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  1. It's confirmed that Lyanna willingly left with rhaegar and they got married so why didn't they speak up about this? Why didn't rhaegar and/or lyanna say it wasn't a kidnapping and rape? and do you think this would've prevented the war? Or do you think the rebellion would've eventually happened anyway and the mad king asking for ned and Roberts heads was just the last straw with his craziness?
  2. Kingslayer96

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    They need to come at her as peacefully as possible. If Jon and dany fight the white walkers with their own armies they're likely to lose a lot of men assuming they win. If they aren't on good terms with cersei then they will be vulnerable with their weakened army and cersei will attack them
  3. Kingslayer96

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    I think Jon made a good move not lying. At first I was thinking that he should've just lied too but his reasoning was great. He wants to bring everyone together. This is medieval times. Your word is important and when more and more people start lying then words won't mean anything anymore. Then who can you trust? And in a time like this especially they need to trust each other
  4. Kingslayer96

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I don't have a harsh opinion on the writing but there are couple things that I've noticed that do bug me a little For one the Raven being able to travel at light speed. Doesn't bother me that much honesty but it's just kinda funny And then there's the characters coming out of nowhere. Thoros, Beric, and gendry all have a major role all of a sudden. The series should've followed thoros and Beric a little more seeing how great they are this season. And when was the last time we saw gendry? Why is he just now being used? Ffs he's robert barratheon's bastard son and he's a blacksmith who fights pretty well with a warhammer. He's awesome. It's just weird that we're(or at least me) just now seeing that
  5. I always thought the magic and epic super powered beings were handled pretty well lol i thought it was cool and different how it started out a very small piece of the series and gradually became more and more a part of the series. It was great build up to something the characters and I wouldn't have imagined
  6. Kingslayer96

    White walkers, wights, and...?

    So from my understanding the white walkers are the night King and the other guys in the same armor on horses usually next to him like the one that Jon snow fights. The wights are the zombies What about the ones who don't wear armor and look a little different though? Like the one that passed by Sam on a horse leading the wight army. And the one that he killed. Are those white walkers like the night King and they just look different for some reason, are they wights, or are they something in between?
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    I hope they fight. That'd be sick. As long as the hound wins or they stalemate. If the mountain survives it would be crazy to see him fight wights or how the night king handles him
  8. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I have a question. Idk if this was talked about a long time ago but little finger is the one who had Jon arryn killed? Why? And when and how did Sansa find out?
  9. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    i got so worried for Jaime when cersei almost had him killed. I'm so glad they showed us rhaegar targaryen that was really cool. And Jon snows name is Aegon Targaryen! Awesome! Good humor too. Jaime finally is done with cersei's bullshit! Awesome We have to wait till 2019 for the next season?? With only six episodes it's going to be so epic im worried for tormund though. I wonder if he makes it out of there alive. That ending scene with the wall was crazy amazing episode
  10. Kingslayer96

    MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    Wanted Connor to win but I still think he deserves respect after that. Good fight first time in a pro boxing match and he lasts 10 rounds against mayweather. He's not a boxer. He had nothing to lose and still gave an entertaining fight. Even mayweather admit he did much better than expected give Connor a bit more experience and I think he'd probably win
  11. Kingslayer96

    History and lore in game of thrones

    Is the history and lore like Roberts rebellion and dance of the dragons talked about more in the books? There's so much information on the wiki and YouTube about these things but idk if it's mostly from the books or if I'm just missing it whenever they mention it in the show. I've never read the books
  12. Kingslayer96

    Lightspeed in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea.

    Yeah the Raven was pretty fast lol
  13. Kingslayer96

    Lightspeed in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea.

