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    The Wheel is still unbroken at the Wall

    That is one possibility. Or the meeting of Wildings and northern people and the joint fight against the White Walkers could lead to a peaceful alliance, with regular trade where the wall is/was and a regular exchange of culture, people and so on. That could lead to a long, peaceful future between the Free Folk and the North. That is definitely a possibility. In the books you can see this more prominent, because Jon tried connecting Wildlings and Northmen by marriage between lords and moderate leaders of the Wildlings. Even Stannis wanted a future Lord of Winterfell with Val as his wife to secure the loyality of the Free Folk.
  2. Haskelltier

    The North is finally independent

    No, he died, because he fucked the wrong woman in a moment of weakness and felt honourbound to marry her. As a consequence he couldn't fullfill his his oath with the Freys, so that a combination of Roose Bolton, Walder Frey and Tywin Lannister brought him down in what is known as the Red Wedding. No, the North was not save. Daenerys definitely wanted the North to be a part of her Seven Kingdoms. And then she wanted to "liberate" the world (meaning, her being the empress of the world) with her dragon and armies with fire and blood. By adding 1 and 1 you can come to the conclusion that the North would definitely be a target if Sansa doesn't bend the knee properly. And having mad Daenerys with the equivalent of a nuke sitting directly in front of your door with the permanent uncertainty of her next moves? That are enough reasons for lot of sleepless nights (or not if she decides to take Winterfell with fire and blood). I don't think that going back in the direction of a Westeros with seven or more independent kingdoms would be a good thing, because as history of Westeros has shown, there was always war between two or more of these kingdoms. Compare that with the better Targaryen kings who ruled the Seven Kingdoms for decades without a greater war. Well, Sansa undermined Daenery's position as queen by telling everyone that there was someone with a better claim to the Iron Throne. She could have spoken directly with Daenerys to settle the matter, but no, she told Tyrion who told Varys who wanted to tell everyone else, which could have easily resulted in a rebellion against Daenerys. That would have made her rule very difficult. In addition to that, have you seen mad Dany burning half of Kingslanding with thousands of innocent people, who didn't fought against her but "accidentally" lived in the city, she wanted to conquer? And you think such a person would need a "crime" or hard "evidence" to burn Winterfell?
  3. Weateros had seen mad and cruel kings who reigned relatively long. Bran and his small council seemed to me to do a good job, so at least the smallfolk will be contempt living their lives. And yes, Stannis was not loved by smallfolk and other lords, thats why almost all lords went to his charismatic brother, who's claim wasn't much weaker than Stannis and who's situation was much better (he had married Margaery, and therefore had the support of Stormlands and the Reach). But he could have been king.
  4. Haskelltier

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    To be fair, he saw what happened to the city and the people, when he walked from the gates to the ruined Red Keep and he didn't looked cold/emotionless or pleased at all. And I think he had to find the bodies before he quit being Daenery's Hand, because he was the only one who knew where to look for them and who had the best motive to find them. And of course the viewers wanted or needed to know, that they were definitely dead (so somebody had to find them). Would he have gone straight to Daenerys and then into a cell, that wouldn't have been possible. I think they wanted to prevent even more unnecessary slaughter, rape and so on (they tried their best with the Unsullied, but were outnumbered), so they reminded everyone, that the deed is done. I think he killed her to prevent further mass murder and to prevent Daenerys silly plan to conquer and rule the world with fire and blood. The show had many flaws, gigantic plotholes and in phases very bad storytelling, but these points were rather well done.
  5. Haskelltier

    Jon's first chapter

    I think thats a really nice thing about the show (and the books). I mean, we heard season-long from the prophecy of Azhor Ahai and in the end this prophecy turned out to have no meaning at all (which is very realistic, since all prophecies in real life are at best educated guesses and especially religious prophecies are in general big bullshit). And the same holds for "kings blood". Does the blood of a king make you a better ruler? No, it gives you a claim to kingship, but it doesn't guarantee in any way, that you will be good at it. And thats a big flaw of the feudal system, where not the able people become lords or kings. Instead its pure luck to have the right father/mother (nowadays we have similar problems with wealth and poverty). And I think its really good that Jon's heritage doesn't have an effect on Westeros' future politics.
  6. Haskelltier

