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  1. koftroy

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    What a MESS of my boy. Wow, like they hadn't messed with Jon enough, his death was even lame, D&D have no understanding of Jon. Did the Wildlings go on vacation? Olly were his last words? Traitor on a post? Are you kidding me? At least the shining light proved that he was not "dead". I was more scared at Hardhome than here; even if that would've gone wayyy off book, that would have been a better way to kill him. Unbelievable. Mel, RAN??? Where the hell did she go when she arrived at Castle Black? She just walked in? They turned her into a coward?! Theon and Sansa did not have the 30 ft. snow beneath them?! I am fine w/Brienne getting her revenge. Arya was awesome---it was good to see that brutality we see in her in the books, on screen, Cersei also was excellent Maisie Williams and Lena Headey brought it Stephen Dillane brought it; Stannis realizing what he had done, and as much as I hate what he did, he did not die a coward.
  2. I also remember Stannis saying something in the books along the lines of having a dream that he killed his brother; but he wasn't actually there, or it was hazy, or something to that effect. I know that he was devastated by that and I also wondered how he never connected it to Mel. But I really love how they portray him on the show, and he is one of my favorite made-for-series POV's so to speak.
  3. You're right, it's time to accept it; but it is disappointing not to see the Jon, my fave character, and Jaime, a close second, not portrayed how they are in the books.
  4. I'm not sure if the episode bothered me because I have to accept it is another show, or I really didn't think it was good episode.I see some of the threads from the books streamlined and coming together, but to have Ser Barristan go out that way? I was yelling at the screen when the fight broke out, as I thought the Unsullied were unstoppable? I thought we were going to see some serious badass moves;even if Ser Barristan old. Disappointed about what's happening in Dorne, and I'm okay with he Faith Militant because it will bite Cersei in the ass. I did not like the Jaime/Bronn stuff on the beach, and I loved Stannis! but i do need a rematch
  5. my least favorite epi; I hate the way Cersei is played, she always seems whitewashed. She's a crazy, aggressive, manipulative you know what, I love to hate in the books, she is so boring here. Occasionally, when she's drunk, the real one shows up. I am just happy Jon has Ghost back; hopefully they will actually be together; like Summer is with Bran. oh well, I'll do another watch....but hey, not all 10 can be great, right? What about the Vale? I need to reread some chapters, I don't remember that letter and Jon A, all being done by Peter. And Oberyn? that was the way they decided to show that he is a poet as well?
  6. koftroy

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I did not remember the quote about the Others from CofK....it is so hard to remember everything. I will always Asha Greyjoy, Asha...it was stupid to change her name. Plus she had thick dark hair she wore in a long braid down her back. So she became one of my fave characters...but on the show? She had better be more badass. I liked the friendship between Arya and Gendry. In the book I felt he had a little crush on her..but isn't she like 10 in the book and Gendry like 14 or something? Here, I think she is almost 12....but I love Arya.
  7. koftroy

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I will write more later....but there were a few changes I did not like I still have a problem with Jon being portrayed as belligerent and following Craster? WHERE IS GHOST? I know we saw him once, but Ghost being by Jon's side is a key element of his character . He should have been sitting next to Jon when Sam came over. Also Jon is not disobedient at this point, he is doing his thing....here they show him as easily aggravated, but he does act like Ned, in giving Craster the evil eye, judging! The thing Jaime Lannister hated sbouy Ned....he was all judgey. He also really needs to find out what is going on with the boys. Maybe it is part of the hurt he still feels as being a Bastard they did that? I saw the need to introduce an Other at this point, as we always knew C is a dirtbag. I know they only have 10 episodes. But they could have just doubled that scene in the book when Jon goes into the woods to look for Ghost and finds Dragonglass next to the body of the dead Ranger. Stannis & Melissandre? We all knew that was going on. But when I re-read the books, I felt Stannis was not so much under her spell, but was using it to differentiate himself. Davos was great and they really aged his son up! Cersei is finally acting like Cersei! They waste screen time with all that Brothel crap....that could have been using to see more NW. Also Arya was awesome, and Jaqen Hagar...I know I can't spell it. He was kind of sexy actually. Arya telling Gendry who she really is? I am not sure about that and she has gotten so much taller. That is it for now... Raakharo dying? He is there throughout all the books, like her Silver. Jorah's love for Dany is creepy in the book. Here it looks kind of hot
  8. I will write more in my blog, but I felt like they already cut out 1/2 the book, which bugged me a bit. Especially with Dragonstone, and the NW with Crastor. I always thought his place was this huge gross hall and looked Crastor looked more like Balon Greyjoy that we see in the previews. He is described as so disgusting...and he looked too clean cut. Direwolf, perfect, but where the hell is Ghost! Jon is always has him by his side. Robb forgot to ask for ICE! More cool stuff: Robb has grown up a lot and even looks old, when talking to his mother....nice touch. Still do not like LH as Cersei....would she EVER take that crap from Joffrey, never...it was always clear who was boss. The Peter Baelish thing...weird. I got the bit where they went and killed as many bastards as possible. We knew it happened in the book, but a good segway to Arya. Tyrion, great as always. Melisandre is very disappointing she should have had her arms in the air all crazed with the comet as she was in the book. I do not know why she isn't glowing in red...disappointing. I am on a low with Dany since ADWD, so no comment there. I am glad they are showing the wolf dreams, and I loved how when Bran looked at his reflection, it looked like Arya's face. But the next 2 books are all Jon, Cersei, Tyrion, Arya, as they were the main POV's. But I understand why they made changes so the non-readers got what was going on, and it was a good overview for them. I hope they tell more of Davos' story....that is all for now.