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  1. To make show/hide table, you have to install a javascript extension on the media wiki. We put it on LGDN's wiki for ADWD spoilers and it works well
  2. That's funny :D I used the same but with a spear instead of a knife ^^ If you have trouble with a coat of arms, remember that LGDN's ones are under Creative Commons License and that you can use parts or figure of them freely if you need to.
  3. Great episode. Has someone seen it with subtitle and noted down the names of the dragons Viserys is speaking into his bath, please? Thank you very much.
  4. Been a long time since I post here ^^ We made made a lot of work on LGDN's wiki since then. Now the wiki is more than 4000 articles, and a new portal dedicated to HBO series is up. We added new codes that allows new characters boxes, more flexible, that allows us to use more colors, rounded corners (only with mozilla firefox and google chrome at this time ; IE suxxx with codes), shades and halos. Exemple on Aegon I's article. We added imagemap extension that allows us to make interactive clickables images or images where text appear when you put yout cursor on. Exemple on Winterfell plan (move your cursor on the image to see the text appear) or King's Landing map. And like I said to Ran on this other thread, we finaly managed to implant javascript codes to make hideable spoilers sections. Exemple on Asha Greyjoy article ; click on "show" in the ADWD section to make the text appear. Really easy to make in fact when javascript is in. I Hope AWOIAF's growing up well too ^^ we're on the right way ! Cheers
  5. Just calm down boy, You know I'd really like to contribute more than I actually do. I'm just not capable of. English is not my native language and when I try to write - not write on a forum were you can have an approximative language and still be understood - but write on an encyclopaedia, it just suck. But I consider - personnal opinion - that this wiki, and the two others, and I hope someday, spanish and germans ones, are different sides of a same project. A project I care. That's why I wanted to inter-link the different languages. I'm not sleeping in my armchair (Hey I'd like some times ^^) I spend more than two years working for this project - on the side I can work on, hours each day, thousands of pages, hundred thousand of words, building all the templates and the frames. And I think it's really too bad that the activiest contributor on the english-side decided to stop working on it for a such stupid-grammar problem just because he don't agree with the others. it's no attack, it's disappointment. BTW I still don't understand why there aren't more contributors on the english part o_O there's three active contributors on the russian, four on the french, and on th english, which have the biggest pool of fans speaking english that could help... there's just you and Scafloc (who have less time now than before). That not only disappointment. That's just sad in fact :worried:
  6. "You don't agree with me so I leave"... Seems a little puerile isn't it ? Too bad :worried:
  7. Ah yes ! very good entry, thank you Ran. please MP me if you find back the ref about bastards that take their mother's name later, it's not an urgent thing.
  8. Oh right !! I had forgot that. Ok well. I'm not 100% convinced but i trust you. Have you a ref about GRRM saying that trueborn children of bastards might take their mother's family name to put as ref on the wiki ?
  9. That is not what I meant. I know thht a bastard can have a trueborn child if he is married. But grammaticaly, if it is written "Beautiful Walder's son", didn't that mean that the son is beautiful ? if it's written "Trueborn Walder's son", didn't that mean that the son is a truborn ? if it's written "Bastard Walder's son"... well you know what I mean. Sometimes my english still sucks.
  10. Didn't "Bastard Walder's Son" can mean that he's a bastard ? oO Still have to improve my english if it's the case. Why the woman of house Charlton not listed in appendix so ? So if a non bastard can be name "Rivers", why when people encounter a "Rivers" they always see a bastard in him ?
  11. Ser Aemon Rivers & Walda rivers are listed as "bastard son" & "bastard daugther" of Walder Rivers in AFFC appendix. So they seem to be bastards too... BTW, if Walder Rivers was married, his wife should have been listed in the appendix isn't it ? I don't think a truborn child of a bastard can keep a bastard name. Everywhere in the books, when we meet a "stone", a "snow" or a "rivers", it's always obvious for everyPoV that this character is a bastard, like when Catelyn meet Mya Stone. Bastards make children like everybody, if there was a chance that a "stone/snow/rivers/etc" was not a bastard but a bastard's trueborn child, someone should have point it at some time. Rennifer Longwaters is a good exemple. Jon Waters has a trueborn child with a noble woman. Particulary situation, because bastards don't really often marry trueborn nobles I guess, but Jon Waters was a Targaryen bastard. So the trueborn son of Jon Waters and his wife has to choose a name for his descent, and he decided to let the "waters" in it in tribute ton his father. But I don't think he could have named himself "Waters" even if he had wanted to. So my answer is that it's another Walda, not a Rivers, just a Walda. Damned Frey >_> they could vary first names !
  12. She may be not a "Walda Rivers", she just say “I’m Ser Aemon Rivers’s Walda, lord great grandfather.” Bastards sons and daughters only take the nickname "Rivers" (or other) if they are themselves bastards of noble. For exemple, Aemon Rivers & Walda Rivers are bastards from Walder Rivers and a Charlton woman. So if ser Aemon Rivers have himself a girl nammed Walda, it's probable she's not a "Rivers". 2 possibilities i guess : - she's from a commun woman, so she has no name, she's just "Walda" Aemon married or not. - Aemon is married to a (small-)noble woman, and... well I don't know how she could be nammed, but obviously not "Rivers" because she's not a bastard. Also she call lord Walder "lord great grandfather". If she was Walder Rivers's daughter, she would have say "lord grandfather". So I'd say just "Walda" without name, daughter of ser Aemon Rivers...
  13. Spoiler On lgdn wiki we put "prétendant au trône" (that could be translated in "pretender to the throne" or "throne pretender" ; my grammar sucks :blushing: ) like for his father.
  14. Very nice job :) Thanks to Scafloc & Pale Griffin :grouphug:
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