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  1. And thats that for the TV show. Yes now the rains weep o'er his hall, and not a soul to hear.
  2. ferrelhadley

    Thank you for this journey

    2 episodes to go an my thoughts are thank you. I grew up with "epic fantasy" and all the schmaltz that can entail. Tolkein, Dragon Lance, Donaldson, Wheel of Time and Belgariad. Perhaps there is something of "with a whimper than a bang" about it but it gave me the ubermensch that is Sandor and his patter. Ygritte and her FU Westerosi polite society, Arya who had something like a 6 season 80s training montage to become the most skilled "Mary Sue" in the history of misunderstood memes, Bronn being Bronn. Lena Heady just owning the screen with imperious majesty. Tyrion and Samwell being the bookwankers we all wanted to be. So many epic characters and scenes. Thank you. What a fucking journey. What a ride. It has not been flawless but it has been incredible fun. What a pleasure it has been.
  3. ferrelhadley

    Gendry is not loyal

    So long as Aegon Targaryen is one of: The Warden of the North. The queens consort The king. There will be no one "calling the banners" against the crown.
  4. Every single male who was a king or pretender was treated the same way other than Robb, who was murdered together with his followers because of his failures. Stannis murdered his own child to fulfil his ambitions. I have already said this on the thread. Its pitiful to try to pretend Daenerys is the only one whos bid for leadership is shown to be morally compromised.
  5. ferrelhadley

    Game of Thrones, A Tragedy

    Oh come on. Lord of the Rings are good films but they are riddled with plot holes, convenient rescues, dialogue that clunked as bad as "and my axe", "no one tosses a dwarf", fan servicing like the elves turning up to Helmsdeep and an elf surfing down stairs and elephants shooting arrows... People are whipping themselves into a frenzy over the past couple of episodes.
  6. ferrelhadley


    Royal legitimisation is pretty consistent. A child born to a father out of wedlock can be given the rights of a true born by the king or queen. Robb did this to "Jon"\Aegon.
  7. I would say the armies marching to remove her count as an agenda. The Tyrells, Sand Snakes, Yara and now the North and the Vale all teamed up to get her off the throne at one point or another. Virtually every single character not at Kings Landing has or was against her due to her style of leadership. Varys very likely plotted with Rheagar to remove Aerys, plotted to remove Robert, plotted to remove Joffrey, then when he was kicked out the capital was plotting to get Tommen then Cersei off the throne.
  8. ferrelhadley

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    By pulling her into a battle before Aegon arrives with the Northern Army she can meet her opponent with a better numeric ratio. She can also hope to pull the battle close to her ballista\scorpions on the battlements and perhaps get a lucky kill on the dragon.
  9. ferrelhadley

    Lord Tormund of Wildland

    I doubt there is much of an appetite with the regular show watchers for a long digression into the diplomatic status of the Free Folk and the crown. They are hunter gatherers so in winter they can usually live of off reindeer, fish and other wildlife as people like the Sami, Innuit and other inhabitants of taiga biome that they are based on.
  10. Aerys burned people for jollies. King Robert and his self indulgence and lack of attention was framed as unfit to rule. Renly never really got tested but seemed like he was only in it for himself and showed little fitness to rule. Stannis was completely uncompromising and clearly shown as being unfit to rule due to what he would do for his ambition. Robb could not master his desires and fulfil his oaths and ended up getting thousands of his most loyal people killed. Balon had already led his islands to wrack and ruin by war and then started others with little ambition beyond piracy. Joffrey. You do the math. Tommen was a child who inheritance was simply a tool for others to fulfil their ambitions. Cersei a Tywin wannabe who blew up churches and imprisoned nuns to be used as sex slaves for her zombie. That is the Kings\Queens of Westeros who have been shown on TV. Just about every one of them barring Robb is a stinging rebuke of hereditary monarchy. Of the Prince\Princesses. Rhaegar dragged the kingdom into war and bloodletting so he could get it on with a 15 year old then failed to lead his troops till it was too late. Doran was utterly inactive according to the show. Oberyn had nothing to rule but obsessed with vengeance. Ellaria stages a coup and leads her principality to a disastrous war. From burning the warlocks of Qarth, Daenerys has always had an undercurrent of violence and vengeance to her. In a show that seems to have gone to lengths to show virtually no one so far as fit to rule, its a bit of a shoehorning of an agenda to try to suggest Daenerys fitting the mould of every other ruler and pretender is some kind of misogyny. People may not like that she is succumbing to her violent instincts. That is a fair criticism. But I think that this risk has been part of her character since the first book. My criticism would perhaps be that they are not showing Aegon's painful honour as being another flaw that would diminish him as a leader. The criticism to me is the system not the people. But I do not have to make an article fit the 2020 elections.
  11. ferrelhadley

    Do you think Varys will...

    So some think hiring the Golden Company might blackfyre on Cersei?
  12. ferrelhadley


    Renly's Castillian or at least who ever replaced him will be "running" Storms End but Tommen should have been the last person to claim it by birth right. Its likely Cersei is keeping the positions open so to speak and continues to run it the same way she gained the kingdom, by being around when most of the nobility were killed.
  13. ferrelhadley


    Someone is the heir to the Baratheon seat and who ever it is has a claim via being Roberts heir. By placing someone who owes their position to her and her legitimacy, someone in her army she has far more control over the situation.
  14. ferrelhadley

    Anyone else kinda rooting for Cersei?

    A peasant revolt to install a workers revolutionary council for the Iron Throne.
  15. ferrelhadley

    Dragons far to weak

    Because s\he has to fly with a person on their back. If they Valyrians did not do it its unlikely it could be done.