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  1. Zumbs

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    The alternative to Drogon flying away with Dany's corpse would be for Drogon to burn Jon.
  2. Zumbs

    Red Flags: Dany = Meereen Nobles

    Your analogy is flawed. A more fitting analogy would be that the US Congress decided to crucify a bunch of children. Some members of Congress spoke and voted against, but ultimately decided to accept the decision. An invading power arrests all members of Congress and decides to punish them for their evil ways by crucifying the most powerful of them. Regardless of how they voted. But not anyone in their employ, nor anyone who had voted for them. As an aside, as far as I remember, we only have Hizdahr's word that his father spoke out. And I do not remember anyone reporting that Hizdahr's father took any actual action. Even though he was one of the most powerful nobles in the city, and an atrocity was being carried out.
  3. On a more positive side, I haven't heard anyone putting down the production itself. I found it to be very impressive. Most people are disgruntled with writing, e.g. character arcs, teleporters and battle tactics. Indeed. D&D for all their faults were very good at adapting the work of GRRM to TV. If GRRM had promised to finish the books before the series got to it, and he failed to deliver, I could see how they would be frustrated. They must be aware that the writing took a nose dive from season 6 and onwards.
  4. Zumbs

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    Be happy? It is my impression that he was always felt more at home with Thormund, Ygritte and the rest of the free folk than he did with most others, including his family. In the Watch, he connected with commoners and Sam, who is quite odd for a high ranking noble. In many ways, I think exile North of the Wall is his happy ending.
  5. I had not seen it before your post. Thanks! It was well worth the time, and I tend to agree with most of the comments so far. It was a surprise to me that they had shot so much during the night. I had assumed that they had shot most of it indoors.
  6. Zumbs

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    If Sansa marries, it is quite likely that her husband will expect to become king and ruler of the North, and she will have to take his name, effectively killing House Stark. And it is likely that he will be supported by the lords of the North. Unless she finds a man that will allow her to dominate, but I suspect that will make him (and her, by extension) the bunt of many a joke in the North as well as the Six Kingdoms. She can, however, take a royal consort and legitimize any bastards from the union, as they will quite obviously be her children.
  7. Zumbs

    Bran the Bad Choice

    Interesting and insightful article. One point that I have been considering myself is the fundamental failure of how Varys thinks: While the ruler certainly has a great deal of influence in how the people living the realm fares, the ruler rules under circumstances given by the organization and culture of the society. If the society is robust and healthy, even a mad ruler will find it hard to seriously mess things up, whereas a fragile and sick society (e.g. the 6/7 kingdoms) will easily break, regardless of the disposition of the ruler.
  8. Maybe in 500-1000 years?
  9. I really don't see any scenario where Daario does not get bored with Mereen and decides to go on a more exiting caper. No. They form a khallesar and roam around the flat areas in southern Westeros (Dorne, the Reach, the Riverlands) pillaging, murdering, raping and taking slaves. Eventually they force Westeros to form an actual centralized government with an army to crush them.
  10. The wheel is definitely not broken. Using a Council of the Realm, consisting of the most powerful men in the realm, to elect the next king was quite common in Europe (and probably other places as well). It neither prevented nasty oppression of common people, nor did it prevent various alliances of rulers to fight long and nasty civil wars to determine succession.
  11. Zumbs

    Castrating Jon (Literally)

    I'm surprised that Gray Worm didn't just kill Jon outright. But I suppose he is like the scorpions: Badass in one episode, useless in the next.
  12. I suspect that the scorpions took the role of the horn, that is, resulted in the loss of one dragon in order to bring the horn down.
  13. Zumbs


    Sam found the diary of the high septon (IIRC) that married his parents. That counts as proof, but it is flimsy, given that there are no living witnesses, and it needs to be proven that the diary itself is actually written by the high septon.
  14. Zumbs


    It just occurred to me that by legitimizing Gendry as the son of Robert Baratheon, Daenerys has not only created a lord of Storm's End. As Robert was the grandson of Rhaelle Targaryen, Gendry is now the next in line to the Iron Throne after her. Yes, Jon has a better claim, if the flimsy evidence is accepted by whoever has a say when the dust is settling, and Gendrys claim rests on an acceptance of Daenerys' right to legitimize him. What do you think? Are we going to see King Gendry, or are the show runners going for a full I, Claudius with king Tyrion
  15. Zumbs

    Anyone else think Cersei is still alive?

    Oh, I can already see it: Out from the still smoking ruins of Kings Landing steps a dark figure. Everything goes quiet as Dany and Jon turns. But before anyone can react, the dark figure cuts both of them down with his sword. Then he throws back his cloak, revealing the face of Stannis, and yells: Hail to the king, baby!