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  1. Knifegrinder

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    At this point Benihof and Weiss are either excessivly using really bad drugs or they need to strart taking some good ones. The series has devolved from a complex character driven storyline into little more than a Michael Bay movie. Let me guess...next week drogon sides with jon settling the matter as to has the better claim...SHAME Beniwhoof and unWeiss SHAME!
  2. Knifegrinder

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    i was looking for Michael Bay in the credits. Beniwhoof and unWeiss have managed to take a layered complex character driven story and turn it into little more than medieval transformers...SHAME! SHAME!
  3. We waited two fracking years for the worst writing of the series? I was looking for Michael Bey in the credits. From the utterly pointless "Dothraki charge of the light brigade", to the ridiclous death of Rheagal both Benihof and Wiess need to be stripped naked and paraded through the streets with bells of shame ringing loud. What, did the Dragon Queen, Varys, and Tyrion not think that maybe, perhaps, it might just be a good idea to use the dragons to take a look around....from the air! What? Did Dragonstone ATC put a two hundred hard cieling of all flights that day? Or perhaps Captain Nemo assisted Euron with upgrading his fleet into Scorpion class SSNs... Yes the cinemateography, fight scene coreography was excellent and the special effect second to none. However, this Game of Thrones, not Transformers...we expect more....Weiss and Benihoff, stop smoking whatever that is and get some better stuff, or stop smoking!