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  1. Didn´t read the thread yet, as your point of views usually help befor judging the episodes. ICE. Personally i find Dany being killed to be so sad, after she had won me over in The Bells. I know there was no space left for her after what she did/she thinks, but still. Bran being the new king was pretty shit also. I think his character has been constructed really badly in the show, which makes the craven, children of the forest and powers like prescience irrelevant at this point. Not to mention the insoportable flatness of the character. There is some poetic justice on it after Ned´s death in KL, but still. A detained Tyrion making him the king as if he is 'somebody' didn´t help by the way, and the rest of the council accepting everything was even worst. I didn´t expect this outcome because of Bran´s terrible arc in the show but well, here we are. The council was supossed to be the defining moment of the series but totally lacked the tension needed, and it looked like a routine administrative council. I didn´t like Tyrion stealing the show as i think his character is wasted at this point and has lost all his wit. Also the Starks getting both the 'six' kingdoms and independence for the north without any word doesn´t make loads of sense, does it? I am not commenting on all the usual 'minor' non senses since i´ve got used to them in the last couple of seasons, but Greyworm not killing Tyrion and Jon inmediately was too glaring. The new order in King´s Landing seems to be terribly boring given the characters involved and i can picture Tyrion developing serious alcoholism, because who is he going to have witty conversations with? No Varys, Jamie or Cersei, who i will miss inmensely in the capital. Not even Dany to instill some fear as he tries to advice her. Poor Tyrion won´t stop drinking and crying at his siblings´death site downstairs. Another 'personal' one; I hate Sam since he was 'cowardly' plotting against Dany in Winterfell, even if (again) justified. He should have been feeded to dogs by Greyworm, Dany or whoever. Or at least loyaly join his beloved Jon in the north, but of course he prefers to own the Citadel and enjoy the royal pleasures of the court from time to time. The bastard. MIXED FEELINGS. Jon. I´ve never been a fan and his arc has gone from him being the good/brave/honest guy bringing hope to Westeros to the passive, stupid and even slightly coward one in the end. A pretty nasty tool if you think about it, or at least terribly unfitting for silverware. Let´s not forget he has comitted the ultimate treason to his beloved queen, justified or not, which makes me hate him on one side but might be interesting as pure character development (if only better built, it feels like a missed opportunity); I like that the one with the best intentions and a good sense of freedom, justice and loyalty ends up killing/treasoning his beloved one and going to exile (again) through the back doors. People with good intentions are 'dangerous' and clumsy too, and he has not only totally mismanaged his supossed leadership and is somehow guilty of the mayhem, but has failed Dany as a lover and adviser. I don´t find his exile in the north redeeming AT ALL, and find it to be the most bitter ending in the show in fact. We all knew he wasn´t attracted to power but god, what a mess he has made. He will have to endure a bitter pain forever while playing nurses with Tormund out of sight. Well deserved! Arya had a (deserved also) 'happy ending' as a new woman just doing what she wants, as usual, even without the 'bad taste' of having to kill Cersei. Yet her explorer role is not only rushed but a bit meh. This could have been better built before the ending with just a couple of mentions. Let´s say correct, just leave the girl enjoy some exotic exploring. FIRE. Brienne was fantastic and her true feelings of love while honouring Jamie´s memory felt very real, to the point i got a bit emotional. Deserving ending scene for the actor interpreting one of the most interesting characters. I don´t know where she ends up exactly but could well be a great commander for Bran. Solid. I am FINE with Sansa, and even if controversial i think she might be the best built character plus she has the most logical ending to her arc. I´ve been somehow against the grain for years in saying that she would come off well in the end, thous my (second) avatar here. She IS the north and not only owns the lineage but also the commanding skills and support from the lords up there. Also she plays a hand in King´s Landing through Bran. Clean. Solid. Love Sansa. Dany was DAMN GREAT as a nazi, as i was expecting. Her attitude over the ashes/troops was totally goose bumping and while her discourse was intended for the thick (we just knew her reasons already) it felt fitting and explanatory. The filming of the Dothrakis and Unsullied while Jon/Arya approach is fantastic and i am missing a lot more of this darkness in the show. Then she appears dressed in black, just beautiful and convincing with her dragon, and says those things. Hot as hell, i am going to miss the mad queen a lot. Her last conversation with Jon doesn´t leave any doubt; Even if she is pretty mad she had a plan in which she believed, and ends up as the good one with a mission, while Jon becomes another 'necessary' treasonous killer with no real achievements in the end, the minnion. Which i love. Overall i found the ending to be rather rather meh at first, and voted 4, but after putting it down to words i am going to say solid 6. The episode was terribly constructed and pretty much lacked a soul (given the importance of events) but yet i am fine with the relative bittersweetness and god, I JUST LOVE MAD DANY.
