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  1. I kinda want to see Sansa team up with Sam and will be interested in their interaction. They both don't trust Dany, they both will probably want Jon to be the king instead of Dany or Cersei. And Sam will be easy to trust since Sam is loyal to Jon and helped Bran.
  2. goldenmaps

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I don't think that Sansa will die. I put her survival odds higher than Jon or Dany. And I don't think that she is going to wind up alone. I lean on a Sansan romance at least in the books. My only Sansa shipping crackship is with her and Edric Dayne. My reasoning for my crackship is that once the parentage reveal gets out, Dorne will be really angry at the North because Jon lived and Ned was able to help him while Elia and her kids died and her brothers couldn't do anything to help her and Dorne had to fight a war because of Lyanna. I just think a marriage alliance between the North and Dorne will have to happen to heal those divisions. Also it would be hilarious because Book Gendry didn't like Book Edric Dayne and won't it be funny if they are brothers. Of course in my scenario Bran can also marry a Fowler or a Yronwood girl to heal those divisions. And the show so far hasn't adapted Edric so I doubt that happens. But I do wonder who would rule Dorne now that the Martells are no longer there. And I do know that my Sansa ship is a crackship and I don't expect it to happen in either the books or show.
  3. goldenmaps

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Do people really believe that Jon and Sansa are going to have more than a brotherly/sisterly relationship or that they are even attracted to each other. I just don't see it. Maybe other people see it but I don't. And the evidence that is presented doesn't convince me. Sansa seeing Jon as her brother and part of her family as her brother shows character development and growth on her part. If Sansa doesn't see Jon as her brother even after the parentage reveal I just think it regresses her character. And from the leaks that I heard about, Jon is going to be intimate with Dany in the first episode and Arya and Gendry are going to have sexual tension. The only young, hot dude to ship Sansa with is Podrik and they barely interacted. Unless they suddenly have Edric Dayne show up on the show (because there are no Martells left and they need somebody to rule Dorne, maybe) and have a romance with Sansa there is nobody left that fits the young, hot guy criteria.
  4. goldenmaps

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I do like the idea of a King Gendry with his Queen Arya. I don't think that it would happen even though I think both will be good rulers. I will just be happy with the implication that they have a future together. I'm not really a fan of them ruling the Stormlands since Gendry hasn't set foot there in the books or the show. I would rather have Brienne be the ruler of the Stormlands since she grew up there. For me personally, I would rather have Gendry and Arya have their future either in the North or in the Riverlands (in the books both have spent a significant amount of time in this region).
  5. goldenmaps

    What Daenerys are we going to see in Season 8?

    If Dany ends up like Walter White and if that is GRMM's intention all along it means that he came up with that scenario even before Vince Gilligan was writing for the X-Files. And I kinda like the idea that GRMM was developing the protagonist (Jon) and the antagonist (Dany) and getting in their heads at the same time if that is his intention.
  6. goldenmaps

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    I will have to disagree with this sentiment. I don't think Dany's dragons will be that effective on the Night King or the Whitewalkers. I really doubt that Dany is the North's only hope. I think the savior of the North is Bran. Also didn't the Night King take down a dragon? Can't the Night King just kill the rest of the dragons if he really wanted to? I would also think it will not be easy for Dany's armies who are used to the conditions akin to Egypt to fight in conditions akin to Russia.
  7. goldenmaps

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    What about Nymeria. What role will she play?
  8. goldenmaps

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Do we know if the dragons will actually be effective against the Night King and the White Walkers. I honestly don't think that they will be effective. Dany's army is the very definition of a summer army. Will they be effective in fighting in the North which I think is an analogue to Russia. I would think the fighting styles in the desert and in the freezing cold will be different. For some reason I think that Bran will be the savior, not Dany. Bran's been actively training and then Dany just comes and swoops in and saves them all is not something I believe will happen. Ever since Bran woke up from his coma he thinks that he can't be a knight because he doesn't have the use of his legs anymore. He can't run or climb like he used to. I think that GRMM is setting it up that Bran is a true knight even if his legs don't work anymore.
  9. goldenmaps

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I was wondering if Beric, Thoros or Sandor know that Gendry is Robert's son. I think that both Thoros and Sandor probably did meet a young Robert and Renly and isn't Beric from the Stormlands and probably has met a young Robert or Renly. And both Ned and Brienne know that Gendry is Robert's son just by looking at him.
  10. goldenmaps

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I have a tinfoil hat theory on Gendry's mother. All we know about her is that she died when he was young, she worked in a tavern, sang to him and has yellow hair. And I'm not going with Cersei being his mother because Gendry's claim to the throne is through Robert. And Robert's claim to the throne is through his grandmother who was a Targ. And both Jon and Dany have a stronger blood claim to the throne even if Gendry is trueborn. But what if Gendry has a stronger claim to the throne through his mother. I've been wondering lately why Varys saved him in the first place. He didn't need him anymore in his schemes. He served his purpose in showing that Cersei's children were not Robert's children. And Varys was deeply involved in getting Gendry his apprenticeship in the first place and he did it in disguise and not as a representative of the crown. It's been speculated before that Varys is a Blackfyre. And it's been speculated before that Aegon in the books is also a Blackfyre. What if Gendry's mother is a Blackfyre. Varys and Illyrio it seems planned to put Aegon on the throne. At the time Gendry was conceived Westeros has been through a civil war with Robert on the throne. And it's been known that Robert will sleep with almost anyone. And it would be easy to get a Blackfyre in Robert's bed especially if he didn't know that she is a Blackfyre. And the plan was probably for Gendry to be a girl and to marry Aegon when they were both older and once Aegon secured the throne. The Blackfyre than would have the King and Queen be Blackfyres with Aegon supposedly being the son of the popular Rhaegar and Gendry being the daughter of the rebels. It would have seemed easy because the only other claimant to the throne would be Viserys who is the son of the Mad King. Except i think this plan failed because Gendry turned out to be a boy and Dany was conceived. So Varys and Illyrio turned their attentions to Dany. Also, Gendry would still be family to Varys and Varys would want to make sure that he will be ok. And he could still be useful to Varys and his schemes especially if Aegon did not work out. If Gendry is descended from the Blackfyres that would mean his blood claim to the throne would also be stronger and will also make him more of a contender for the Iron Throne. Of course this is all pure supposition and Gendry's mother could just be somebody who just worked in a tavern. But, wouldn't it be cool if Gendry has more royal blood. It also seems also Henry Tudor-ish in a way because Henry Tudor had a stronger claim to the throne through his mother who was descended from the Beauforts who were a bastard line of the Lancastrian dynasty. I still don't think that Gendry will be king, but it will be interesting if he has more royal blood than he previously thought. And if Varys is a relative to Gendry he can learn more about his mother which would be nice. I still think that Gendry and Arya will be good rulers. They both lived as smallfolk and probably are the most sympathetic to the needs.
  11. goldenmaps

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    I consider this a bit of foreshadowing. People thought it was fine that fake Arya (Poor Jeyne Poole) is married to a bastard in the books. Maybe real Arya will be married to her bastard Gendry.
  12. goldenmaps

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Whatever the faceless men are doing will be intriguing.
  13. goldenmaps

    Small Questions v. 10105

    i agree. Good catches. Just wondering what the relationship between the two kingdoms were after Aegon's conquest.