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  1. Lumosaca

    Predict her future: Penny

    Penny is a small light in the Imp's dark path. She has the potential of becoming one of the two people Tyrion will ever truly love in this world (alongside Jaime) and I could see this love turning Tyrion into a better man in the future. Tyrion let his loneliness and all the hate from his family making him a selfish person, but deep down there is goodness inside his heart, and caring about Penny instead of dreaming about a whore in the other side of the world will making him realize that. Or Martin could kill them both because "Ha, ha! I love how he kills everyone! Revolutionary!"
  2. Lumosaca

    Jon Snow and Jesus Christ - Biblical allegory?

    There is nothing to worry about. Martin has a great interest in subverting fantasy paradigms. The Prince That Was Promised will not be a superior entity with an invincible sense of morality. Jon will be a more obscure and traumatized person after he comes back from the dead (unlike Jesus and Gandalf). And Martin likes prophecies as well, so there will exist some kind of savior for sure. Pinned down may not be the right term. Jon's story is much more deep and complex than these nine parallels. He is not limited to being a Westerosi version of Jesus in any way. This is just one of many fuctions his chapters can have throught the plot. I say Jesus specifically because he is the most famous character in human literature and has more influence than ancient religions. Martin himself was created in a catholic context after all. The "part the sheep from the goats" quote, for example, is a clear reference of the main pronouncement of Jesus about the End of Days. And it is used only one time in all the five books, by the boy who should become the Messiah during the End of Days. Was it just a coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it. If you also found similarities between Jon, Mithras and Sol Invictus, just share. I'm far from being a mythologist, so I would love to know about them.
  3. Both characters are supposed to... 1. Be a messianic incarnation of a legendary figure (Elohim and Azor Ahai). 2. "Walk on water" (Matthew 14:22-33 and A Storm of Swords - Chapter 41). 3. "Part the sheep from the goats" (Matthew 25:31-32 A Dance with Dragons - Chapter 21). 4. Be ressurected (Let's see what Melisandre has to say about this one). 5. Be the true heir of the royal family (Jesus is the heir of David and Jon is the heir of Rhaegar). 6. Be killed because of a betrayal (Jesus is betrayed by his disciple and Jon is betrayed by his steward). 7. Be hidden from the King while they were babies (Jesus is hidden from Herod and Jon is hidden from Robert). 8. Be associated with hated groups of society (Criminals. Prostitutes. Bastards. Wildlings. Tax collectors). 9. Be persecuted by the government (Pilate orders the execution of Jesus and Cersei orders the assassination of Jon). Some of these assumptions came from theories, but I believe everyone here agrees that they stand a considerable chance of being true. And if they are true, Jon should become the most Jesus Christ character in fantasy. Even more than two characters that I'm not sure if I can mention here.
  4. Lumosaca

    King Tommen

    He will not. Surprising story, uh?
  5. Beyond the Wall is just the name of a region. Replacing names is not the point of the thread. A bastard kid being enough to unify one of the most divided parts of Westeros seems too implausible. They have no army beyond their backs. Edric is hiding himself in another continent and Gendry is the smith of an inn. On the other hand, House Baratheon was created by a bastard warrior. And with all this "history repeats itself" tendency I don't know what to believe anymore.
  6. Will the Seven Kingdoms still be united after the war against the Others? Who will be in power by the end of A Dream of Spring? My bets: Iron Throne: No one. King's Landing is going to burn and the Iron Throne will burn with it. The Reach: Willas. Euron, however, can change this prediction soon. The Vale: Yohn Royce. Robert is dead and Harrold will make him company. The North: Sansa. The girl was born to become a queen and I don't think she'll end anywhere but Winterfell. The Stormlands: Hard to tell. This region is a complete mess since Renly's murder. The Iron Islands: Problably Asha, but I would love to see Theon or the Reader in the Seastone Chair. Dorne: Ser Gregor Clegane and the ghost of Daeron Targaryen. The Riverlands: Anyone who inherits Harrenhal from Littlefinger. Not Edmure and certainly not Walder. The Westerlands: Goldenhand the Just. I can also imagine Tyrion being Lord of Casterly Rock by a bunch of days. Beyond the Wall: Val or Tormund. Maybe the two of them. Maybe Jon Snow. Maybe Mance again. Maybe the Others.
  7. I have to go with A Clash of Kings. The other endings always try to look amazing with their many plot twists involving dragons, zombies and assassin groups. The ending of A Clash of Kings, by the other hand, is just a wonderful mix of sadness and hope. It remains one of the most beautiful scenes in the series. At the edge of the wolfswood, Bran turned in his basket for one last glimpse of the castle that had been his life. Wisps of smoke still rose into the grey sky, but no more than might have risen from Winterfell’s chimneys on a cold autumn afternoon. Soot stains marked some of the arrow loops, and here and there a crack or a missing merlon could be seen in the curtain wall, but it seemed little enough from this distance. Beyond, the tops of the keeps and towers still stood as they had for hundreds of years, and it was hard to tell that the castle had been sacked and burned at all. The stone is strong, Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I’m not dead either.
  8. Viserys. He is part of my favorite kind of villain - weak, selfish, jealous and fanciful. If he was less hysterical and more intelligent he would be as effective as Tyrion or Littlefinger. And Nimble Dick, of course. Great guy.
  9. 1. The Ghost of Azorahaimas Past shows Daario being a weird character with a stupid blue beard. 2. The Ghost of Azorahaimas Present shows Benjen's family being destroyed and the Night's Watch collapsing. 3. The Ghost of Azorahaimas Future shows Euron being attacked by his girlfriend's dragons and his hippie brother's kraken.
  10. Lumosaca

