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  1. Petitephlox

    Anyone else feeling bummed about the show being over?

    I feel like I should have more closure than I do, haha, from the show ending. Is it silly to hold out hope that if/when GRRM finishes the books that there will be, even with a bittersweet ending and plenty of tragedy, more of a feeling of satisfaction at a story well told, mysteries unraveled, as well as prophecies that actually make sense and have meaning?
  2. I know a lot of us are pretty upset about the way things ended, whether or not you are a Dany fan, thought the season was rushed, or just thought the writing was terrible... but aside from that, is anyone else feeling deflated that the show is now done? Like no matter how you felt about Daenerys and Drogon, Ghost and Jon, Bran, Sansa, Arya, we don’t get to see them again? And really wishing the books had finished before the show had. Perhaps it’s hard to separate the feelings of disappointment from a final season that was certainly controversial, but I hate to think all the characters, layers, mysteries, and prophecies are something we won’t enjoy picking apart in the books because the show seems to have tied them up/decimated them. How soon are those prequels coming out?
  3. Petitephlox

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Give me a shot of Drogon in the distance flying home, and I would’ve been so much happier.
  4. Petitephlox

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    All I have to say is, he better leave Drogon alone!!
  5. I am now going to print this picture out and place under my pillow at night, weeping in the fetal position most likely after tonight. Hahahaha
  6. I believe this is it, from the description I heard. Thank you!!
  7. Petitephlox

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    Ok, let me rephrase. Jabar of House Titan, could you tell me more about this outline? I didn’t know there was one out there that had spelled out the plot (other than the secrets given to D&D). I’m not privy to a lot of insider info in the world of GoT, though- just joined this forum, so maybe this is common knowledge!
  8. Petitephlox

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    Did GRRM give this outline to D&D and they just chose to change it up?
  9. Petitephlox

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    This makes so much more sense to me. Why didn’t we get this ending on the show?? Because it “subverts expectations so much more to make her the ultimate Big bad?
  10. Petitephlox

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    This. Agree wholeheartedly.
  11. Petitephlox

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    Original outline from GRRM has this as the story??
  12. I was thinking about how certain characters seem to embody Magic the Gathering colors (Jon being so staunchly white that he is rigid, Dany being red, etc.). And then I remembered Akroma’s Vengeance, where pretty much everything on the playing field is destroyed — seems like what just happened in KL! I find it interesting that this is actually a white card. Thoughts on Dany being Akroma? https://gatherer.wizards.com/pages/card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=247343 And I’m sure someone years ago posted this, but I just discovered it and think this MtG deck of GoT cards is awesome. HUGE kudos to the creator. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/XoZAi
  13. Hi everyone! I heard mention on a podcast of a painting of Jon and Daenerys ruling together on thrones, surrounded by dragons and wolves? I tried googling but couldn’t find it - does anyone have a link? Thanks!
  14. Petitephlox

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    I agree. What did Quaithe say to her? “You must pass beneath the shadow to reach the light.” Is this time the shadow? Will it be different in the books (eg. Not purposeful mass murder) - something that brings her close to losing herself, to something terrible, but she redeems herself?
  15. Petitephlox

    Time to rewatch from the beginning

    Gotcha. Thanks!