  2. Damn i´ve just written the very same thing elsewhere in the forum. Too many threads around the same themes it is difficult to keep up.
  3. The same can be said about good old Winston Churchill then...The bombings of Dresden were definitely more revenge than strategy, and killed civilians in the thousands. But hey they are 'our allies'! Sounds similar? Still a fan of Dany btw. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/Fotothek_df_ps_0000010_Blick_vom_Rathausturm.jpg
  4. I admit you have a point there, and for example Missandei might have been beheaded by Cersei right after the bells are singing, making Dany´s fury more sensible. But in that case (Missandei alive) invading KL would have lost weight. I just like it the way it is in the end, and am perfectly fine with Dany losing it (which i think it adds to the show in a '1st season fashion').
  5. Tyrion fails his word and Varys appears as a traitor precisely in that moment of needed calm. There is no trustable advice left and she just takes revenge in the heat of the battle, against her own word. Shit happens.
  6. No need for more foreshadowing, in my opinion Danny´s traits are crystal clear without the need of any lists. She could behave diplomatically and show some heart here and there (Hitler with dogs anyone?), but she was always on the verge of breaking up, and everytime she had to make some decision the scene was tense. Sansa refusing her, Jon´s doubts and Varys/Tyrion´s treasons are not precisely helping the common folk in KL here, not to mention Missandei plus the dragon dying there. All things considered people surprised of her ruthlesness in this context are just blind. Call me a pervert but i found Danny going mad over KL pretty sexy, if not liberating.
  7. Very well put. In fact i am begining to consider Danny one of the better built characters out of GoT, when all things pointed the opposite.
  8. We can´t assume it was 'for nothing', as we don´t know her thinkings and strategy. Massacring civilians is as old as humans and i don´t get people´s surprise here at all. There are literally hundreds of examples but the Persian invasion of Delhi in March 1739 comes to mind, not to mention the very same nuclear bombings in Japan (arguably for 'nothing' also);
  9. In spite of the deaths the next episode is looking pretty much open, and can´t wait. Still keep some hopes of Sansa making it to the Iron Throne with Arya´s help, even if Danny has won me over with her ruthless display of power.
  10. We seem to be in a minority, but for alll the bleak and ilogical episodes i have to defend this one; I didn´t like that some of the outcomes were a bit rushed or not good enough in between the mayhem; Arya and the Hound was weak, with the latter´s death undeservingly uninteresting. Varys death was just ok when it should have been huge, and i expected a last trick from him when sending the little girl inside KL. Euron was also meh and him appearing in the beach pretty much forced. The Golden Company in front of the walls was poor. I find Jon totally losing it and being that 'weak' (against his principles) an interesting turn but yet his relationship with Danny hasn´t built adequately in the last episodes, which makes everything Jon´s a bit flat; The couple lacks the passion and chemistry of Cersei/Jamie, and even Tyrion´s 'loyalty' to Danny looks better than Jon´s somehow. Jon being blind for Danny might make sense but it is not well enough resolved/explained for his part (maybe they need more passionate sex?) That said i really liked the overall tone of the episode, with King´s Landing emerging as a character on its own. The city and its demise were beautifully filmed, which made up for the minor plot dissapointments in my opinion. It was not just a cropped shot of a wall with some flags in Dubrovnik anymore but whole shots of the entire city in all its glory, plus the more 'intimate' battle street scenes being even better and reminding me of classics such as The Battle of Algiers, not to mention 11-S. The battle is the episode and it was solidly convincing for once with great CG, design production and very well done fight scenes. Greyworm going mad after Daenerys/Missandei makes sense and was enjoyable, and also liked the north army being suddenly 'bad' in spite of Jon´s efforts. Cersei (and Qyburn) was solid, i loved her watching the mayhem from above. Cersei and Jamie was good enough to very good, you might expect something else but yet they are just convincing together ('Just you and me'). Oh, and Tyrion-Jamie was pretty lovely. But again Danny was fantastic, period. I am impressed of people childishly saddened about her behaving this bad; These traces were always on her and this was always going to happen somehow. Do you really were expecting an 'Aragorn wedding' with the Hobbits smoking a pipe kind of finale? Even as a lover of LOTR i would find that would have been terribly dissapointing. Shit happens, and i love G. R. R. Martin take on this. And Danny has won me over sorry!
  11. With a couple of minor exceptions i loved the episode. King´s Landing was beautifully filmed and Danny going mad was just fantastic. A solid 9, when it matters.
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