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  1. You guys discussing a lot about Ned having a choice over Sansa...... IT WAS THE F**** KING!!!!!!! LOOOOL Good luck saying no to the king! Yes, they could. But Cat pressed Ned for many reasons but maybe also because Cat was the more dinastic and more used to court intrigue compared to Ned. Cat had an understanding that it was dangerous but it would be even more dangerous to not do it. If the Lannisters were getting ready to start killing great houses, someone needed to get close to the king and try to start undermining them. The way to get close to Robert was not to say NO to his son. Besides....Joffrey was still seen as legitimate and Sansa had a proposal to be THE QUEEN!!!! Come on....what parents would not enjoy that? See if Olenna was not ready to try it also. Being THE QUEEN is the one top thing that any girl could achieve in the known world. How could a father possibly say no to that??? And how could a mother not want that??? And how could a young noble girl not be absolutely amazed by the prospect of becoming THE QUEEN??? Watch what Maergery was willing to do in order to get there and you get a very good and plausible exemple. Most of those girls would KILL to get there. Even that the Starks are already lords of Winterfell.....there is a BIG DIFFERENCE from that to the whole 7 Kingdoms. And who is to say they will be unable to reason with Joffrey? They still do not know the extent of Joffrey´s character. They also do not expect Joffrey to be king in the next couple years, so there is time to educate him. They absolutely did not plan for Sansa to be left alone in KL. Yes, they did lots of mistakes and wrong judgements. But supporting Sansa for Queen was something that made perfect sense for all of them. One can always ask why did Cat take Tyrion and if she did not think about her daughters. But remember Cat did not expect them to kill Robert so fast. We did see Roberts reaction to Cat´s actions and he did not cal for Cat to be put in jail. Therefore Cat was perfectly safe to do as she did if Robert did not die. And in the end, their greatest mistake was not understanding how far and how fast Cersei was ready to go. Ned should have been able to get some allies between Renly and LF. We now know how everything went wrong but it was not a sure thing. Ned came in perfect range of securing power and getting things under his control. It was possible. The Lannisters did not have everyone ready to blindly follow them.
  2. RSasoiaf

    So what happened to the Reeds?

    I can follow what you say. To me, I would still have no issues believing the Reeds would remain loyal to the Starks. Even if for a lack of better options. Because, lets face it, they would not take the Bolton´s side. And after Jon and Sansa reinstate the Starks, there is really none else the Reed´s could follow. So...like it or not, they strike me as the kind of people who would take their duties seriously. And unless another house would replace the Starks, they would support the North and the Starks as ordered and within their possibilities. I think its well set up in the show that Jojen had some idea he was going to give his life for Bran. Even Meera was very much ready to do the same if it came to that. They were not 21st century kids. They knew very well they could sacrífice their lives in the war to come. Meera being trained as a warrior and Jojen being a seer, they both were well aware how dark things could get. Now, the show did not introduce the relation between Howlland and Lyanna Stark. But if we are to believe they still had the same connection as in the books, Howlland should be very loyal to Jon / Aegon. If no other reason, just him being Lyanna´s child would be very big for Howlland Reed.
  3. RSasoiaf

    So what happened to the Reeds?

    :D I know lol From the start I stated my opinion that they should have been there for the battle of Winterfell. But if the producers had cost constraints or any issues with the actress…..my proposal at least would give her a reason for staying away. As for explanation...well, you could go with being loyal. This is the reason why I had the care to include "you will do your duties". I was working under a reasonable expectation that she would feel compelled to obey Bran. And if Bran, who is a God now, ordered her to go do something practical elsewhere, one could at least take it that she would follow. Besides, someone would need to reorganize the North. I know they are getting ready for the End of the World. But they are also getting ready to avoid it and hope to do so at Winterfell. So, no doubt someone should start rebuilding the North. Also, considering the amount of people they have at Winterfell, even if they expect great losses, they will need supplies and someone needs to go get that. Meera is a plausible option. Heir to a Northern house, she would be respected if she showed up under orders from Bran Stark.
  4. RSasoiaf

    So what happened to the Reeds?

