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  1. I assumed that Daenerys based her belief on being barren on not having a period anymore rather than the word of Mirri Maz Duur. It seems that her monthly period wasn't a dead giveaway for Daenerys. Maybe her education just wasn't that big on the facts of life?
  2. An assumption of 8 to 10 hours of travel per day for such a large group of people is a bit optimistic. Remember that a large group of people have to sleep, get up, eat, get dressed, pull down tents, get ready and wait for everyone to start travelling. At noon everyone has to stop, prepare lunch, eat lunch, clean up, get ready and get dressed. And at evening they have to stop, light fires, prepare dinner, eat dinner, put up tents and so on. And most of it must be done while the Sun is up. And then we need to remember that horses have limited endurence. Pulling carriages with passengers and cargo is hard work. According to this, a reasonable expectation is a pace of 4 miles per hour. A more reasonable assumption of 6 hours of actual travel time per day, yields a daily range of 24 miles (38 km), or a total expected distance of 720 miles or 1150 km from Winterfell to Kings Landing. So, I was probably a bit too low, and you were a bit to high. It happens :-) As an aside, the armies of Napoleon were renowned by being able to march 50 km (~31 miles) per day, and that was considered very fast for an army of its day. I'd say that is an upper limit on how fast the court of Kings Landing is able to move. Really? I must have missed that. Or maybe they just rounded up?
  3. It is a month in a wagon train on the kings road from Winterfell to King's Landing. That is mentioned in the first episode and in the books. Assuming a daily speed of 20-30 km and 30 days of travel, that would yield a distance of some 600-900 km or 400-600 miles.
  4. Zumbs

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Ah, ok, I think that I misunderstood your earlier post as Cersei would go for the Starks first. Your logic is sound, and, sadly, I'm afraid you are right. Jon seems incapable of considering other threats than the white walkers.
  5. Zumbs

    [Spoilers] EP701

    If the series so far has shown us anything about how Cersei thinks, it is that she is extremely ruthless and very good at making plans that get her out ahead in the short term. However, she fails to consider her plan beyond her immediate objective, often causing her to land in bigger problems than before. So, yeah, even if she did see the white walkers as a huge problem (she does not even accept that they exist), she would still be likely to try to crush Jon and the North while he was fighting the white walkers. I viewed that scene slightly differently. That Jaime and Cersei (correctly IMO) ended up deciding that food triumps all else, so Highgarden would be their first objective. Jon could also hedge his bet by sending a small army, a maybe few hundred men, to Moat Cailing to hold the Neck. This would not protect him from the Iron Fleet (but he does not know about that yet), but it would make it extremely hard to march a Lannister army North. In Jons shoes, however, I would be a lot more troubled by Littlefinger. He is in Winterfell, commanding the army of the Vale. While Littlefinger may actually have told the truth regarding his infatuation with Sansa, Littlefinger has no commitment at all to Jon. In fact, Jon could be a rival for his goal of the Iron throne. So, I could full well see Littlefinger working with Cersei to crush Jon from the inside.
  6. Zumbs

    [Spoilers] EP701

    To some extent, it would depend on the actual time scale involved. From Euron started building to getting to Kings landing, the other fleet sailed to Slavers Bay, parlayed with Daenerys, waited for Daenerys to finish her tasks at Slavers Bay, load the troops and sail to Dragonstone. This could easy be a period of months. Still, 1000 warships in a 2-3 months? Sounds very fast. Maybe they commandeered some of the ships on the way? Assuming that the R+L=J theory is correct, Jon would still be half Stark. Same as he would be if he had been the son of Ned Stark.
  7. Zumbs

    [Spoilers] EP701

    I have been pondering that as well. Maybe they have some unresolved tension from the time where he was a bastard and she was a highborn lady? I am also somewhat baffled that Jon does not take the opportunity to have breakfest meetings with her before the court meetings to discuss politics and strategy. After all, Jon knows about the Wall and the white walkers, while Sansa knows about politics and the threat from the South. In many ways they ought to complement each other quite well ... except they don't ... I would tend to agree that both were reasonable paths to take. While not said, both the Karstarks and the Umbers bled and died for Robb. Alternatives could have been to marry Alys off to, say, a wildling chief? Or to send the boy to another ally as a ward, e.g. like Theon.