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  1. Ser Petyr Parker

    So how does pouring molten gold on someone's head kill you?

    In the end that article doesn't really add much. Since the steam is just a product of heating an organism largely made up of water, it's just a roundabout way of saying the heat kills you. You might just as well say "It's not the hot gold that kills you but the hot skull!"
  2. Ser Petyr Parker

    Why a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey?

    Heh, sorry. "As you know, your father, the king" is a reference to implausible exposition that tells rather than shows. I thought that was why you chose those words. I found a blog post that explains it a bit more: http://blog.rachelcotterill.com/2010/04/as-you-know-your-father-king.html And there's a TV Tropes page about the same idea, but it just calls it "As you know": http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AsYouKnow
  3. Ser Petyr Parker

    So how does pouring molten gold on someone's head kill you?

    You're confused about how pouring something over at over 1,000 °C over someone's head might kill them?
  4. Ser Petyr Parker

    Why a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey?

    As he knew.
  5. Ser Petyr Parker

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    That was wights. I don't know how they could have possibly come up with that figure, though. Did Dany say it? How does she know the difference between 50k wights and 100k?
  6. Ser Petyr Parker

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    You're right. I was confusing myself somehow. I've edited my OP.
  7. Ser Petyr Parker

    "He has to know, we have to tell him..." WHY?

    My guess: she is the betrayer in all three cases, and she will be the one betraying Jon. I mean, I'm not trying bash Dany here, but out of the two, who is more likely to betray the other? She is the more pragmatic one, and although she mostly tries to be decent, she has a far more flexible approach to truth, lies and loyalty than Jon.
  8. Ser Petyr Parker

    "He has to know, we have to tell him..." WHY?

    It's just the decent thing to do. If you were in Jon's position and a friend or family member found out a big secret like that, how you feel if they kept it to themselves because they decided you don't need to know right now? Plus he's the king. You don't get to just keep secrets like that from the king. I like this. Encyclopedia Bran just thinks knowledge = good. The more the better.
  9. A lot of people seem really hung up on it, but I'm not sure we're supposed to be. I don't get the impression that we're supposed to be thinking "Uh-oh! If only they knew!" At least not when it comes to incest. Westeros is full of people marrying their cousins, and Jon and Dany's are as related/unrelated as first cousins, i.e. 25%. Edit: this part was obviously wrong. And why should we care? Incest is a problem for two reasons: Emotionally, because people who grow up together tend not to become sexually attracted to one another, and practically, because inbreeding is risky. But Jon and Dany didn't grow up together, and the risks of inbreeding are overblown. So the main question is whether or not, in the show, the incestuous relationship is supposed to be a problem. The side questions that will no doubt be covered is how much of a problem people think it is anyway.
  10. I admit I haven't looked through 24 pages yet for a response but... wat? Every time I think about this it makes less sense.
  11. Ser Petyr Parker

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    I kind of like the idea. We've seen that skinchangers can control multiple animals at the same time without leaving their bodies. It seems to make sense that if you could somehow reanimate a corpse that you could do something similar with it, especially if its mind is gone or significantly weakened.