    Possible! They could still write a more establishing farewell: M: What should I do now? What was this all for? B: You will go home, you are the heir of your house. You will work to help reorganize the North. There will be a need for supplies and reinforcements. M: And that´s it? B: Yes, that´s it. There is nothing left for you to do here. Just go and do your duties as you have done with me. M: Bran…... B: I am not Bran anymore. We have nothing else to discuss. See….they would accomplish the same target but give a resolution and mission for Meera. Also an explanation why she would not show up anymore.
  5. RSasoiaf

    So what happened to the Reeds?

    Yes, some more resolution….. I have to say I would have killed her before they reached back to the wall. But given that the producers decided to keep her alive, she should be around for the Battle of Winterfell. Or they could have someone asking where was she and some excuse being given. Its like she vanished and that´s it. There would be no reason for her not to be loyal to House Stark anymore. She should be loyal to either Jon or Sansa. And given she was at Winterfell, she should fight. I also think its pretty obvious they forgot to discuss her ending with Martin And they also had no idea and did not care what to do with her. So they ditched her at the first possible chance (cost savings?). Another better way of doing it would have been her going away to get reinforcements. And then someone just saying that they were not going to arrive in time. It would at least explain she was still loyal to house Stark. They could likely also say, before sending Jon with the army to KL, that the Meera would arrive soon and be a garrison for Winterfell. In this way they could tie her loose end without having to pay the actress anymore (which seems to have been among their practical concerns).
  6. RSasoiaf

    So what happened to the Reeds?

    I would not think the idea of Howland as a figure that has too much knowledge to show up is so far away from the concept of Bombadil being someone with too much power to have a role in the events. This is where and why I draw similarities I understand its yet to be seen in the books if Howland will show up. But I kind of get the feeling he may well be Martin´s Bombadil. Like….he could solve a lot of problems and questions if he would show up and speak, therefore he will never do it. But I will grant you that this status can well change in the remaining books. Lets not get further into this because its really a book topic. And even one which is not yet fully resolved. Reason why I used "may well be" instead of "sure is". I was kind of being playful about it.
  7. RSasoiaf

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    There is a very big issue with the system that the show came up with. In theory it looks very nice to have Bran as an independent power and everyone will vote for the next one. But this is theory. What will actually happen after Bran? Well….Bran will have no direct heir and due to the voting system he will not be able to appoint someone who he thinks will be the best option. So the kingdoms will have to vote. But will they do it peacefully??? Hell, its even very debatable why they did it peacefully in the show. One can certainly make the point that everyone was tired of wars at that point and they were ok with voting. But imagine once they are less tired of wars…. Everyone and their dogs will be all out to try and influence votes! Hell...you have a literal mercenary leading one of the strongest kingdoms. Do you think the mercenary will be happy and just stop there? Then you have one kingdom who declared independence but somehow still had the most influence in the voting process. There is absolutely no way the other kingdoms are going to be happy with this long term. Its a true SHITSTORM waiting to blow. And then there are a couple deeper questions that everyone should be asking themselves. Question 1: If they realize how much of a God Bran now is, how do they know its intentions? From what everyone can see Bran did nothing to solve any conflicts in a more peaceful way. So why the hell do they think Bran will care to give everyone a good life? He absolutely did not care at all as far as they could see. If that was Bran´s purpose he could have told Arya to kill the NK, then Cersei, then Danny, and be done with it! Bran´s purpose is FAR FROM CLEAR to anyone! So WHY TRUST HIM? What has he really done so far to earn anyone´s trust? Question 2: Why is the North having so much power? Like….more then half the people in the voting council are either from the North or in the North´s sphere of influence. How could this be accepted or tolerated? Is it because they control the most armies? Is that even true? Is it because they faced the NK? Does that even matter for the present and future? Its 7 kingdoms…..more then half of the 7 kingdoms have nothing to feel close to the North. Both cultural and social wise the North is further away from most of the 7 kingdoms. They should be the 1 single kingdom that everyone else would have more trouble following. But somehow everyone is going to be ok with a King which is both a Stark, very closely linked with the Old Gods, a follower of northern traditions, the brother of the independent Queen in the North. Sure Dorne, the Iron Islands, Highgarden, the Crownlands, are all be very happy to follow this guy. No doubt!!!!!
  8. RSasoiaf

