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  1. Ned would have been sad (maybe really angry too). Cat would have been torn, she would have been happy that he was gone (at least in the short-term), but if I’ve read her chapters right, she would have been startled and bothered by herself for feeling joy over such a terrible thing happening. She doesn’t really dislike Jon, just what Jon represents. Robb would have been really really sad, and really angry. Sansa would probably be a little sad, but mostly indifferent. Arya would have been really really sad and really really angry. Bran would have been really sad, and possibly try to investigate (most likely leading to a different result). Rickon would be sad because all the others would also be sad. Theon would have been really sad, and really really angry. Tyrion would probably be a little sad too, his opinion on Jon at this point of time is kinda unclear. Joffrey would act really shitty about it, but I doubt he would do the same things. Everybody else would be indifferent for the most part, some bastard fell from a tower, and might or might not die, why should they care? I originally wrote a lot more on how we wouldn’t be able to tell what the ramifications of changing such a monumental event would be. But I felt it was a little too spoilery and went too far from the question at hand.
  2. Tywin Lannister is an immoral, overly proud, egotistical, somewhat paranoid, detached from reality, plotting, cruel, piece of dogshit who has been awarded with positions of immense power for no other reasons than his family’s name, his family’s money, and his ruthless behaviour. The only positives about the guy that isn’t merely an absence of a negative, is that he appears quite intelligent, but since he is detached from reality (as in any and all *indirect* consequences of his actions), and he is utterly merciless and unable to forgive or forget, it is kind of trumped by his stubborn pride and drive for self-importance. He is not bad in the *worst possible example of human behaviour* way, but in the *I am the most importantest person in the whole world* way. He thinks his actions are not only justified, but moral and unquestionable, because he thinks his family and it’s interests are the topmost important thing in the universe. He doesn’t have a very forgiving or amiable nature in the first place, and his father’s behaviour made it even more so, making him consider such qualities *weak*, and that you would inevitably be exploited for succumbing to it. His solution to the Reynes and Tarbecks exploiting his father’s overly trusting nature and not submitting as soon as he told them to, was to MURDER ALL OF THEM. I would say exterminating two entire families for the actions of four-ish* individuals is a bit too far. *I don’t really count Reynard or Walderan, Ellyn and Roger did most of the actual crimes and simply imbued them with a little too much arrogance. His relationship with Aerys is a rather tragic and sympathetic story. Up until the point that he decided that the best thing to do was murder Aerys and all of his immediate family because it would benefit him politically. Understandable, though a little... excessively coldhearted. Especially playing on Aerys’s insecurities of loyalty. His solution to his son marrying one of the little people without his permission was... forcing Jamie to lie to Tyrion about Tysha being a prostitute and then... gangrape... what a lovely chap. His behaviour and attitude towards Tyrion in general, Jamie after renouncing heirship, and Cersei in regards to her gender, are the true catalysts to see him for what and who he truly was. Tyrion reveals his lack of forgiveness and empathy. Jamie reveals his egocentrism. And Cersei reveals just how stupid his style of leadership really was, after all, who do you think she is trying to imitate? Kevan reveals his good sides, and I like Kevan, but in truth, each of his good sides is a double-edged sword, his ambition for one. Genna also makes some statements that help prove just how silly his world-view really was. All in all, he’s a real piece of shit if you actually look beneath the polished surface, which is the facade he himself has created, and the reason that his actions can be interpreted as less egregious than they really were. When he opens up about Gregor and Amory’s sadistic murders of children, that felt real and raw. But... it also points out that he is kinda detached from reality, Gregor and Amory, really? Of all possible assassins he chose the most murdery ones? And he really expected Elia to just step aside as Gregor bashed her son’s head in? He didn’t expect that Rhaenys might have resisted? Roose isn’t the best guy, but I have a genuinely decent impression of him. He is appalled by Ramsey on some level, and whilst he is immoral, he isn’t amoral. “A quiet land, a peaceful people”, that at least means that he tries to keep his peasants a little happy. He is a confessed rapist, he has possibly flayed people, he is unemotional, and he is a murderer. So he is still a horrible person, but his horribleness is less far-reaching than Tywin’s. Also, I love the Reek chapter where he just rails into Ramsey and points out all of Ramsey’s flaws on a level that he could have been a psychotherapist in our world if he wanted to. So I think that’s where my bias comes from. I also love the actor’s portrayal of Roose in seasons 4-6 for some reason. Speaking of the actor, that voice, goddamn, Challenger Deep’s got nothing on that.
  3. Victar Pyke

    Conjectures on Robert Arryn’s Paternity

    He was *on the small council*, within 3 years of his *coming to court*, as in that he became master of coin less than 3 years after becoming a prominent member at court, and given that Jon Arryn seems to have spent most of his Handship in KL, pretty sure that it’s at least a possibility. Pretty sure I read somewhere that he’s got big, *blue*, runny eyes, but I’m unsure so take it with a heap of salt.
  4. Victar Pyke

    Conjectures on Robert Arryn’s Paternity

    Well yes, but that was when she had only ever “done it” with him, during her stay in King’s Landing she probably slept with Jon, and possible also with Petyr, so I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t know for sure either. Besides, I did title this “conjectures”, tell me if I’m using the word incorrectly, because I hate using words incorrectly.
  5. Victar Pyke

    Conjectures on Robert Arryn’s Paternity

    Um, okay? My point still stands, I guess. “Dark” is also commonly used to describe many shades of brown hair. And besides, Jon’s hair was blonde (according to TWoW Alayne I’s description of ser Harrold, which is subject to change, admittedly).
  6. This one just kinda came to me whilst reading (and reflecting on) one of the Alayne chapters. Given that Lysa is known to have disliked Jon to some extent, and apparently maintained a close relationship to Petyr for a long time, possible even an intimate one, what if little Robert’s father is none other than lord Littlefinger? Robert’s eyes are blue, his hair is black, and he is small. Lysa’s eyes are blue. Petyr’s hair is “dark”, and his nickname comes from his small stature (at least as a child). Admittedly a little thin on the ground, but it feels in line with the characters, and it would make sense to never be confirmed in-universe too (Lysa might not have been able to know for sure, and Petyr is to good at “the game” to admit it, even if he was certain). It would also make his role as Protector of the Vale and Robert’s (legal) stepfather neat symbolism.