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  1. I struggled but finally gave it an eight. Was leaning towards seven strictly on the horrible, terrible, awful rape scene. Honestly, that really soured the whole episode for me. Otherwise I thought it was good to great.
  2. Not the absolute best-adapted hour of the series so far, but still well done and the original content is so strong I can't help but give it a 10/10 (my only perfect rating of the season). I think pointing to D&D saying this is the moment they hoped to reach and then nitpicking the hell out of it (my opinion) is pretty silly. As if we should consider it a failure because they were as blown away by the scene as we were. But, to each their own.
  3. Gave it a solid 8. I would put it roughly on par with S3E1 and a bit better than S3E2. After the run of great episodes (3-5) we've just had it naturally feels like a letdown. Really enjoyed the interaction with Mel and the BwB. Looking forward to seeing Gendry at Dragonstone. Loved Oleanna and Tywin of course, although I was a little confused by the quill snapping but it makes sense to me now after reading some of the previous comments. I am one of the few genuinely sorry to see Ros go (did not care for her in S1 but liked her in S2 just fine) and the way she went was brutal and shocking and totally unexpected. The scene with Sansa at the end was one of the first times I've felt empathy for her this season. Oh and Jaime&Brienne&Bolton continue to be masterful in their scenes. Wall climb was good, not great, to me. A little too Michael Bay over-the-top Hollywood in execution and the ending seemed weirdly out of place. Not bad... just not quite what I hoped for. Can't agree at all with those that said it looks bad or cheap though, it looked spectacular. The Riverrun stuff was fine, but I think it's suffering a bit from trying to recover to a position that will end where it does in the books. The way they got here didn't work for me as well as the book. That said I think from this point on it's going to proceed pretty similarly and I am really on pins and needles thinking about that. I agree with those who have commented that the Blackfish is being written to be too boorish. It reminds me a lot of Quorin, in fact. They really failed to translate Quorin very well and I see echos of that here, although they are doing a bit of a better job with the Blackfish than they did with Quorin. I think overall this episode is showing some of the stretch marks of some of the threads being extended, notably Kings Landing and the Bran storyline. I can't say I mind that too much as I feel the alternative (compressing other storylines to move more briskly through the material) would have been far worse. But, it still shows.
  4. 9. As usual by the time I've gotten to the end of the thread I'm so discouraged I don't want to even bother posting my likes/dislikes, so I will leave it at that.
  5. Gave it a 9. (That's 7.5/7 8.5/8 9/9 and 9/9 so far from me). Although, I've only seen it once and it was in a sadly talkative environment. So this could end up becoming a 10 once I have a chance to re-watch it... Dracarys is right up there with Baelor as one of the best scenes in the show. Just brilliant.
  6. Speaking of things that seemed strange in the episode; Burn Gorman as random Night's Watchman? I would have expected a bigger role for him. Even with the expectation that he plays a role in the upcoming demise of the Lord Commander, it still seems like a pretty bit part. So... that leads me to my latest show spitball: I think Burn Gorman is going to become a main antagonist in the Night's Watch to Jon, probably taking the place of either Janos Slynt and/or Aliser Thorne. I've really been hoping that both of those actors come back for S4 and it's still possible. However, if they can't get one or both back, they're going to need to have someone more obviously antagonistic to Jon than anyone else we've seen yet, so it would make sense to introduce someone at some point this season to take that role. Or, maybe he dies next episode, and I can forget about my thought :).
  7. I had some vague ideas long these lines, but you have very cogently summarized them, much clearer than I was thinking. Well done! This makes perfect sense. And agreed, well done show.
  8. I gave it a very solid "9". I wouldn't say there was anything in particular I disliked just a few minor notes here and there that felt just a little bit off. (For reference, I rated Ep1 an 8.5 (8) and Ep2 a 7.5 (7)). LOVED the ending and the end credit music. Although I can definitely understand this is something that is going to be love or hate with really no middle ground to speak of. I have some further thoughts on that but I will probably save it for the review thread.
  9. I gave it a 12 but because of the horrible end credit music I had to subtract negative two and ended up at a 14.
  10. In the book, while Jaime does tire, it's a long fight and much more competitive. In the show he tires very quickly and she beats him down really easily, and derisively. The objection that I was replying to was the show doesn't leave one with a sense that Jaime is one of the best fighters in Westeros, because Brienne beats him so easily. I agree that Jaime comes across as less of a badass in the show version, but I've concluded that it is more realistic that way given the conditions of his long imprisonment. Hope that helps clarify my thinking.
  11. After watching the show's version of the Jaime/Brienne fight and thinking it over some more, I've come to the conclusion that the book version was pretty unrealistic. No way Jaime can fight effectively while his hands are manacled together and he's been literally chained up for months. I don't care if you are the best swordsman of Westeros, if you've been chained up for that long you're going to be in horrible shape and have no stamina at all.
  12. I don't think she'd run away with Gendry and Hot Pie still captured... just my two cents.
  13. I gave S3Ep1 an 8.5/10 (voted 8/10), this one a 7.5/10 (voted 7). Rounded down because I tend to be a little over-positive. I thought the episode was very solid, but only occasionally spectacular. I can't believe I am saying it but I think the lack of Dany in this episode is the biggest single reason for my rating difference. It seems strange to say that after almost a full season of not caring (positively or negatively) for Dany's storyline at all. In any case: + Unlike most weighing in here I really liked the Shae/Tyrion scene. I thought it very effectively captured an awakening awkwardness and rift between them. Shae was genuinely surprised and a little bit angry that Tyrion admitted finding Sansa attractive; Tyrion was defensive but not really apologetic. + I loved the QoT. Thought she was perfect. I've been very on the fence with Mance (and continue to be so) but am delighted with Rigg so far. + I loved Thoros, aside from the bizarre choice of having him sing the Rains of Castamere. WTF? + I liked Orell's introduction. + I liked the Brienne/Jaime fight well enough. It suffered a bit from being condensed from the book but in the end I thought they captured the important bits. Looking forward to seeing more of Locke. + I "liked" the Theon bits... they weren't over the top (yet) which is good because they will need to build up to that. o I am neutral on the Robb stuff. I do think they are doing a good job of developing Karstark and Bolton. - Although I was prepared for it, the Catelyn scene seemed really weird. Everything about it was really well executed but it was like Bizarro Catelyn... think http://upload.wikime...ssicBizarro.PNG... and just ... well, bizarre :). I should note that everyone else I was watching it with (mostly show-only viewers, a casual book-reader, and a spoiled viewer) all thought the scene was great. - The Beyond the Wall stuff (all of it) underwhelmed, other than Orell. At least the scenery is spectacular. Will need a re-watch to really dig in.
  14. Ridiculous. 30 seconds of screen time is the difference between getting to see important characters and not? Please.
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