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  1. The Wall: 1) Chaos and mistrust at the Castle Black. 2) Bran continues his training beyond The Wall. 3) Eddison Tollett tells a joke and everybody suddenly reconciles. 4) Bran escapes from the cave as the Wights attacks with Meera, Jojen and Summer. Hodor while protecting Bran is going to die (hold the door). Coldhands will show up and help travel back to the Wall. Bran by that time will know Coldhands is actually Benjen Stark. By the end of the travel he dies during a duel with the Other in a snowstorm. 5) Denys Mallister is chosen to be 999 Lord Commander. 6) The Others are gathering near The Wall and the wight from the cell comes alive. 7) Melisandre sacrifices Shireen to deal with upcoming danger. 8) Azor Ahai - Jon Snow is reborn. 9) Bran reaches to The Wall, reunites with Jon Snow and tells him what he has learned about the upcoming danger. 10) The Others destroys the gate of the Castle Black while using mammoths and giants. 11) Melisandre helps with her powers to slow down the Others and dies, while... 12) Jon Snow takes the Wight from the cell and with Bran, the Wildlings and others is escaping south to the Winterfell to warn everybody.
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