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    The 2 huge elephants in the room are: a) Like someone just before said, Arya came to the conclusion she is Arya Stark. She did that in the show and her show one decided to take upon her to revenge the Starks and all that. SHE IS A STARK. So….that seems to be what she cares for and what she wants. Which makes it quite strange that she just goes away once all that is achieved and secured. b) With Bran there, she can just ask Bran what is there on the West side of Westeros. I guess Bran should have an idea. If he does not, he can just warg some animals and find out. No need to risk Arya. Which brings the question: why the hell do they allow and even finance her idea? Either Bran knows what´s there and its all good, so its not a big adventure. Or its a very dangerous adventure and one from which she may never return. Why would her siblings finance that?
  9. Back on topic, Independence for the North could make sense if they did not place Bran as King of the whole kingdoms. Both things seem very unlikely to happen at the same time. As stated, the North may have issues with following some foreign kings. They have said so and it´s understandable. But they would not have issues following Ned Stark´s boy. Bran would be the logical heir for the King in the North position. And if Bran now wants to be the king, he would have both the right name and the support from the North. Sansa would be seen as some kind of traitor because she had been married to both Tyrion and Bolton. One was a foreigner, the other the North´s public enemy. Plus, Sansa has been politically very tied with The Vale which does not look like a very independent position. I know she helped restore the North but she did so with a foreign army. She is also much more Tully like. The North would likely enjoy Arya more then Sansa. And they would never favour Sansa over Bran. I believe the show did a "cool and bad ass" thing with either or both Bran and Sansa. I suspect Bran is going to be much more tied to the North. As far as we know he will need to stay and turn into a tree. Maybe at Winterfell but I don´t see it being at Kings Landing. As for Sansa, it makes sense for her to end up with lots of power. But I kind of see her with a very big chance to end up as a Queen regent with Tyrion. They may still be married in the books and their union may be a very welcome one for all other kingdoms. It may be awesome to have Starks and Lannisters at peace and sharing power. I can see all houses willing to support that. If they will have kids or not is something else. But I see them as very possible regents at the end.
  10. This is one of the big plot holes left by the series. Howland Reed is absolutely absent. He almost seems like non existent in the series. Besides the tower of joy he seems to never again show up in the story. I guess he would at least show during the Long Night, if not for the battle of the bastards. Howland should be a very strong Stark loyalist and should at least try something like he did before by sending his kids to support Bran. Which….by the way, what was the deal with Meera just saying bye and going away? Does she not understand what is at stake? She knows about the White Walkers and she knows the importance of the fight. She has experience up north and is an established warrior. Why would she not want to stay and fight? She would at least have a place as good as Lyana Mormont. Meera is also the heir to Howland as far as we know so she should have some place at any northern council. Where are they? I understand Howland may well be Martin´s Tom Bombadil and it may be logical to cut him out from the series but Meera should have some ending. Either dying a sad death against the White Walkers or being there at the end supporting either Bran or Sansa. Why just leave? Unless Bran did tell her his whole plan and she knows that the North will win and Bran will be king. That´s pretty much what could justify her just going home and be done with it. If that was the solution, would have been nice to have some last stand off between her and Bran where they would reveal Bran had told her what was to happen.
