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  1. What META jokes about Gendry? I'm not a book reader, so I've obviously missed something. And I got the Stannis grammar jokes last week, but his week? Totally agree that Bronn and Jaime washing up so far from the battle was ridiculous. I'm willing to suspend disbelief for dragons and WW, but this wasn't magic, just silliness.
  2. The pregnancy certainly complicates the theories about Jamie betraying her. Not sure there is anything she could do now to turn him against her, short of having conceived with someone else. I assumed Davis brought Gendry back to make weapons out of the dragonglass. He seems kind of wasted on this particular mission.
  3. I'm not a book reader, and I'm not sure I would have gotten the whole R+L=J plot, let alone this annulment part, without all the YouTube commentary and this discussion board. I rewatched the episode to see if Sam brought that book with him. It shows him giving the book to Little Sam, which might suggest that he'd keep it as a"storybook," although reading about steps and bowel movements might not be particularly riveting for a toddler. But there is no definite shot of the book coming with him. Then again, what would the point have been to show the book and have it left behind?
  4. I've listened to/read a few reviews and commentaries that position Dany as being on the road to "Mad Queendom." Several accuse her of ignoring both Tyrion's and Jon's advise not to melt castles, burn cities and unleash foreign hoards on Westerosi citizens. But I think she did take that advice, or at least much of it. By attacking the Lannister army in the open fields on their way back from HG, she completely avoided civilian casualties. She killed soldiers who had just invaded a castle, killed everyone inside, taken all the gold and provisions - soldiers led by commanders who haven't been squeamish in the past about collateral damage. So, it's likely that civilians did die in, or around, HG. Yes, those soldiers died brutal deaths, burned by Drogon or hacked by the Dothraki, but were those deaths really any worse than the ones we saw in the BOTB or any of the other battles? Dany is using the tools at her disposal, against military targets. She destroyed some of the grain (dragon fire isn't exactly a precision weapon), but probably not all of it, as Jaime mentioned that the convoy was spread pretty thin. It is unfortunate that the gold got through to KL, but I suppose the writers are still trying to keep the playing field from tipping too much to one side. I wonder how many more Scorpions Cercei has? And could anyone make an armoured breastplate for a dragon? Would the dragon be able to fly with it?
  5. I agree. And I think Davis is trying to lighten the mood, while continuing to push Jon towards some kind of improved relationship with Dany. I don't necessarily think he is shipping them (although that line about Jon staring at her good heart might suggest the possibility), but he certainly sees the value of an alliance.
  6. Remember how much trouble Tyrion had trying to speak High Valerian? Makes me doubt he would have picked up Dothraki. It will be interesting to see if/how Dany manages to control the Dothraki after unleashing them in battles against her Westeros enemies. She wants them to stop raping, and the Iron Born to stop pillaging, but both are massive cultural and economic shifts to their ways of life.
  7. Wouldn't Jon's wife be a Snow, not a Stark? (It isn't public knowledge yet that he isn't actually Ned's bastard.)
  8. I think that was a joke. Made me laugh out loud. Davis is becoming a Bronn type sidekick. I guess Stannis was really holding him back from expressing his personality (although Jon isn't exactly Mr. Chuckles, either!).
  9. Presumably, both had read stories about bothCotF and WW as kids. And kids stories generally come with illustrations.
  10. I agree about Rickon. Maybe it is just too painful a subject and everyone who doesn't know just assumes he is dead? i think the writers, and the Starks, are giving LF enough rope to hang himself. Bran's use of his own words back at him, "Chaos is a ladder,” spoke volumes.
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