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  1. She had worked for it. Sure. But you can't rule the Kingdom without support and she knows this. Jon had the support and love that she needed and wanted, she wanted a TARG on the Throne. She could have had everything she wanted, by marrying Jon. She would have had love (From Jon and the people) the throne would have been theirs and most importantly her children(!) (If we assume she can have them, as they imply in the show after she comes to Westeros). D&D just sucks.
  2. This is what I said too. And not only that. Why would the Northmen (Lords) want to be independent with Sansa as their Queen, when Bran Start - Ned Starks true born son, is the King of the 7 Kingdoms?
  3. Yeah, that’s true. The game of thrones would start very short after that again. The vale, The north, the iron island and others would break away from the “7” kingdoms. It would all turn to what it was before the Targs.
  4. He did. But it wasn’t Northmen shouting “Ring the bells” and even if they did, the people of KL would have been like “The Bells? Why would we do that?” Because nobody knows the bells mean surrender. Yeah, they could have actually used this to their advantage to make it more rational for Dany to lose her mind. Believing that Tyrion had betrayed her one more time.
  5. But that's the thing. It's not a known thing, we even get that quoted in season 2 by Davos himself. Nobody would have known that the bells mean surrender. None other than Dany and her Generals + Jamie. So I can just assume it's another plothole/Crap writing by D&D.. And to me this might be the biggest hole in the entire episode, because it was called The bells - Dany "Snaps" when the bell rings and I'm sure it will be used next episode explaining "But..but they surrendered" She could just ask Davos if the Bells means surrendering and he would proclaim - As he did in season 2 that NO. They do not.
  6. This bothered me about the episode (Of course with A LOT of other things) but who actually told the soldiers of KL that the bells meant Surrender? We have proof of Davos - Who is born in KL saying: "I have never known bells to means surrender." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4kNneOct6A And in the episode, it seems that only GW, Jon, Tyrion, Jamie and Dany know that if the bells ring, the city surrender and Jamie is nowhere near the bell nor Cersei at the point of the bells ringing. Being the episode is called "The Bells" I just assume this is just one out of 1000 different flaws this season and this episode. Lets discuss how this became general knowledge in KL or was it all just a plot by Tyrion/Cersei to have Jon's and Danys army walk further into KL and being burned by the Wildfire or is this just a massive flaw that Dumb & Dumber completely ignored?
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