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  1. I think in the end, there will be no more Iron Throne. They'll try to rule in a more 'democratic' way. Nice thread btw!
  2. Hello heretics! Long time lurker but I tought I give my 2 cents concerning Benjen. I've always found his attitude toward Jon weird. At the feast for Robert at Winterfell, he first seem friendly, asking questions about Ghost, telling Jon the Watch could use men like him... And out of nowhere, Benjen tells him to come back when he will fathered a few bastards (with Jon's reaction we know). I don't know about you guys, but as a teen, forbid/tell me not to do something, and I ended up doing it! And later, we learn that Benjen talked with Luwin about Jon joining the Watch. So it's possible that Benjen influenced Jon to go to the Wall and beyond. When Jon arrives, Benjen is seldom present and finally is going missing. He seems up to something.
  3. In Sam's sentence, the use of 'but' annoys me : it means something's amiss even if it looks right to the reader. At first, I thought the number of LC was too big, given it's the oldest list (it implies Sam found other more recent lists or that it was dated and he compared) and the number was just too huge to fit the history. But then I thought about the warning that it was written by septons thousands years later. So everything's possible, it could have been adapted to stick to the current beliefs. I also think the timelines are far too stretched and that it was more recent than that. I mean 8000 years? I know it's fiction but GRRM makes most of the things so real... So nice point @LynnS for the 'each new fort has its LC'! It answers a lot of holes. Sometimes, I wonder if the characters could be well aware of things and histories that are so common they don't even need to talk about it. So thanks the unreliable POV What is sure, is that we have to be very cautious with the timelines. And we have to wonder what it implies to the bigger picture, what are the consequences of a shorter period of time.
  4. - The one Melisandre refers to as the great Other whose name may not be spoken - the Others - the ghost of Winterfell - the guy who cut Varys - and Victarion's salt wife (don't remember if we know her name) - the old gods are called the nameless gods several times And all that made me think about Theon who always points the importance of the names, and knowing them.
  5. The horses, I've forgotten about that! Yes, it seems like the Others wanted to let someone escape so he can spread the word. Pity we don't know what Gared said to Ned Stark.
  6. Yes that make sense. So, the Others are potentially working with the CoTF? What are those sneaky CoTF up to?
  7. I'm totally for the Black Gate! I think Gared and the direwolf are closely connected. Then it raises the question of who helped him? Sure, CH seems the obvious choice. But, if we goes back in time a little, I find it strange that the Others let him go unharmed. Why? Are the two events linked?
  8. He could also have used the black gate under the Nightfort. I think it's suspicious that the Starks found the direwolves right after the beheading. So, like the OP said, the two are probably linked. The wolves were meant to be found. So, did Gared came with mama direwolf? (Afaik, there's no direwolves at that time south of the wall). In that case, the Nightfort is probably the easiest way in terms of difficulties and time. And also, who helped him? Do you think it's possible the WW let him go unharmed? For the warging, I really don't know! @Nadden I hope you'll share your theory
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