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  1. Super Mario

    The Night's King masterplan

    This was my exact problem with Tom Cruise being cast as Jack Reacher. Seen one Cruise action movie and you've seen them all. But Reacher is supposed to be different, he's the anti hero. When he shoots a guy he just shoots him. There's no monologing, no catch phrases or gloating afterwards. He just does what needs doin' then moves on to the next thing. But with Cruise we get the cop movie equivalent of cool lights and giant monsters. There will be catch phrases, monologing and gloating abound.. at least one car will blow up and burn and of course, Tom will run at some point in the movie. Think about all Tom Cruise movies and you'll see he runs at some point in virtually all of them. He seems to favor the diagonal sprint away from the camera at night in the rain. I guess this is why I prefer books. In a book, we get the character precisely how the author wants us to get him and they are not bound and obligated to adopt all the cliches and commercialism of movies and tv.
  2. Super Mario

    sansa, arya, and dany

    To what end? As Jon is so fond of saying... the REAL enemy is here. That trumps all. Any dissension will be swept aside quite quickly by the White Walker news Bran brings and the size of Dany's army & her dragons.
  3. Super Mario

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Feels like the whole incest thing gets a bit overblown. Aside from possible reproductive issues it just doesn't seem like that big a deal. In real life the biggest taboo about incest is that it usually involves some type of abuse, but clearly that isn't the case with Jon & Dany. They are just two people that fell in love. Granted, aunt/nephew is not an ideal arrangement, but in the context of ASOIF, it shouldn't be a deal breaker either.
  4. Super Mario

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    In the book one of Arya's nicknames is 'Horseface', that doesn't sound much like Lyanna.
  5. As Queen (assuming she sits the Iron Throne at some point), Dany can attach whatever conditions or prerequisites (or lack thereof) to the title of Warden of the North that she sees fit. If he needs a castle, she can grant him one, the Dreadfort has been mentioned and makes sense. Basically the whole thing is in the hands of the monarch, she can do what she wants.
  6. Super Mario

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Not sure how anyone could deny Emilia's beauty, it's rather obvious. She may not be everybody's "type", some prefer tall thin model types for instance, but being attracted to someone is different than recognizing beauty. There are women I detest but still recognize they are physically beautiful. As for Sansa, Sophie is clearly a very lovely young lady which fits since Sansa in the story is supposed to be quite pretty indeed, I think. If memory serves she was often compared to her aunt Lyanna who was of course considered beautiful enough for Robert and Rhaegar to war over. Whether that makes Sansa more beautiful than this one or that one is, as you say, subjective, but I believe the character herself is supposed to be beautiful in her own right.
  7. Super Mario

    Jon and the North

    Jon is still half Stark thru Lyanna. Plus after years of losses in battles and weddings, the Northern armies are decimated. When the Northern Lords get a look at the dragons and the Dothraki they'll know they could never beat them in battle in their current state and be happy to be on the same side. Dany's military strength alone should be more than enough to get them to understand Jon bending the knee.
  8. Super Mario

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Daario certainly wasn't soulmate, true love, kind of love, but that doesn't mean there wasn't love there.
  9. Super Mario

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Never really viewed that as a curse per se, but rather just a colorful way of saying "he ain't comin' back sweetcheeks". The sun rises in the west and the mountains blow away etc is just a list of impossible stuff. As for her womb quickening, again i just took it very literally... that giving birth to the little monster Rhaego ruined her internal lady bits. Also, Dany already did find love again... Daario. She couldn't marry him of course, being a queen, marrying just for love isn't usually in the cards but she did love him. So how can Dany have children now? Who knows. This girl is impervious to fire, obviously her body chemistry isn't quite "normal" so perhaps she healed internally where a normal woman wouldn't. Miri Maaz Duur wouldn't have allowed for this when declaring Dany barren since Dany had yet to emerge from the flames at that point. Dany never lost the ability to love so there is no curse there and even if all that other stuff were to happen, Drogo isn't coming back, unless he's in the Night King's army. Just my take...
  10. Super Mario

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Dany reveals she is pregnant no later than Ep 2. Jaquen H'Ghar & Melisandre both make appearances Cersei blows up King's Landing Theon dies fighting Euron, but injures him badly and sees Yara finish him off then dies in her arms Jon smiles (this one is iffy) Tormund & Beric survive Eastwatch by running along the top of the Wall only to later die defending Winterfell Jon gets grossed out by the thought of banging his aunt, but takes another look at that kickin' booty and keeps on doing it Jaime dies a heroic death, perhaps saving Bran Bronn goes North with Jaime Arya & Gendry do what young folks do (no, not get high & eat Doritos)
  11. They're not trying to convince a jury, just one woman. The diary is long, the whole thing certainly isn't forged. A quick examination would show the handwriting recording the annulment matches the handwriting recording the bowel movements. And as Sam said to Bran, why would they Septon lie? I find it tough to believe Dany will offer much resistance as far as accepting the claim. It's what happens next that will be the potentially contested part.
  12. Super Mario

    Can we talk about Jon?

    To be fair, they didn't know the Night King had a resurrected dragon. The Wall had held the Army of the Dead back for 1000's of years, they clearly expected it would hold for longer than 10 minutes this time around
  13. Super Mario

    Fickle Characters

    This And this...
  14. Super Mario

    Can we talk about Jon?

    The hate towards the Jon/Dany coupling baffles me. I get the incest part but both characters are unaware so we have to look past that, plus we've seen worse (twins? Eww). But what gets me is how many folks complain about the lack of chemistry then in the next sentence complain about the lack of realism. The physical attraction should be obvious and doesn't require explanation. But it's the awkwardness between the two that makes it so real. In relationships Dany has always been chased (Daario, Duck Sauce from Qarth) or taken (Drogo). She has zero experience with the cat and mouse game that real people play in a burgeoning romance. Jon has even less experience. He's only had one girlfriend his whole life, and that literally a lifetime ago! Add into that his shyness and the way he broods, his seriousness and sense of duty... this guy has no clue how to romance an ordinary woman nevermind a breathtakingly beautiful, dragon riding queen. Together they're like a couple middle school kids trying to get together at a school dance. Realistically, based on their shared lack of experience, they should act like they're clueless, because they are! If the writers had these two engage in a smooth, well conducted courtship culminating with them running towards each other on the beach with arms outstretched would be ludicrous. Think of your own early relationships, given their lack of experience, that's where Dany & Jon are. If the show portrayed this union as anything other than awkward, that would be where the lack of realism would lie.
  15. Love the topic, unfortunately its been 6 years since the last book, which is the only book i've read just once. So sadly, with the show and books inevitability blending to a small degree, I forget where people are and what stage of the story they're at. However, I do think Howland Reed will be involved in the Aejon reveal