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  1. Anyone recommend a good book on musical cyphers, sight singing, solfège, hand-chanting, ionic meter, and crab canon. This puzzle has been confounding me for years. Christopher Marlowe and. "Have With You To Saffron-Walden, Or, Gabriell Harveys hunt is up" is the title of a pamphlet written by Thomas Nashe I’ll post more on the subject if interested
  2. Anyone have a picture of the dragon eye Deamon was singing to? Or description? •Dragon Eyes? The Dragons and Aemond. •Painted Table?
  3. Also how did Erryk get there. Randomly shows up at the perfect time to crown. He walked or rode to the island? Exits a ship dressed like that and just walks right up. Security kinda shit the bed on that. Suspicious!
  4. That bugged me to. I wanted to see the ship and banner sail in. Then I was like “oh is he speaking of something else.”. Was it budget? I didn’t know that was a Marbrand.
  5. Was it a surprise? Like media speculation? Was there concern?
  6. Do you mean from the book or is there another copy of the show somewhere? I liked it. And I didn’t at the same time it’s weird. They make almost everyone having no intent to cause harm. I feel if they are doing this for everyone it requires more screen time or at least a silent contemplation to show some sort of struggle. The dilemma for me is I dislike a story with a cookie cutter protagonist and antagonist, but man I’m really missing it here. I want my Tragedies of violent delights. I want to hear them curse each other’s names and cry havoc! …plus more tities. Actresses making 100k an episode, I want tities. However much they paid Daemon I got to see that ass. Where. My. Tities? (joke) ((The last part here)) (again. Joke.)
  7. Man Why do I always get the top of an old page on these threads. No one ever reads these. Moderators! I demand you make a place where I can exhibit my genius of the comedic arts! A section for those of us who serve a higher calling of silliness! And this place shall be called…Camelot. The Spam Hall of comedy. (Not to be confused with The Spam Hall of Spamelot and Spam Camelot.) This shall be a place where those who complain of darkness within the episodes will be shot with magic missiles and forever fetching Mountain Dew. This shall be a place where fart jokes reign. A safe place for dead parrots. A place where those who lack impulse control and attention spans can muse with their peers. A place called Camelot. ~Celestial Choir Sings~ …Camelot.
  8. FUN WITH EDITING. Rheanyra giving birth to baby. Her face contorts in pain. Bared teeth gnashing. •Edit. Quick Cut. Dragon gnashing teeth. •Edit. Rheanyra continues birthing. •Edit. Quick Cut. Xenomorph Queen from Aliens gnashing teeth. •Edit. . Rheanyra continues birthing. •Edit. Quick Cut. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face from Total Recall under atmospheric pressure. •Edit. Rheanyra continues birthing. Baby is delivered and held by Rheanyra. •Edit. Quick Cut. Kuato from Toal Recall. “Open your mind…”
  9. With the budget you’d think they could squeeze one little fart joke in. Just a squeaker. ok I’m done.
  10. I agree. What about the guy who cleans the dragon stalls? What’s his life like?
  11. This episode needed at least one dragon farting. •Scaredy-Fart. When Arrax lays eyes on Vhagar. •Nonchalant-Fart. After Vhagar kills Arrax and flys away. •Silent But Deadly-Fart. Daemon singing to dragon, they each sniff the air and grimace. Both share an accusatory glance. •Fartus-Interruptus. Every time Otto begins to speak on the bridge at Dragonstone Syrax let’s out a different sounding fart. •Weaponized Dragon Farting. Crop-dust your enemies. Non-lethal but highly demoralizing to enemy troops. May cause Dragon Stink-Pink Eye. Not trying to be clever here. I just feel the episode could have strongly benefited from a classic dragon fart joke.
  12. Meh. The brass held no luster. So much hype about episode 10. I was hoping for a bigger reveal. No dramatic monologue or anything emotional. No conflicts nor grand cooperations. Just fell flat. I was hoping for a better falling action from the last episode. All attempts to build suspense or climax was immediately halted. Not even edging. Flaccid ending. Meh. What do I know, I like the foot scene. I wish Aemond said unemotionally and monotone, “ I made a whoopsie.” As he flew away. With the camara on him for a solid minute afterwards. Just starring ahead as he flew home. Would of at least been funny.
