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  1. For those of us who had the misfortune of watching the HBO series before reading the books, how do you picture all the characters in your head? For example I still tend to picture Jon Snow, Cersei, Bronn, Ned and Khal Drogo as the actors from the show (but I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard...to picture them as described in the books) but picture just about everyone else as described. Interested to know! Also did you guys get the [bad] Pulp Fiction reference?
  2. Hizzy Horsecock

    What do you think of Stannis?

    I started reading the books after watching the HBO series (regrettably) largely because Stannis was my favorite character in the show and I was beyond upset at how they completely destroyed his character. Got into the books largely to read about him (though I now completely love just about every character thanks to the books) and I read up to the Davos chapter where he's learning to read from Maester Pylos. Just wanted to know how you guys feel about The One True King at this point in the [true] series. Needless to say I love him and still picture him in my head as Stephen Dillane (the actor from the HBO series) even though I try to picture all the other characters as they're described in the books. So yeah, what do you think of King Stannis the First of His Name?