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  1. Was the tower of joy named after or before Rhaegar and Lyanna were there together? Personally I think after because it makes sense if they loved each other, but some said before. I remember Rhaegar is said to have been a solemn boy during his youth, making sad songs so it’s kinda weird if he named sth “joy” without having any joy
  2. yes it is if they didn't plan the names together when she was pregnant. I mean I would like him to be named Daeron rather than Aegon :))
  3. Just saying, IF it truly turns out R+L=J, i would love to see Jon’s real name is Daeron, taking after the prince who conquered Dorne at the age of 14, rather than Aegon as in the show. Why? Firstly I think it’s kinda ridiculous to have another son named Aegon, which can lead to confusion and, if we look back to the past Queen Alicent, whose son was named Aegon (sorry if I misspell the name), outraged when princess Rhaenerya also took that name for her son later. Secondly less persuasive but Daeron I is whom Jon admires so I think it’s...let say beautiful if Jon’s real name is Daeron. Just my feeling
  4. Yes I mean If Ashara is his mother then there is no need to hide her identity!
  5. How do u know?? And for what purpose?
  6. In the prologue of AFFC we learn that Pate died at the end. However in Sam POVs in ADWD Pate was still there alive, which gives me a thought that that one is not the real Pate or maybe he was brought back to life by some magic.... What do you guys think?
  7. It's possible yes. But I think for Jon to skinchange into Gilly's baby the boy has to be there. Remember Varamyr six skin when he wanted to take the woman's body he had to wait for her to get there.
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