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  1. The Wall: 1) Chaos and mistrust at the Castle Black. 2) Bran continues his training beyond The Wall. 3) Eddison Tollett tells a joke and everybody suddenly reconciles. 4) Bran escapes from the cave as the Wights attacks with Meera, Jojen and Summer. Hodor while protecting Bran is going to die (hold the door). Coldhands will show up and help travel back to the Wall. Bran by that time will know Coldhands is actually Benjen Stark. By the end of the travel he dies during a duel with the Other in a snowstorm. 5) Denys Mallister is chosen to be 999 Lord Commander. 6) The Others are gathering near The Wall and the wight from the cell comes alive. 7) Melisandre sacrifices Shireen to deal with upcoming danger. 8) Azor Ahai - Jon Snow is reborn. 9) Bran reaches to The Wall, reunites with Jon Snow and tells him what he has learned about the upcoming danger. 10) The Others destroys the gate of the Castle Black while using mammoths and giants. 11) Melisandre helps with her powers to slow down the Others and dies, while... 12) Jon Snow takes the Wight from the cell and with Bran, the Wildlings and others is escaping south to the Winterfell to warn everybody.
  2. ... Lysa is looking at him while he has kissed Sansa? At first, sorry for my English if something will be incomprehensible. I mean, he is a mastermind with a couple steps ahead of everyone. He has planned marrying Lysa long before everything started (he knows her love for him, he is completely sure that would be part of his interest at some point). So I'm wondering how could that be possible that sweet Petyr, who shows us propably the best adjusting to the environment in various situations could expose himself to Lysa's anger on purpose because of irrational kiss of Sansa? He must have known she was looking to find a way to get rid of her as soon as they got married! I'm reading a lot of comments like "creepy Littlefinger kissing Sansa, gross!". That was his plan all the time, not being Pedofinger. Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game. 1. The gate to the room is closed, so nobody can step inside, especially guards. 2. There is a person to frame with high influence to Lysa. 3. There is a motive for framing Marillion. 4. There are no witnesses 5. The goal is achieved. The only one thing Petyr cannot control was what Lysa has said in anger (about Jon Arryn, the letter, etc.). It's exactly the same situation when Ser Dontos said the name of Kettlebeck on boat after Purple Wedding, and Oswell answered back: No names. And I come to the conclusion that if Littlefinger has to die, it would be because of such LITTLE DETAIL like above.
  3. Why so inteligent and cunning character like Petyr Baelish has loved so dumb and irrational person like Catelyn Tully even after he has grown up? Is that make any sense or it is another lie or Littlefinger's game?
  4. I know for sure it's Tyrion, but how do you think who could possibly be in the TOP 5? My guess: 2. Daenerys 3. Littlefinger 4. Jon/Varys 5. Sam
  5. You'll be all surprised who Littlefinger turns out to be at the end, because everyone wants him to be dead and readers are almost certain it will happen soon. Well, George also know about that, especially after the show reactions, so he will do opposite thing. You're welcome!
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