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  1. That's what i am also thinking. That would be a good area to have a large population and multiple settlements, not towns, but many villages with high populations. The being in the south of the North and having multiple rivers, could/should allow them to have a better climate and better soil.
  2. Well, from the various theories that i have read and heard, it would seem that at the end of A Dream of Spring, once the situation with the Others is resolved, the seasons should/will become more regular, similar to real world seasons. That is, if the theories will be right, of course.
  3. I imagine that if the climate of Planetos/Westeros will become more real world like, more regular, then the southern part of the North (the Barrowlands and lands of House Manderly) would become more fertile, due to a stable climate, warmer weather coming from the south and possibly increased rainfall.
  4. I would be curious to know what region of the North, besides the lands controlled by House Manderly, would be rich; i am referring to income obtained through rents from people living on the lands, income obtained through trade, agriculture and/or natural resources and lands that should have a pretty high population. And what house or houses control that region. I would imagine that such lands exist, but that they are probably under-developed. Also, i imagine that with the climate/season change that will most likely happen during or after A Dream of Spring (with the seasons being the same length as they are in the real world), places in the North, will become more fertile and will start yielding more crops, especially in places like the Barrowlands or the lands of House Manderly, which are situated in the south of the North and where the climate will be warmer. But are there any other regions in the North, that could benefit from a more stable climate and season change, which could lead to a more fertile land, that produces more agricultural goods and that would possibly lead to an increase of population and riches? It won't make the North the new Reach or Arbor, but it could allow them to become more agriculturally developed and more food independent, without relying so much on food imports from the Riverlands and the reach.
  5. And how would that income/revenue compare to Gulltown, Lannisport, Oldtown and the houses that control them? And how would White Harbor compare to european port cities, during the Middle Ages?
  6. And in what business/industry (energy, mining, finance, medical, farming/animal husbandry, etc) would the major houses (e.g Stark, Tyrell, Lannister, Hightower, Tully, Baratheon etc) be involved?
  7. I am guessing that some tribes/clans, such as the ones led by Tormund, Val and Mance are more practical and they might be more willing to integrate into northern society and adhere to their customs, then clans/tribes that are led by people such as The Weeper and Lord of Bones. I imagine that virtually all of the northern houses would be against bringing wildlings into the North, although House Stark under Ned does seem to have pretty good political clout and they have good control over the North and their bannerman. Would bringing the free folk/wildlings and settling them in the North be easier with or without the Others/White Walkers and with Ned being Hand of the King and in King's Landing or remaining in the North? Or would bringing and integrating the free folk/wildlings into the North be impossible, due to their different views and the differing structure of free folk society, compared to northern society? Meaning lords, bannerman/liege's and so on.
  8. Yeah, but when they had dragons, they could have agreed to have the Stark's rebuild Moat Cailin and possibly have a house take control of the lands or have a garrison stationed permanently there, considering that they had dragons and the dragons canceled the advantage that the Moat gave.
  9. That makes sense, but it's also a bit strange. I mean, the Bloody Gate in the Vale serves the same function, in that it protects the main road into the kingdom it is a part of. If an army would like to invade the Vale and if they would like to invade through the main road, then they would have to take the Bloody Gate and they would sustain high casualties doing that. The other options would be to take Gulltown, they fight the Royces of Runestone and then travel through mountain roads, where they could be attacked by the mountain clans. Or they could invade through the fjords in the east of the Vale. And the Golden Tooth of the Westerlands also serves a similar function, as an invading army would have to take the castle to gain further access into the Westerlands. In the books, Robb and the northern army are lucky and find a goat path that leads beneath the castle and they can bypass it. Plus, even as it currently stands, if properly garrisoned and supplied, Moat Cailin can be a formidable defensive structure. If the various kings sitting the Iron Throne wanted the North weaker and easier to invade, they could have asked/demanded that Moat Cailin be completely torn down.
  10. Yeah, the Moat is decaying and sooner or later it will collapse entirely. It's strange that House Stark hasn't taken care of Moat Cailin across the years, considering that it serves a very important function in the defense of the North.
