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  1. As I recall (could be wrong) didn't Jon ask straight up why she thought she was barren and her response was the Maegi said so. She didn't imply there was any medical or monthly proof of this condition. In Dany's defense, she prob'ly assumed Mirri Maz Duur was correct since Dario never knocked her up.
  2. Well they are already in love so that's a moot point. She's also pregnant. The conversation in the Dragon Pit about Mirri Maz Duur being an unreliable source wasn't exactly subtle foreshadowing. So as long as Aejon enjoyed his romp on the boat, the best option for both at this point would be to marry. First, Aejon gets a smokin' hot wife. Second, Altho' Jon would have to sit the Iron Throne as King, Dany as Queen would be able to do what she does best, rule. Both would likely be happy with that setup. And third, the yet to be born Eddard Targaryan could be the start of a new kinder, gentler dynasty. It's a win-win.
  3. Well at least we understand each other now.. but I disagree. While I see the merit in that plan, I don't think it offsets the advantage of having Arya's Faceless Manliness remain a secret. Secrecy and stealth is the whole beauty of the Faceless Men, it what makes a good one virtually unstoppable.
  4. Agreed that would be an advantage for Littlefinger, which only backs up my original point which I'm not sure I made clear enough... If the girls believe Littlefinger is listening somehow, and they are play acting to lead him on, then they would only speak of the things that they want LF to hear in order to give themselves an advantage. There is no advantage for the Stark girls to LF knowing that Arya is a Faceless Man, With Petyr unaware of Arya's Faceless Man skills, Arya can literally kill him at her leisure with Petyr completely ignorant of his danger until it's too late. No amount of scheming can out weigh that advantage. Therefore, since they openly discussed Arya being a Faceless Man, it would follow that they didn't think LF was listening and thus were not play acting. So by that logic, the scene in the bedroom was exactly what it appeared to be, the two Stark girls confronting one another.
  5. Agreed. And if the girls are just playacting for Petyr, why in the world would Arya out herself as a Faceless Man? Surely any act they might be staging could survive without Arya laying her 3 aces on the table. Playacting implies they are giving Petyr the info they want him to have, yet there is zero advantage to Petyr knowing just how powerful Arya truly is.
  6. Couldn't agree more with Bran. Baelish is out of his element with the 3 Eyed Raven powers. When Bran quoted the 'chaos is a ladder' line, i'm pretty sure Littlefinger pooped a little.
  7. I have recently decided to give up getting worked up over some of the silliness in the series (ie: time travel etc), and just enjoy it for the spectacle that it is. I may still point out some goofy stuff, I'm just not going to allow it to spoil the good parts for me. Although this episode certainly had it's share of ridiculousness, it also had some fantastic stuff. The banter between the Magnificent 7 was excellent, especially Sandor, he never disappoints. The dragons were amazing as usual and Viserion's death was absolutely breathtaking. There was no Cersei which was much appreciated since I hate that douche. Emilia Clarke broke thru her habit of being rather wooden and for the first time, when Jon was waking on the ship, you could actually see some admiration, love and maybe a bit of awe she felt for Jon. Speaking of Dany, her whole look in the battle scene was pure brilliance. With the white skin and hair, the super cool fur outfit contrasted against the dark greys and browns of the men made her look like some sort of ice queen out of a fairy tale, very striking. But my favorite part was definitely when Tormund was battling for his life on the rock. he fought for so long, all the while inching closer to the water, i had expected a bigger death than Thoros and thought "oh crap, this is it" I was actually outwardly upset when I thought he was going to die only to have the Hound swoop in and save him. That little bit was moving. All in all, there was a ton of great stuff, i ignored the things that made no sense (i'm looking at you Usain "Gendry" Bolt) so I gave it a 9
  8. 4 or 5 days? Ummm, no. A. They would have frozen to death in that time B. The lake was freezing that first night. It was already beyond believability that it wasn't frozen solid to start, in the forever winter of the true north with the Night King nearby no less. It's inconceivable that it wouldn't freeze that first night, at which point, the battle is on.
  9. There is definitely something different about Arya and frankly I don't like it. D&D seem to want to take Arya Stark out of the character. I can't tell if it's the writing, directing or Maisie's acting but it just isn't working for me. If they are trying to make her nothing more than a Faceless Man it seems to be failing. While Jaquen H'ghar is cool calm and collected, Arya is just cold. Never was that more clear than in the Arya/Hot Pie scene. This may fit with reason #1, Faceless Men (outside of the House of Black & White) act like hired assassins, vengeance doesn't play into it on their side of things. Meanwhile Arya's wet work at the Twins was nothing but vengeance. Sure she used faces, but the motive and method was pure vengeful psychopath. One thing Arya killing the Freys does make perfectly clear however is that she is most certainly not the Waif. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever the Waif would have bothered with the Freys in any way.
  10. Haven't had time to read this entire thread so forgive me if I'm being repetitive.. but how the f**k can Jaime be riding along the shoreline, the get knocked 10 feet off shore and still manage to fall into a bottomless abyss? HE'S 10 FEET OFF SHORE!!!! It feels insulting that we're supposed to treat this like a cliffhanger when all he has to do is stand up! I half expect the next episode to start with Jaime thrashing about in 8" of water like the Black Knight in Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  11. Haha.. clearly. I mean honestly, after 7 years playing Jon Snow did Kit not read the source material? Being raised in a noble house, Jon would know history and should know the story of Dany's birth. Even if he didn't, upon getting the summons wouldn't he ask his advisors what they knew of her? Certainly some Manderley or Royce, his Hand or Sansa would know the story so her age should be no mystery. As for her beauty? She's a Targ. They are famous for their striking looks. The beauty, the silver hair and often violet eyes. For Kit to assert that Jon is surprised that Dany is young and beautiful is idiotic.
  12. Frankly Kit should know better. The story of the birth of Daenerys Stormborn is common knowledge. He should know she was born towards the end of Robert's rebellion. He should also know that Jon himself was born towards the end of Robert's rebellion. Ergo... they are about the same age. Jon Snow would know that. After 7 years of playing Jon Snow you'd think Kit would be aware that Jon Snow would know that.
  13. This is my sole hesitation in saying Jaime kills Cersei... re-introducing this maid at that particular time does in fact seem purposeful. Wasn't the girl at the Freys whose identity Arya took to bake pies and kill Walder shown checking out Jaime (Bronn commented on it) at the feast in the season 6 finale? This kind of feels like that. So it would appear this maid has a role to play. I'm thinking it may just be as simple as spreading the word that Cersei & Jaime truly are bumpin' uglies.
  14. I'm not that much of a conspiracy theorist... the valonqar being her twin Jaime who's only younger by 90 seconds or so rather than the more obvious Tyrion, seems a more than adequate twist
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