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  1. goldenmaps

    Favorite quote that has helped you IRL

    Fear cuts deeper than wounds
  2. goldenmaps

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I was wondering if Beric, Thoros or Sandor know that Gendry is Robert's son. I think that both Thoros and Sandor probably did meet a young Robert and Renly and isn't Beric from the Stormlands and probably has met a young Robert or Renly. And both Ned and Brienne know that Gendry is Robert's son just by looking at him.
  3. goldenmaps

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    I don't know if this is relevant, but I think that Cersei reflects Tywin's legacy and that Dany reflects both Viserys and Rhaegar's legacy (reflects Dany's dual nature but neither of her brothers are good rulers). In my opinion I don't think that either of these legacies are good. I don't think that Dany is evil or will turn evil but she is impulsive and doesn't think through her actions. And Dany sometimes embraces violence when its not prudent to do so. I also think her past actions might haunt her and probably has already hurt her reputation.
  4. goldenmaps

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    I think Dany and Cersei have a lot of similarities. Except Dany is a better person than Cersei. Dany's good intentions in Essos can be just as destructive as Cersei's actions in Westeros. (I am in the mind that you can't just end slavery forever so easily) I also think that Dany's intentions of winning the Iron Throne are selfish. Dany wants to claim her birthright except her family was deposed for good reason. There was three generations of Targs who acted selfishly (Dany's grandparents and their siblings, Aerys and Rhaegar) and Targs lost support from the people they were ruling. And I doubt Dany is going to win back that support. I don't know what Dany has to offer to Westerosi. She is not offering smallfolk reforms (which is the only thing that I can think of that will gain wide support from the Faith and the people). She is just having vague promises of breaking the wheel. I think Dany is a good person overall and believes that she should use her power for good, but she's not a good ruler. But I also believe Essos will be in chaos for some time since Dany disrupted the social and economic structure in Essos without providing a good alternative (and not understanding that it is her armies and dragons is what made it possible for slavery to end in the first place. And that by removing said armies and dragons when she went to Westeros she doomed any progress she made in Essos.)
  5. I agree. Sansa, Tyrion and Jaime have suffered more in Cersei's hands than Arya. One of them should have a hand in her death (my money is on Tyrion)
  6. goldenmaps

    Yoren's death.

    Varys didn't even need Gendry to prove that Cersei's kids weren't Roberts. They already had a perfectly good acknowledged highborn bastard in Edric Storm who was already living in the Stormlands. And I doubt Gendry will prove useful to any of Varys's schemes when he is at the Wall considering the Wall is mostly isolated and few people go there.
  7. The smallfolk getting screwed.
  8. goldenmaps

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    I consider Jon and Dany good people, but not particularly good rulers. Going by season 7, Jon hasn't communicated effectively with his bannermen. He rarely writes home or tells Sansa what is going on at Dragonstone. How is she suppose to deal with things at home if she doesn't know what is going on. He also effectively gave away the North's sovereignty to Dany unilaterally. He probably should write home or get some input from the people he is ruling before bending the knee. The reason he bent the knee is because Dany is a good person, but how is anybody suppose to know that without meeting her first. For Dany, I think she underestimates her appeal to Westerosi. People view her as a foreigner and few people care about her claim to the throne. Also she overestimates her ability to control the dragons which can bite her later on. And Dany should also recognize that the tactics that worked for her in Essos won't work in Westeros since she is not freeing slaves. She is just prolonging war for the smallfolk in Westeros based on her name alone. Both Jon and Dany should also recognize that politics and PR play some role in ruling. They are not everything but you have to be at least aware of it. I think that Jon and Dany don't know anything about the smallfolk in Westeros. Jon spent all his time ruling at the Wall and Dany spent all her time ruling in Essos. I do agree that Arya will be the best Queen for the smallfolk.
  9. goldenmaps