    Jaime and Tyrion's future reunion

    Jaime will probably be in Casterly Rock when Tyrion makes the Second Sons invade the castle by its drains. This invasion can have any result in my opinion, but I think Tyrion will fulfill his ambition of being Lord of the Rock during at least a couple of days. And it's unlikely that Martin would not include a pretty nasty and resentful dialogue between the Lannisters in a chapter like that. Cersei might be there too, ready to be killed, so it can be even funnier to read.
  11. Lumosaca

    Chapters' predicitions for TWOW

    - Daenerys: 10 chapters. She will be the protagonist of this book. Dracarys! - Cersei: 8 chapters. Her plot with the Tyrells has to be finished and Aegon's influence in King's Landing is a big threat. - Tyrion: 8 chapters. Martin loves his dwarf. What can I do? - Arya: 7 chapters. Arya's side mission in Braavos will be revealed and completed and she will get the hell out of there. - Jaime: 7 chapters. Lady Stoneheart and Red Wedding 2.0 are going to be big rocks in Jaime's path. - Theon: 6 chapters. The Turncloak is back, more complex than never and leading the best chapters of this series. - Sansa: 6 chapters. It's time to Sansa Stark reclaim his home and become part of the game of thrones once for all. - Arianne: 5 chapters. She will cover Aegon's campaign with Connington. - Melisandre: 5 chapters. Jon Snow is dead and will not get out of Ghost until the end of this book. - Bran: 4 chapters. Four chapters with a lot of time travels, revelations and zombie apocalypses. - Victarion: 4 chapters. He will be victarioning Slaver's Bay and cutting tongues of stupid dwarfs. Great stuff. - Barristan: 4 chapters. The Bold is going to die. Rest in peace Ser Barristan. - Samwell: 3 chapters. Sam is the only character in Oldtown and needs to find a way to defeat the Others (and cover Euron's attack). - Hotah: 2 chapters. Well... we can't hide from this boring parts. - Connington: 2 chapters. He is a great character, but a secondary one. - Aeron: 2 chapter. Goodbye Damphair. Someone will kill Euron for us, I promise. - Asha: 1 chapter. She will lost space to his brother, but something tells me Asha will die during his own chapter. Total: 84 chapters. The Winds of Winter is going to be the longest book in A Song of Ice and Fire. Let's celebrate. Sorry Davos.
  12. That the Others are a bunch of empty antagonists that were introduced to form another boring apocalyptic plot. I hope I'm wrong though.
  13. Lumosaca

    Will KL burn?

    Yes. Aegon's city, Aegon's throne and Aegon's realm will all burn with Aegon. And it's going to be beautiful.
  14. Casterly Rock is the stronghold of House Lannister, one of the three main families in the series, but we never had a chapter inside of it yet. Martin has confirmed that the castle would be present in the next books, so the only thing we can do is speculate about which character will finally visit the place. Tyrion has supposed intentions of using the Second Sons to become Lord of the Westerlands, and Casterly Rock would be the first place that the twin lions would think after King's Landing being conquered or burned by wildfire. The problem is: Cersei and Tyrion hate each other since the Age of Heroes, and I doubt that Jaime would be okay with Tyrion invanding Westeros with a bunch of mercenaries after "poisoning" Joffrey and killing their father with a crossbow. Jaime and Cersei relationship is another subject that is going downhill, and it would probably explode after Cersei burns an entire city. What are the chances of a mexican standoff happening in the Rock? What consequences would this conflict cause?
  15. Two of the most famous Hands of the King. Which one had more capacity of bringing prosperity to the Seven Kingdoms?