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  1. Why is it Brans Place to tell JOn anything. This was Ned secret to tell Jon alive or in a letter after death like in a will. Bran has no business to tell or play god. I would rather They tell Dany first figuring Jon would listen more too the person he has feelings for but my hope is Dany cant tell jon out of fear of loosing him and doesnt and learns she is pregnant and when Bran is gonna tell Jon the war starts and Bran gets killed. Sam will maybe tell Jon but on maybe near Danys death bed if she has a baby. I seriously think her fate is Lyannas. And I want it to end where Jon loves her and isnt messed up and they loose time as parents because of the ick factor becaus bran is robot and doesnt care what he says does.
  2. EddardSnow

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    My feeling is with the wall down there wont be time for the norther lords too be against jon and dany and i think Jona nd Dany are private people at this stage anyways and wont bring up being a couple only maybe Sansa will since it or tell.
  3. EddardSnow

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Cersei is lying anyways and isnt going to help them and so Tyrion the master politics person was played and his dumb plan meant zero and what will happen is Jon the hero that is will have to protect people and fight the army of the dead for Dany and Tyrion to have whatever future as rulers. So the Honest Jon Snow will spill his blood and be known as a hero while cersei will be known as the cowardly cancer that did nothing. So I say Jon an Honest Man will win out even if dies.
  4. EddardSnow

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I think Dany will have a fast labor and have Lyannas fate and Jon wont have time or have to do any marriage.But I also think will defeat the nights king but be killed off from cersei plot like ned. Its gonna be a sad ending cause there child likely will never know there parents cause Martin and D and D hate a good ending.
  5. EddardSnow

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Too me i think Dany and Jon hook up is not so grosse because 1 they dont know and b what are they suppose to do about those feelings. Its not like they were raised together. If Dany gets pregnant there is no way jon will turn his back on her and a baby. Sure Jon will need time to figure out how too handle things. But Jon is not some punk who purposely would hook up and then dump someone not after how he lost ygritte for nothing.