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  1. The farther we get into this season, the more I think both the Red and Purple weddings are going to happen this year.
  2. Carter209

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Ser Grandfather leading the charge against the slavers is going to be fucking awesome to read in its entirety. The height of his badassness just keeps getting higher, what with his reputation in Westeros, then staring down Drogon in the arena pits, and followed by his coup against Hizdahr. Now this? For an old man, he can sure kick ass and take names. I also find it interesting that the possible members of Dany's future Queensguard, meaning the knights that are in Meereen(Selmy, Mormont, the two Dornishmen, and Barristan's 3 newly made knights) will all end up battle tested due to the Battle of Fire. Considering she wants to be Queen, having a Queensguard that is battle-trained and tested will come in handy, if they all make it out alive. I can't way to see Victarion destroying shit with his new arm, and yet, I feel bad for Barristan considering his battle plan is all for naught as soon as the Dragonhorn is blown. I hope none of the POV's end up dead, because the conversations that will come about if they all live is going to make for some good entertainment and popcorn eating reading. Tyrion's miserable? Well of course he is, he gets overshadowed once again by someone taking all the glory, first Tywin, and now Victarion. I still think there's two more chapters about the battle, a Victarion and then a Tyrion one to follow the order someone suggested earlier of a Barristan-Victarion-Tyrion-Barristan sequence. We'll get Victarion storming the beaches, and then Tyrion helping to secure the release of the hostages during the melee. Also, Viserion and Rhaegal are more than likely going to show up and destroy some stuff, and we'll need to see that.
  3. Carter209

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Jaime and Brienne will end up in the Vale to fight Ser Robert Strong along with the Hound. Jaime and Sandor die, leaving Brienne to be the protector of the Stark girls(once Arya makes her way back across the sea, that is.)
  4. Carter209

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    When the Hound came back from the battle, all I wanted was a "F*ck the King" line, but damn he did better than I expected. The Hound may yet be seen properly in the show. For book readers: Anyone else think Martin's dropping hints for future books? I thought the Cersei-Sansa exchange where Cersei was talking about Sansa being a "younger, beautiful" queen(that's what I took it as anyway), seemed like a hint on that prophecys front? Not to mention the fact that SanSan was pretty well shot down here, at least in a romantic way. Other than that, 12/10. The wildfyre alone got a 10/10.
  5. How badly were the Manderly's bled during the war? I know one of the sons was killed, but how many of their soldiers were killed? I have a hard time seeing them make a play for anything if they lost over 50% of their men.