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    So when we win for once, we can't brag? I need the boost, as I'm a Harlequins Rugby Union fan :( But thanks, I'll stay shtum on the Ashes front.
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    Hey, I'm Jac. I'm British and a Med-student, and came here because I've gotten dangerously involved in Martin's series, love to spout my opnion and discuss anything and this seemed like the place. I was at Wotmania for a bit, but it's shutting now, and aSoIaF is better than WoT overall anyway, for me, now. Except Rand. Don't mess with Rand.
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    This verb and its connotations of strength are where the late latin valor come from.
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    Has anyone commented on this yet? ACOK Spoiler: SPOILER: ACOK SpoilerI noticed a LOT of similarities between Renly/Loras and Achilles/Patroclus. Both are a pair of lovers, a "knight" and his squire, driven to grief, rage and vengeance by the death of one of the pair. Because of this, I think Loras will survive to eventually kill either Stannis or Melissandre later in the story. Also, in each case, it was Renly/Patroclus' death that lead to Loras and his Tyrells/Achilles and his Myrmiddons to set aside differences with the royal family to defeat a common foe