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  1. She didn't know all of LFs shenanigans until Bran used his sight to tell her everything. What LF underestimated was how powerful Bran really is. His powers to see everything allowed him to inform Cersai and Arya everything that the squid had done. But once his murder of Liza cam to light and he couldn't deny, he was cooked.
  2. WCPhan

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Tormund talking about making babies with a tall woman until the Hound finds out its Brienne of Tarth and then gets pissed because the last time he saw her she kicked his ass.
  3. WCPhan

    Who will die in the fight beyond the Wall?

    This just came to me- They don't have to capture a wight. They could capture one of the reincarnated zombies which would be easier.
  4. Lol Oops I forgot about the whole "fantasy" thing
  5. Getting back on topic 1. You'd have to get one that's been separated from the group which is difficult since they travel in packs of like 500 2. A fishing net or a box might do it once one is captured unless someone brought a bunch of rope 3. Wights don't stop moving so for the month it'll take to get back to Dragonstone, it's going to going crazy and you can't knock them out. 4. Even before then, you have to make off with one and not have the others follow Essentially, however they do it, it's going to be unrealistic and we are all just going to have to accept it
  6. WCPhan

    Describe your ideal Littlefinger death scene

    I want him to piss of Tormund and he goes throws him off the wall
  7. It was a classic!!!! That's why Tormund is my new favorite character
  8. lol I was thinking something of the lines like I've seen that hammer given away as a prize for being the first to shoot water into the clowns mouth and burst the balloon
  9. WCPhan

    Best lines of 705

    That is awesome. And hilarious.
  10. This seemed like one of those episodes in a series where they have to create the setting for whats next but also to reintroduce all the old characters who will play parts in the next few episodes of this season. Tormund, Davos, and Jon just had some of my favorite lines of the series. "Which Queen? The one that rides dragons or the one that fucks her brother?"
  11. WCPhan

    Best lines of 705

    That was hilarous- perfect timing too!
  12. WCPhan

    Best lines of 705

    This was my fuckin favorite to, especially when Jon snickers because he knows the dude's hilarous- Tormund in that whole seen was fuckin great, another one was: Tormund: "The Big woman?" with a look like he plans on banging her.
  13. I like all you had to say- Regarding Jamie and Bronn- how did they fall in one part of a river and surface 800 yards downstream.