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  1. I'll give this an 8. In general, very good. I have no problem with glossing over the Green Fork (although having Tyrion knocked out by his own troops seemed a little trite). The whole point of the battle is a demonstration that Robb knows what he's doing, and that's effectively explained by Tywin's comments after the battle. I wouldn't have had a problem with them not showing scenes from Whispering Wood, it's just that they didn't provide any exposition either. If you hadn't read the book you'd barely have any idea what that fight was about, or that it was anything more than a skirmish. Even if they'd just done Catelyn's POV from the book, that would have been enough; the tension prior to the battle and (particularly) Theon's after the battle excitement and Catelyn's response would have very effectively demonstrated the importance of the battle and the unfinished nature of the war). On the other hand; Jon and Aemon scene was great. As was Ned & Varys, and Ned's execution. Also thought they did they did the Dany/Drogo stuff as well as possible, given it's a pretty complex piece of the book and they only had limited time on screen. ...not entirely sure about this Shae...
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. Really been enjoying the level of discussion on the board. Name was actually a phrase used in some of White Wolf's vampire related roleplaying books. Since taken a life of its own, as it's my business name at www.fogofeternity.com, Twitter tag, and username on pretty much every internet service or messageboard I use. :)
  3. Hi all. I'm Robin. 33 years old Brit living (most of the time) in Southeast Texas. I'm a freelance web designer. Discovered ASOIAF when I was at university (hell...13 years for this series already!). I'm also a big fan of SM Stirling's Emberverse series (recently discovered it). David Weber's Honorverse is my guilty pleasure (perhaps because I also love the old style 19th century Napoleonic naval novels like Hornblower, Richard Bolitho, etc). I think WoT is one of the most overrated fantasy series around. Oh, I also pretend to be a vampire in The Camarilla's LARP chronicle. :)
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