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  1. I agree. What did Quaithe say to her? “You must pass beneath the shadow to reach the light.” Is this time the shadow? Will it be different in the books (eg. Not purposeful mass murder) - something that brings her close to losing herself, to something terrible, but she redeems herself?
  2. Very true, I just wish we had seen some special scene in any of this season’s episodes of Jon with Ghost. Wish him farewell, thank him for his love and friendship and for helping to save Winterfell.
  3. Ugh, so much weirdness in this episode from all corners! With Jaime I hold out hope that he realized he may have to take her out somehow... not go help her. And with Dany, I will so disappointed if this whole story arc was to push her into being another Mad Queen.
  4. Please tell me this is a misdirection. I understand her losing herself a little to grief and rage with the loss of Rhaegal and Missandei - but not caring if innocents die? And then Varys with his “welp time to get rid of her and move on.” I REALLY hope this is not the path we’re on because it cheapens her entire story. And JON SAY SOMETHING TO GHOST! Missandei saying “Dracarys.” Yes - (just not where the townsfolk are gathered please, just take out Euron and Cersei and Qyburn, etc.)!
  5. Yes!! Oh my heart when we lost Rhaegal, cried when Jon left Ghost whining (without a goodbye!), cried for Missandei. And I always thought Dany wouldn’t “go evil” but perhaps act very rashly and do things she wouldn’t necessarily out of grief. I’m still holding out hope that she doesn’t actually kill innocents... And Varys with this information, ugh.
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