  13. I need to upgrade my TV for a sharper image. Plus whenever I pause the screen gets dark. Also I made an appointment for new glasses could be me The silver ring looked like the Blackwood sigil? The dagger looked like a goat head or bat? Alicent’s socks looked like they had a sideways embroidered Hightower? Crabfeeders necklace, A mole crab?looked similar to Larys engraving on his cane. A bee?
  14. Just had a silly thought. What if Aegon was jerking off at the window again and he slipped and fell out? He just disappeared? That’s why he needs to be guarded. He just can’t resist. He’s weirder than his sister. The pervert prince madly masturbating as he falls to his death. “I regret nothing!” Splat,splat. Double splat get it? It’s gross but funny…if your as immature as I am.
  15. I liked that part. Reminds me of my own mom waking me up for high school with threats, anger and general disappointment. I recall her saying your not my son. Reminded me of Tyrion and Tywin. That got me thinking, ” oh maybe Aegon is not supposed to be left alone and unguarded or he’ll run away, disappear.” Or maybe he dropped his mask or revealed apart of him or something. The tea I need to look at. GRRM has fooled me so many times he’s made me question everything. He’s worst is when he confounds me with truth! :Shakes fist at sky: Martin! I curse thy name!
  16. Anyone have screen shots or descriptions for some of the costumes, weapons, jewelry, and accoutrements on the show? •Daemons silver ring and dagger. •Alicents socks and mother dresses. •Crabfeeders hammer, necklace and corpse. •Letters, Books, Notes and writings. •Toys, figurines, and models.
  17. Anyone know what that symbol was on Alicent’s sock? I need to upgrade my TV. Just looks like a blob of a sideways Hightower? Is there a post of screen shots of them and or jewelry and all the little accoutrements?
  18. Hmm. Ok. I’m always suspicious. I just assume there is always more or something other going on. I was thinking of that as an explanation of prostitutes trained in the way of seven sighs. I Didn’t think they named the tea anything or mention it. If I remember correctly. I watch again. Just odd that an assault was never mentioned. Did that episode have a recast of Aegon or was that just a haircut?
  19. I need to watch that again. Everyone keeps talking about that. I thought we were just getting the impression of a sexual assault and something else happened. The tea was seven sigh tea? Wasn’t it? Or sea of sigh tea? I don’t remember them discussing any sexual act. Just Aegon being there and disappearing to scare her. Was the servants fear for what she witnessed or did he violate her in a way?
  20. I can’t believe people didn’t like the footing scene or the checkmate? scene. Everyone has there own tastes. Imagine the complaints if they showed Tyrion’s purple veined manhood. No matter what the audience is shown, on any level, the complaints would be it’s not in the books.
  21. Are there any Leicester illumination reference within the books? Or Vitruvius? Atlantis Dio Dorus? I’m working on a provenance to a library of works and GRRM bushels well.
  22. Bah! My mind is surprised by the fooling of my eyes! Brilliant! Any thoughts on Leicester illumination? Or is there any mention of it within the books? I’m working on the provenance of a library and this would help.
  23. It does feel a bit jumpy at times. Especially when the main characters appear to have gone through a personality change off screen. When you add the change in actors from episode to episode it certainly compounds the jarring. The book being the template from here on out should allow for no more chronological leaps forward. At least for one maybe two seasons. After the upcoming conflict is resolved then we may have to go through another season like this if they continue. But I doubt it as the audience will be up to current events and history. You are not alone in this as many have expressed the very same opinion. Consider this an inoculation for future seasons. The next series could start right with this victors son dying. No need to see the child development.
  24. Small Alice Tall Alice White knight talking backwards Remember What the doorknob said Feed your head with no spoiled food Why would you eat that?
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