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I have a tinfoil hat theory on Gendry's mother. All we know about her is that she died when he was young, she worked in a tavern, sang to him and has yellow hair. And I'm not going with Cersei being his mother because Gendry's claim to the throne is through Robert. And Robert's claim to the throne is through his grandmother who was a Targ. And both Jon and Dany have a stronger blood claim to the throne even if Gendry is trueborn. But what if Gendry has a stronger claim to the throne through his mother. I've been wondering lately why Varys saved him in the first place. He didn't need him anymore in his schemes. He served his purpose in showing that Cersei's children were not Robert's children. And Varys was deeply involved in getting Gendry his apprenticeship in the first place and he did it in disguise and not as a representative of the crown. It's been speculated before that Varys is a Blackfyre. And it's been speculated before that Aegon in the books is also a Blackfyre. What if Gendry's mother is a Blackfyre. Varys and Illyrio it seems planned to put Aegon on the throne. At the time Gendry was conceived Westeros has been through a civil war with Robert on the throne. And it's been known that Robert will sleep with almost anyone. And it would be easy to get a Blackfyre in Robert's bed especially if he didn't know that she is a Blackfyre. And the plan was probably for Gendry to be a girl and to marry Aegon when they were both older and once Aegon secured the throne. The Blackfyre than would have the King and Queen be Blackfyres with Aegon supposedly being the son of the popular Rhaegar and Gendry being the daughter of the rebels. It would have seemed easy because the only other claimant to the throne would be Viserys who is the son of the Mad King. Except i think this plan failed because Gendry turned out to be a boy and Dany was conceived. So Varys and Illyrio turned their attentions to Dany. Also, Gendry would still be family to Varys and Varys would want to make sure that he will be ok. And he could still be useful to Varys and his schemes especially if Aegon did not work out. If Gendry is descended from the Blackfyres that would mean his blood claim to the throne would also be stronger and will also make him more of a contender for the Iron Throne. Of course this is all pure supposition and Gendry's mother could just be somebody who just worked in a tavern. But, wouldn't it be cool if Gendry has more royal blood. It also seems also Henry Tudor-ish in a way because Henry Tudor had a stronger claim to the throne through his mother who was descended from the Beauforts who were a bastard line of the Lancastrian dynasty. I still don't think that Gendry will be king, but it will be interesting if he has more royal blood than he previously thought. And if Varys is a relative to Gendry he can learn more about his mother which would be nice. I still think that Gendry and Arya will be good rulers. They both lived as smallfolk and probably are the most sympathetic to the needs.
  10. goldenmaps

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    I doubt Varys had anything to do with Edric's escape but he could find him useful now that he is in Essos. I still don't know why he specifically saved Gendry. That makes no sense.
  11. goldenmaps

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    I consider this a bit of foreshadowing. People thought it was fine that fake Arya (Poor Jeyne Poole) is married to a bastard in the books. Maybe real Arya will be married to her bastard Gendry.
  12. goldenmaps

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    I actually think that Lady Dustin wanted to have the powerful position of being the Lady of Winterfell and she didn't get it. And maybe her family was grasping for power. It seemed that Lady Dustin was pulling a Jeyne Westerling on Brandon except Brandon honored the marriage alliance with the Tullys. And she expected to be married to Ned except Ned kept the same arrangement with the Tullys. I don't think that Rickard had southron ambitions. Considering that Winter can be harshest in the North maybe making friends with the west of the seven Kingdoms is not a bad idea. If the North made some sort of alliance or friendship with the Reach that might help with food in the Wintertime. I see Lady Dustin as being bitter about not getting the handsome, powerful lord as her husband. Rickard could have made a northern marriage for Brandon but it could be from another Northern house and she will probably still be bitter.
  13. goldenmaps

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Which almighty sadistic prick are you talking about - Joffrey or Cersei.
  14. goldenmaps

    Danys campaign

    All wars are devastating. Smallfolk always pay the price for the wars.
  15. goldenmaps

    Season 8 Predictions?

    The predictable ending is that Jon and Dany rule Westeros with their children as heirs. Put on my tinfoil hat. A more interesting ending will be no Targ restoration. I think that Jon and Dany's kid is the Prince that is Promised and that this kid will be the sacrifice needed to be made to defeat the Night King. I think that Melisandre's visions were somewhat correct except that it didn't pertain to Stannis but pertained to Jon and Dany. Jon and Dany will need to sacrifice their heir to end the Long Night. I think that was why she went to Dany in season 7 and had her meet Jon. I also think that King's Landing will burn down and that there would not be a ruler of a unified Westeros. I think each region will rule itself. I think that some god has been guiding the Targ dynasty so that they can end the Long Night. They escaped the Doom of Valyria because of this destiny. Dany can birth dragons because of it. Jon has been resurrected because of it.