  11. I tell you all to go look into episode 2 when Sansa and Dany are talking!!!!!! SANSA IS NOT TALKING LIKE SHE IS DANY´s VASSAL Are we clear about that???? Or do you need to go and watch again???? JON IS STILL INDEPENDENT!!!! Jon did not abdicate to Sansa at any point in time. This is also why Sansa is concerned about what Jon does. If Sansa was the leader of the North, she could care less about who Jon wanted to have sex with Its pretty damn obvious on Sansa´s words. She is saying she is ok with Dany being in the Iron Throne. She can support that. But please recognize the North as a kingdom, which they already claim to be. Yes, its also obvious Dany will not recognize them and there will be war between them. Unless Jon can figure out some way to get everyone happy. But Dany does not talk to Sansa like a ruler at that time. And Dany also does not have any way to enforce her will. Which is made obvious with the whole Jaime Lannister thing. If it was not yet obvious. The North is independent and can have its own choices. Dany is begging them to recognize her as Queen. She is not threatening to barbecue them…..yet. Ohhh, and Dany already recognized Yara as Queen so Dany should be pretty fine with status changes. Even more so if Jon would have been at her side. Would really have been no issue to get the North Kingdom status and have Sansa or Bran be happy there. Which….brings us back to the Gendry thing Ahhhh the same Dany who was so paranoid with Jon being known as a Targ…...is also the same Dany who goes like: Everyone, here is Robert Baratheon son!!!! I will grant that does look like someone completely crazy It does not mater if Gendry would be a blacksmith or a beggar. The moment he was recognized as Robert´s son he would be a potential figurehead. Everyone who could play against Dany using Jon, could also use Gendry. And I honestly do not want to figure out which one of them would have been easier to manipulate. I still think Gendry would have jumped against Dany faster then Jon
  12. The last quote is a very simple quote. It goes over the fact that no one started calling themselves King. Neither Robb or Jon did that. They were called that by their people. Which gets things much more complicated. It means there is a real independence movement behind them. It means that even if they are killed, someone else may take that idea forward. Because the idea is there. Now, granted, they need to be recognized. This much is true. And its also true the Iron Throne never did that. But the North did manage to overthrow the Iron Throne when they kicked the Boltons out. The Boltons were in fact the Iron Throne recognized wardens of the North. So when the North did that, and with active support from the Vale, the North became indeed independent. There was no way the Iron Throne had any power anymore over the North. Neither did Dany, whatever she was at the time. So, when Jon meets Dany the North is in fact independent. You are independent the day that none can force you do anything. And Jon was not forced into anything. Which is much different from is ancestor who was in a position of bend the knee or get barbecued.
  13. So you people are telling me that the Lannisters could have invited Bran over and ask him to stop the war??? Is this really what you people are telling me??? Because its the same situation but just reversed. Robb was declared King in the North and Bran was acting Lord of Winterfell. Do you really think Bran would have the power to do that kind of stuff without Robb? Just to get things clear
  14. By the way, if you wish to see an example on how Dorne did not have the same status, notice their succession laws. In Dorne, women get to be in line at the same level as men. And they keep this law which is not the same as the rest of the 7 kingdoms. This is where you can see the nuances. Dorne is a vassal kingdom and they have their own laws. Sure they will support the Iron Throne in wars if called. But they have their independent law which is dictated by Dorne and Dorne alone.
  15. Then would you care to explain why the Dornish are still princes????? You are confusing conquest with someone independent deciding to be a vassal. There are nuances. I will grant that the show just does not care or knows how to explain these things. But they could and would not be the same. Dorne does not have an equal status to the other 7 kingdoms, therefore, their rulers are still called Princes. As for Jon, he was not at war with Dany and Dany was not yet Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. So their relations would have to be formerly set if she ever got to sit the Iron Throne. But from a medieval perspective, Jon would not be in a position of a defeated kingdom. He would be more like an allied Kingdom. And Dany would likely give him the deserving status. If Dany did not, then the North would not have fun with it and there would have to be another war to settle it.