  11. I'm wondering how long it would take to rebuild Moat Cailin or to build a new castle on the same spot. I'm not referring to rebuilding/building the castle to the size it was before, but maybe ensure that it has 4-6 towers and a keep, all of it made of stone. How long might that take, if money would not be an issue and if the lord doing it, would either have a large amount of coin available or if he would have a steady stream on (a decent/large) income? Also, considering the position of the castle and that the lands to the south are bogs and swamps and that i imagine that the lands to the north are solid ground, what might the economy of the lands look like? Would they be able to plant and harvest various produce, such as barley, oats, grain, possibly rice should they trade with a nation that uses it and should rice exist in ASOIAF, potatos, etc? And to also possibly have herds of sheep, ram or cows? Or would the area be (somewhat) poor and depend on the traffic of people/merchants travelling through the area? I know that the location of the Moat is strategically important for the North's security and that the lord there could abuse his station, especially with regards to taxes on the merchants/people travelling to and from the North, but maybe the Lord of Winterfell could include in the feudal contract with the Lord of Moat Cailin, that they are not to raise the taxes without the approval of the Stark's, to avoid a situation similar to the one with the Frey's in the Riverlands, considering that the Frey's also control a strategic crossing. And what military strength would the house controlling Moat Cailin and the lands around, have?
  12. But wouldn't Dorne and House Martell have a vested interest in sending more troops, to ensure that the loyalists have bigger chances of winning and that Elia and her children are safe? And i misspoke in the posting. I meant to say that the majority of big houses in Dorne are situated in the western part of Dorne; houses such as Dayne, Uller, Qorgyle, Manwoody, Blackmont, Wyl and Yronwood.
  13. From what i could find, it is stated that Dorne can raise 50.000 troops, although that is considered to be an exaggeration made by Daeron I to enhance his victory; although Martin said that Dorne is equal in military strength to the North and the Vale. If yes, then how come Dorne sent (only) 10.000 troops under Lewyn Martel? And were the 10.000 troops raised only by House Martell and it's Immediate (geographically) vassals? Because if that is the case, then i can see how Dorne ca have equal military strength to the North and the Vale. But if the 10.000 troops are raised from multiple houses across Dorne, then the dornish are not as strong from a military point of view. I am asking because from what i can tell, the majority of big houses in Dorne, are situate in the western part of Dorne, close/closer to the borders and it would/should facilitate for an easier mustering of troops. Plus, although Dorne has a very large coastal area, they don't have a fleet. With regards to politics and House Martell, the current generation of Martell's seem to be politically isolated. Doran married a Norvosi woman out of love and Oberyn is not married and has sired multiple bastard children. Arianne is currently un-married because Doran wanted to marry her to Viserys and so far, there isn't any evidence of a marriage prospect for her. Quentyn which could have married one of Anders Yronwood's daughters has been sent to Meereen to win Dany's hand and he died trying to take one of her dragons. And Trystane is still young and currently not betrothed. And from an economical point of view, they produce exotic products and spices, and they are also really close to cities in Essos, so they can more easily trade. Although Dorne doesn't have a city the size of Oldtown or White Harbor and they also don't seem to have a large, powerful trading fleet.
  14. Considering that current events, with Daenerys being just found by Khal Jhaqo, Aegon having control of Storm's End and going to meet and fight with Mace Tyrell and his army, and with Jon Snow currently dead at Castle Black, how likely would a Targaryen restoration be? Will the events that happened in the show, with Dany taking command of the dothraki, obtaining a fleet and sailing to Westeros still happen? And what might her reception be, considering that Doran is still alive and in charge of Dorne and that Aegon might also still be alive when she arrives? Also, how might Aegon's reception with the Reach lords and the lords of the other kingdoms go and will he be able to gain some support? And how will he react to Dany arriving in Westeros with an army of Unsullied, Dothraki and 3 dragons? And last but not least, what about Jon Snow? Will we see the revelation that he is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and might he have some proof of that? Possibly some documents ,proving that he is a legitimate son, hidden in Lyanna's tomb in Winterfell or with Howland at Greywater Watch? Or will he lack the documents to prove that, but bond with a dragon, in which case people will most likely think that he is a Targaryen bastard, not trueborn. And how will people react to that, especially Aegon, Dany and the Martell's. And considering all that has happened with Aerys, Rhaegar and the Rebellion, how welcome would a Targaryen restoration be?
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