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  1. Zapho

    Small Questions v. 10105

    We don't have the relevant information to determine this afaik. Could just as well be that married men are not allowed to join the NW as long as their wives are alive. Or their wives can't remarry and just have a tough lot handed to them.
  2. That's a good point about Stannis. Never thought about it in that way before. About Robert: If there is a citadel conspiracy at work, having Grandmaester Pycelle making sure that the Lannisters came out on top of Robert's Rebellion would have been a smart move. He also covered for Cersei's cuckolding Robert. Whether intentional or not, Pycelle was instrumental in making sure that the IT went to kings without Targaryen blood.
  3. Zapho

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    Except that Mors hates Mance Rayder. He wouldn't cooperate with him.
  4. Zapho

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I'm wondering how much of the stupid stuff in the last seasons is due to the show runners having to include plot points they are not comfortable with. I mean, they are not completely free to end the series in the way they want. They have to include the things GRRM told them were important. That could be worse than having no source material at all. If the rumours are true that GRRM is not happy with what D&D have done lately, the bitter feelings could well be mutual. Nobody will say anything in public until GoT is TV history, though. There's too much money at stake.
  5. Zapho

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I just googled that quote about gardeners and architects from GRRM. Interesting take on it. The plot in the books started moving sideways instead of ahead after book 3 is my opinion. I'd say GRRM forgot that pruning is an important part of gardening and he's still struggling with it.
  6. Zapho

    Of all the Targaryen names...

    I don't like it either and I agree that they should have chosen another name. Not Viserys or Aemon though, because they were alive as well and afaik the Targaryens never named anyone in the family after someone who was still alive. Could be wrong about this though. I'd personally like Aemon, but Viserys still feels off to me because Rhaegar's brother was more or less the same age so not technically of the same generation but somewhat too close. It might have been Lyanna's decision to name him Aegon after his dead brother if she knew about it. An attempt at honoring him in a way. Wouldn't be her only bad choice.
  7. Zapho

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I actually like that detail quite a bit. She had to ask the Maester for Sansa's name and still got it wrong. The kid had her priorities straight.
  8. Zapho

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    That's a very good point to bear in mind when it comes to Sansa's decision to marry Ramsay Bolton. Which is horribly naive and stupid on her part. Even if Ramsay had treated her just fine, it's political suicide. Think about it: she married into the family who betrayed her own family and thus legitimised their claim on the North. There's no way around it: she is a traitor. Imo, the show didn't do enough to show the consequences of this act. It was only once pointed out to her when she went to the Northern lords with Jon. And only once did she admit herself that her position is precarious because she was married to two enemies of the North. It wasn't made clear enough that it's probably the reason Jon was acclaimed King in the North, not her, the legitimate heir. Arya's suspicions of her are completely understandable because of that marriage and her continuing reliance on the person who brokered it. That should have been the bone of contention between them, not the letter she wrote in the hope of saving their father's life. The marriage itself makes some sense in LF's schemes. If Sansa had started rallying the Northern lord to her instead of marrying Ramsay, then allied herself with Stannis, she would have been in a much stronger position, not dependant on LF. LF weakened her claim on purpose so he could ride in as the Knight in shining armor. It didn't quite work because of Jon. Which was probably unexpected. It gave the Northern lords an alternative to Sansa - and they took it. That the Boltons took the chance to be alienated from the Crown is not that surprising. They needed the marriage to legitimize their claim on Winterfell in the eyes of the Northerners. Cersei is far away and was unlikely to send help in case the lords rebelled against them - which was probably just a question of time. I suppose Roose intended to hand Sansa over once she had given Ramsay enough children to continue his family's claim on the North. And I suppose it was the reason he allowed Ramsay to treat her so horribly. Cersei would have liked that and it would have gone a long way in his favor when he would have gone to ask forgiveness instead of permission.
  9. Zapho