    You can't really compare them though can you? Traveling with a dragon is obviously going to be way faster than a chariot with horses that probably goes like 10 mph and also needs to take breaks and go through the landscapes dany pretty much has her own private jet compared to everyone else
  14. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I think last week was a little like that yeah. Lot of skipping forward. I think they did a better job this week with skipping forward and not making it feel rushed I don't mind the pacing of this season to much though honestly. There's no more time or patience for this to drag on any further. It's season 7, the white walkers are coming, things have to start happening. We've had a lot of time to build up to this point. There isn't much left to develop. The war is about to happen and there wouldn't be a sense of urgency if the show were to keep taking its time
  15. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I don't understand. What's wrong with not having a source material? Don't they get a general idea for how things are from GRRM?
  16. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I really liked the episode. I was spoiled that the dragon would die but it was still an intense episode. So many great moments One thing I noticed is that I really like thoros and Beric and kinda wish we saw them more throughout the series also I think the side story with arya Sansa and little finger just feels a little pointless right now. Anyone else agree that it just feels way too insignificant and in the way of the main story right now? Not that it's dumb it's just that it seems unneccessary. Hopefully it has a some kind of big impact so that it matters another amazing episode though. Can't complain. This episode had it all
  17. It's pretty messed up yeah. Daenerys killed the family of the guy who saved jorah. Makes sense for why she killed them and I think jorah will probably defend her although I think he and Jon will probably feel bad for Sam too. Sam doesn't seem to have a good relationship with his family, mostly his dad, but I still think it'll effect him and his opinion of daenerys. I wouldn't blame him. Tyrion and varys are right she can't just keep killing anyone who doesn't kneel and still be known as the queen who's going to make the world a better place like others have said though I don't think Sam is one who will lose it and rebel against her and try and get revenge or something
  18. Kingslayer96

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Wasn't lyanna engaged to Robert barratheon? Why is rhaegar the only jerk? They both cheated
  19. Kingslayer96

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Gendry taking out those two guys with a warhammer was nuts. Just like his dadDikkon's gone :/ daenerys did exactly what Jon and tyrion told her not to do. She's exactly like Aegon the Conquerer was. Generous and kind only to people who bend the knee and harsh on anyone elseThat team heading out beyond the wall. What a team! Especially seeing tormund and the hound being together. It's so cool to see all these characters together! Hopefully nobody dies though
  20. Kingslayer96

    Watch some TV/Movies and talk about it here.

    Just saw Annabelle Creation. Could've been better but man for the most part it was pretty crazy. If you like scary movies then go see it
  21. Kingslayer96

    Was Episode 704 The Best Ever? If Not, What Was?

    It's at least close to being the best for me. I didn't think they could top battle of the bastards but this was crazy af In terms of battles and amazing moments I think it was the best. As an episode overall? It's up there but I'm not sure about it being the best
  22. No. I would've been so pissed if he died. He still has a big enough role in the story and it would be kinda weird for him to die now. He's got some more story left to tell in the series(I think, or at least hope, he's going to kill or go against cersei or something). And it's definitely a tale to tell. If he died it would be something stupid he did. Like Scissorhands said I kinda understand why he tried. I think this scene was a testament to how brave and badass Jaime is
  23. Kingslayer96

    Why is Bronn so loyal to Jaime?

    This could just be character development for bronn no? I don't think he necessarily cares for Jaime more than tyrion. I think it's that tyrion's more caring personality has possibly rubbed off on him
  24. Kingslayer96

    Jon should bend his knees.

    I think Jon is right. He shouldn't bend the knee so easily. She keeps asking him to drop his pride but what about her pride? Her ego and her obsession about bending the knee are so ridiculous that even after Jon proved to her the white walkers are real and are coming she still will only help if he kneels. He's trying to make it clear to everyone that their mission to make her the queen isn't important at the moment and it won't matter who's on the throne if they're all dead. He'd be sending a powerful message to everyone about letting go of pride and working together but she's not getting it I think she's going a little crazy with power honestly
  25. Kingslayer96

    Roberts rebellion

    Hey new here and far from being an expert on the series I learned a lot about Roberts rebellion recently by reading wiki and watching videos and was wondering why it feels like the series just glances over it so much when it was so huge and relatively recent. The fans end up having to piece together everything. I've never read the books and was wondering is it covered a bit more in detail in the books? I know there a lot of things in the books that aren't in the show so maybe that's one of them?