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    Well, I suppose it would depend on how much your kid reads and how much he or she likes fantasy. I got into ASOIAF from seeing Jordan's blurb on the cover, and I got into Wheel of Time from Tolkien, so I had a fair amount of fantasy background. The mature subject matter shouldn't be a problem (going by my experience at least), but it'll depend on how much he or she likes looonng books, because I know some people I've introduced to the series have problems staying focused through all those pages.
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    Oh I do swimming, it's just not as fun as water polo. Having 2 a days over Winter break with around 10000 yards a practice tends to dull my enthusiasm somewhat.
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    Hey guys, I'm Jake from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm 18 and about to finish my senior year in high school. Been reading ASOIAF since 7th grade. I love books, especially sci fi and fantasy. I also like water polo (hence the nickname), math, and to a lesser extent, swimming.