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Because the Iron Bank are hypocrites? They might not invest directly in the slave trade but they could have invested in businesses that work because of slave labor.
  10. Would you rather have it all spelled out to you in great detail and spend hours watching Bran's development on the TV show? Seriously? I wouldn't because it would be boring and not good TV. It was GRRM's decision to allow HBO to make the show and he was (and probably still is) contributing. He's still listed as a co-executive producer in the credits of the very last episode. If you're a fan you ought to respect his decision. You don't have to like it and you don't have to like what they do with the material of the books you love but it was the author's decision to help creating a TV show out of it. He wouldn't have done it if he hadn't been okay with the consequences of transfering the story to another medium with different ways of showing things. Bran's transition will probably have much more room in the remaining books and that's fine. I'm looking forward to reading it. But it's the sort of thing a TV show can't show in great detail. Not unless it's a very different sort of show. They have to cut out some material, fuse plot lines together and rely for things like that on visual clues. And these clues are there if you are seeing them for what they are. The first visions Bran had as the 3ER were a confusing tumble of rushed images. As the show goes on, Bran's visions become clearer, more focused and he gets answers out of them. Faster and more precise answers. It's not the focus of the show but it is not completely left out or portrayed in a way that you have to be a super genius to understand what's happening. Yes, you don't get it in great detail. But that's not necessarily a bad thing imo. The clues are precise and vivid enough to allow your imagination to imagine and your reason to reason. They have spent very few scenes on showing us what Bran is capable of now, what his limitations are and what it means for him as a person, what he is going through. That's not bad for a TV show. It's actually really good. We are not used to seeing art on the telly and this is art. Which seems to confuse people. If watching the TV-version pains you and spoils the books for you then you ought to stop watching the show. But you do watch it and spend time complaining about it. I don't understand why. What's the point? There certainly are things they could have done better but I don't get it why people keep whingeing about the show because it's a show and not a book. That's bad criticism and it's not very interesting to read. You might point out that this is not what you said and you would be right because you did not say that. Not explicitly. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago and I read many posts here and this sort of lousy criticism keeps coming up. It destroys discussions about some of the finer aspects of the plot, the characters and the story arch. About symbolism and yes also about the differences between show and TV. Half the posts on this forum (which I thought was supposed to be a fan forum) aren't worth reading because the author was so intent to hate what they saw they completely missed the point. There can only be one reason for this curious phenomenon and it is that you care about it. If you didn't you'd switch channels or watch it like the other garbage on TV - with only mild curiosity bordering on disinterest. You are a fan. A disappointed one. You've been waiting for years for the books to be finished and GRRM spent his valuable time selling it out. Spoiling it for you. Your favorite character isn't even there, the part you really liked is skimmed over, it's different, not the same, butchered, rotten, vile and ... visual. And you can't even sue him.
  11. Well, your explanation is that he is a bad actor. You didn't really explain why the acting was bad other than that he seemed different in the first few episodes than in the later ones. You did not examine any possible reasons for the character's development from state A to state B. Imo, there is at least one good explanation for the way Bran was portrayed in season 7 and it is not very hard to figure out if you're willing to not assume bad writing, bad acting, bad directing, bad anything as a first explanation. Bran is the 3ER now and he is not really ready for it. Brandon Stark was being overwhelmed with his new powers to the point where a close friend of his who has been with him the last few years comes to the conclusion that Bran died in that cave (Meera). He's shown to have little control over what he sees and what he doesn't see and he doesn't really think about the consequences when he tells others what he sees in the beginning. If he had, he wouldn't really have explained it to Sansa by reminding her of the night she was raped the first time or shown Littlefinger that he has to be very wary of him. He's in better control when we see him talking with Sam and he also seems to have unburied something of the person who he used to be. At the trial, we see him using his powers effectively and to the advantage of his family. I see some understandable character development here that is well reflected in the acting.
  12. Zapho

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Hm, are you saying the NK always had the ability to use the gates or that him touching Bran or him killing the CotF really brought the barriers down and now he can use them? Jon clearly thought all along that the Wall alone wouldn't stop the AotD, that's the whole reason he's rallying support. Otherwise, doing nothing would be the simplest solution to the problem.
  13. Zapho

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Doesn't anyone see Sam as the one who drops the bomb? He will have heard by then that Dany roasted his father and brother alive. He might not be very sad about his father, but his brother? He would be tempted to throw it in her face that her claim to the Iron Throne isn't even justified. Or it might not even come to a confrontation if Dany and Jon arrive on two dragons and save the day when Winterfell is about to be overwhelmed by the AotD. Nobody will have issues with them then.