorne. Finally, if you watched episode 4, you'll know that I was right, and that Dany's fleet was not entirely destroyed. We clearly saw that she was able to bring her tens of thousands of Dothraki to the mainland. Regarding Tarly, of course he COULD have sat it out, but he obviously didn't want to. It makes sense to me that he wouldn't want to sit back. The Late Lord Frey is a fucking coward, that's why he sits out battles, and Dorne and the Vale are kingdoms that are known for keeping to themselves. Randyll Tarly is no coward, he's a military man, and it seems completely within his character for him to fight foreign invaders instead of waiting for them to come murder and rape his family. My smugness isn't the issue here buddy, your lack of logic is.
  11. NickStark2494

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Maybe some of them are mad, but he has THOUSANDS of men. They're not all going to be insane. It makes zero sense for them to throw fire at a ship that their King is on. The risk of killing him is extremely high, they just wouldn't do it, it's fucking absurd. You may think you don't care about logic, but the reality is that it's important for immersion. Maybe you care less than I do, but to an extent, everyone cares. To me, it's important for the story make sense, otherwise what's the point ? Anyone can write a series of nonsensical events. What separates good writing from bad writing is how well constructed the story is. When the story is logical and realistic, it's more interesting. You must be a moron if you think that means I can't separate fiction from the real world. I think you need to understand that stories need to make sense for them to be compelling, to most people with a brain at least. That's the definition of good writing. The fact that it's fantasy does not give them a free pass to write nonsense. If Jon pulls out an Iphone 7 next episode would you be cool with that ? No, because it makes no sense in this world. If Dany greets Jon as her nephew next episode would you think that was good ? No, because it makes no sense for her to know that. Logic is important. These are obviously extreme examples, but the show is riddled with all sorts of plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions. That is not a good thing. Criticizing a nonsensical story doesn't mean I don't know the difference between fiction and reality. Thinking that logic is unnecessary is a sign of extreme stupidity. Unfortunately, it seems that you are indeed suffering from that affliction.
  12. NickStark2494

    How would you rate episode 702?

    They did not address Dragonstone being empty, and they did not pardon Stannis followers. I have no idea where you got that idea from. That line about pardoning those who served the wrong King was referring to Varys. We saw last week that Dragonstone was indeed empty, there were no Stannis followers.
  13. NickStark2494

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Where were the dragons ? On Dragonstone with Dany, obviously. Dany's navy wasn't entirely destroyed. We saw in Season 6 that she had Greyjoy ships, Tyrell ships, Martell ships, and the ships she stole from the Masters of Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis, which she put Targaryen sails on. In this battle we only saw Greyjoy ships, so it seems clear only part of her navy was destroyed, the Greyjoy part. She obviously still has other ships, since Tyrion said the Unsullied were sailing to Casterly Rock. Why would Tarly fight along side Dothraki and Unsullied ? Neither option appeals to him, but at the end of the day he's choosing to fight for the Crown over fighting with foreign invaders. Makes sense. The show has hundreds of plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions, but those three points are not among them.
  14. NickStark2494

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Terrible excuses, as usual from people who won't admit the lack of logic. 1. Look at a map. Euron was in King's Landing. You have to sail past Dragonstone when you leave King's Landing. Yes, this battle is happening far away from Dragonstone, but the point is that to get there, Euron necessarily had to pass Dragonstone. Like I said, look at a map. You can't leave Blackwater Bay without passing Dragonstone. 2. What the fuck ? Are you serious ? His ship is called the Silence because it's manned by a crew of mutes. The ship itself obviously isn't actually silent, and in any case it isn't just one ship, Euron is there with his fleet. His fleet isn't invisible or silent. You can't just sneak up on someone with a massive fleet. 3. Yeah, he's mad, but his men aren't. Why on Earth would they risk killing their King ? It makes zero sense for them to keep hurling fire at ships that their friends and leader have boarded.