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    The perfumed seneschal

    Yeah, my 5 cents is on the cheesemonger, him and Varys have invested huge amount of time and effort on installing the mummer's dragon on the throne and Dany's kind of mucked up their scheming many times over, they never intended for Dany to rule but have groomed the young dragon his whole life.
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    Tyrion and Penny in the pit (SPOILERS)

    Why would the those in charge over the pit fightings send lions on Tyrion and Penny who happens to be Yezzan's property? I don't think he would approve in which case it would be a huge offense against him. I just don't see the point of it or felt convinced. It would be entertaining (from their perspective) but it would also be an assault on Yezzan unless he permitted it which I don't find likely.