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    Night King appreciation thread

    Does anybody else think the TV Night King looks creepily similar to the original (or previous) three eyed raven? That, along with the final image of the wights marching towards the wall resembling a Direwolf could add fire to the Bran/3ER is the night king theory? There's certainly more to come in his origin story I believe...
  2. PastafarianTargaryen

    Night King appreciation thread

    Only Jon... and Sam? Take from that what you will.
  3. PastafarianTargaryen

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    If we look at GRRMs original pitch for ASOIAF Jon was to fall in love with Arya (those who think Jon/Dany is creepy count yourself lucky!) but later Tyrion would also fall in (one way) love with her. This then was to drive a wedge between Jon and Tyrion. If we consider the incest of Jon and Arya was replaced with Jon and Dany - was Tyrions creeping outside the ship room nothing more than jealousy? And is this what will complicate the Targaryen powerhouse that is being created for the next chapter?