    Jon's first chapter

    Well, he always dreamed of being a Stark (a true Stark). But yes, he never showed any serious ambition to gain power, becoming Lord Commander, Lord or King. He became Lord Commander because it was his duty and because he wanted to change things for the good by letting the Wildlings south of the Wall and trying to create a small world where Wildings, Night Watch and Northern Lords can live more or less peacefully together. He rejected Stannis offer to legitimize him and making him Lord of Winter (Warden of the North and so on), because he felt and was oath-bound to the Night Watch. And he had insights into Wilding culture and appreciated a few things he learnt there. But I don't think his fate is bitter. Yes, he didn't become king, but that was nothing he ever wanted. Instead he will live a normal life with people who respect him for who he is and what he has done. The only hardship he had to endure was killing a loved person, but that is in the past.
  7. He has no experience in governing or war, but he has the ability to look into the past and learn from literally all the people living the last 8000 years. In addition to that, if he chooses his adivisors (Hand, Master of ... and so on) wisely, he don't have to be competent in all that right away. That may come with time. And who is better at choosing advisors then an quasi-omniscient person, who can take a look at someones life to get a very good picture of his strengths, weaknesses, loyalty and so on? And concerning the loyalties: He has the support of the North (I know, the North is independent, but they won't trouble him and will live peacefully together),the Westlands, the Vale and the Riverlands. He has the loyalty of Bronn by promoting him to Lord of the Reach and making him Master of Coin. So only Dorne ist left, but I think the new Lord of Dorne (not a Martell) might have other problems than rebelling against Bran. And we shouldn't left out that Westeros has seen a long time of constant wars. The War of the Five Kings, The War Against the White Walkers, the War Against Cersei and Daenerys, maybe the Lords of Westeros have learnt a thing or two and will be peaceful for a time (at least to replenish the decimated armies, rebuild destoryed castles, restore devastated areas and so on). To be fair, the Targaryen rule wasn't as peaceful as you pictured it. Yes, the Targaryens had good kings, but they also had bad ones, cruel ones, mad ones. They took the Iron Throne by force (or conquest) and they had Dragons to suppress everyone, who was against them. And when there wasn't any they started a civil war called Dance of Dragons with a massive use of dragons. Not to mention the Blackfyre Rebellions.
  8. Haskelltier

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    8 seems right. Its one of the better episodes of the show and clearly order of magnitudes better than the last three epsiodes. Was everything perfect? No, but that wasn't possible after what we have seen in the last three epsiodes to two sessions. Now I'm really interested in seeing how the books will wrap the story up. Imagin a fitting ending with a good, plausible and well timed story to get there.
  9. Haskelltier

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    I have to say, that episode 6 was one of the better episodes of the show and that the showrunners managed to end Game of Thrones better than I expected after the last three episodes. So, yes, George might have to live with the fact, that the major milestones of his story are now known facts. But I also think, that he can tell a much better story, in a better pace, with superior character development then the show did in the last two (or more) sessions. The destination is known but the long road to reach it is far more interesting in my opinion. And don't forget, the show did a lot of things differently than the books. Doran is still alive and scheming, we have lady Stoneheart, we have (fake?) Aegon, Sansa never married Ramsey and will do her thing in the Vale. So I'm still interested as before to see how it all ends in the books.
  10. Haskelltier

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Daenerys might have committed the mass-murder out of emotions and because she want to try "rule by fear". Tywin on the other side commands war crimes out of cold blooded rational logic (when they give him an advantage, he has no problem with it). You can see that when he sacked Kingslanding. He send the Mountain to capture the children of Rhaegar Targaryen and his wife. The Mountain raped and murdered them brutally. That was not what Tywin had intended, but it fit into his plan and he didn't punish the Mountain for committing these crimes, because in his mind a brute can be useful in some situations. That shows thats Tywin didn't have any problem committing awful crimes, when they are helpful. In my opinion thats not really better than a crazy person, who kills persons without any reason.
  11. Well, Jojen was a "greendreamer", he couldn't control when he gets those dreams and what he wants to see/dream. The powerlevel of the Three-Eyed-Crow/Raven is much higher I think. At least Bloodraven (the last Three-Eyed-Crow/Raven) could invoke visions or "dreams" as he wished. For example when he showed Bran about the origin of the Night King. And yes, I think Bran's brain can process those visions much faster then anybody, who has experienced the same in real time.
  12. Haskelltier

    This is all Jon’s fault

    You mean after Rhaegal died and she lock herself up in Dragonstone for days mulling about vengeance, her road to the throne (with fear rather then love)? I think when they had the talk in Dragonstone she had chosen her path already. And I don't blame Jon that he couldn't/didn't want to fuck her there after the revelation of his perentage and his own need to digest that. He said that he would withdraw his claim to the throne, he came with the Northern army to siege Kingslanding. Telling Sansa and Arya about his perentage wasn't betrayal, they had a right to know that.
  13. Haskelltier

    Northmen slaughtering civilians

    To be fair, Grey Worm was commander of the Unsullied and he literally threw the first spear. The Dothraki are bloodthirsty barbarians, who hardly speak the common tongue. And Jon had literally seconds between the first dead Lannister and the two armies (Lannisters on the one side, Unsullied, Dothraki and Northmen on the other side) meating in battle. There was nothing he could do to stop that. And of course the Lannisters will pick up weapons when they were attacked. Thats pure instinct. Even Stannis or Randyl Tarly wouldn't be able to handle the situation differently (with a spear throwing commander of the Unsullied and undisciplined Dothraki in line).
  14. Haskelltier

    Arya and the Horse

    I wouldn't spent much time on that scene. Its very likely, that the showrunners put that in because "it looks cool" or "feels right", whatever that means.
  15. There are many shades between "He has to watch every vision in 'real time' or 'real speed'" and "omniscience". Omniscience would mean he simply knows everything there is without even needing to have visions. And thats obviously not the case, because he didn't know of Rhaegar's and Lyana's marriage until Sam mentioned that. In my opinion he can control the amount of time he spends on a vision, like fast forwarding through videos. And like fast forwarding through videos watching visions not in real time will probably result in missing details. Yes, thats not plausible. And what angers me the most, they could have simply avoided that. One of the debris hitting the mountain could have easily hit the armor in a way, so that it became penetrable by a sword.