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  1. Thank you for linking ))) I am much favoured with this ))

  2. I suppose it is because he played a similar character on a series produced by the same network that is well-liked by fans of ASOIAF (including GRRM himself). The fact that both projects have the same casting director gives more hope to Stevenson fans.
  3. Great! Hopeful your email can turn up something more than just hints and clues about who the DP might be. ;)
  4. Ran, I saw that post of yours but as far as I could tell the article didn't mention anything about Bokelberg working on Thrones. Just mentioned that he had lensed McCarthy's previous two directorial projects. Would love it if it was true though. Maybe David & Dan could confirm. And I'm guessing the Hound as well. Do we think it will be a known or unknown actor? EDIT: Or maybe the Baja Men are doing the soundtrack????
  5. Ah yes. I was just reminded of that over at my blog as well. Rodrik seems like a good possibility then. Or maybe Jorah (is he still a knight?)
  6. Did he kill them with his ravens? For some reason I assumed he did it with his blade first and let the ravens pick at the remains. Or maybe he used the ravens to aid in the attack in some way, but it wasn't just the ravens that did in the deserters as a few were missing their heads. Now I'm wondering why only some had their heads chopped off though? At first I thought maybe he wanted to cut off their heads in an attempt to keep them from coming back as wights. (Have we seen a headless wight yet?) We know he wasn't going to burn the bodies since he obviously can't come in close contact with fire. Or maybe it was a symbolic thing, cutting off the heads of Night's Watch deserters. Shades of Ned beheading Gared. This may lend more credence to the Benjen=Coldhands theory. What does everyone else think?
  7. I expect she wouldn't demand too much money seeing as how a) Lyanna is a cameo role and b) she's married to the guy running the show.
  8. Ran, Thanks for setting up this subforum! This should help those of us actively working on the wiki. Ser Greguh, I started a topic where we can discuss these things in depth. Check it out!
  9. Ran, I like the idea of a subforum dedicated to the wiki. Any chance you could make that happen? Not only will it give everyone working on the project a place to exchange ideas about content, formatting, etc. but it can also raise awareness of the project. I mean, look at the renewed interest from this thread alone. It also would be a good place for those who aren't proficient at wiki editing to get their questions answered or to make requests if they are unable to make the edits themselves. Since one's forum login is already tied into the wiki, it seems like adding a wiki subforum would be another facet of that synergy. What do you think?
  10. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion? With the pun, possibly, intended.
  11. [quote name='GoGoHBOSeries' post='1608446' date='Dec 3 2008, 20.00']2.) Mr. Benioff has a kind of medieval look to him (In a suave way of course), might we see him taking up a role as Knight #3, or Bronn perhaps?[/b][/quote] I was more wondering if his lovely wife would be in it. :)
  12. David & Dan, Thanks so much for answering my questions. You guys seriously are awesome for interacting with the fans in this way. Great to know the opening and closing scenes for the pilot! I guess the only question left is, for casting purposes of course, is Dany going to be in the pilot? Thanks again for the info, and check out [url="http://winter-is-coming.blogspot.com/"]my blog[/url] when you get a chance!
  13. A little late to the party, but I also wanted to extend congratulations on the pilot order and on your willingness to connect with the fans. Both of you guys are excellent writers and I have faith you will do a great job with this adaptation. I also had a few questions I am hoping you may have time to answer. 1) Any tentative shooting dates scheduled? 2) Any more info on the specific shooting location? And lastly, is there anything we as fans can do to show HBO our interest in this project? I'm sure there are enough fans of Martin's that if we joined together to make our voices heard we might help sway HBO to ordering a full series. Thanks in advance for any info you may be willing to give us!
  14. [quote name='King Nobody' post='1597018' date='Nov 21 2008, 16.15']If Sansa's flowering is cut out then she will need to marry Joffrey sooner as it was the only thing that was keeping her from marrying him in the first place.[/quote] As was already mentioned, the writers could easily devise another reason as to why Joff and Sansa do not get married immediately. This would be a small change and I think only the most hardcore of fans would have a problem with it. The general TV watching public would be none the wiser.
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