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  1. On the negative side, One of the murdered characters is precisely Tyrion. The same Tyrion who outsmarted everyone for seasons, now cant have a good idea. All his plans are foolish or just not on the level of his enemies. Also, the same Tyrion who had it in himself to kill his father, now wants to make truce and talk with his sister. The same sister who hates him even more then his father and he is well aware of it. The same sister who wanted to kill him, who would threaten him all the time. And this is the one player with whom he wants to be reasonable with? Only because he now is "The most moral man in the universe" He is no longer Tyrion Lannister And remember about Game of Thrones "you win or you die" remember that, and then think that having a truce and dealing with Cersei is exactly on the same level of stupid that Ned Stark was. Now, present day everyone knows how he ended. Everyone should know how the High Septon ended, how Maergery ended. So why the hell do they all want to die???
  2. My vote goes as 6 Reason behind: Its still a fun show to watch so I had to be on the positive side. Its also something that I will likely like to view again someday, maybe only the key moments but its still something. So positive it is. It cant be more then a 6 for me because of the storytelling. And yes, I am on the train of plot holes and incoherent characters. I can often find myself laughing at times. As for the episode, one of my remarks to a friend was: So now Tyrion is on the Undead side? Because if it was not for is absolute shit plan they would never have gotten past the wall. Now lets deal with it....this is what show logic has created. Which...is fun and all that but...just fun.
  3. If the same issues show up on the books, be sure they will be criticized. I dont know if you have noticed but book fans have been critic on the latest books. Its overall consensus that up till a Storm of Swords, the quality of pace and writing was much better. The problem you have is that for some reason you dont want critics. But critics are a good part of life. They help us grow. If we stop discussing stuff and getting diferente views, then we stop evolution. So let people have their views. Martin himself has been fairly criticized for getting into kind of a bottleneck in is narrative. We still dont know how he intends to get free from it and he does not look very eager to even try.
  4. People should refrain from saying things for which they do not have proper knowledge. I am in no way advocating Incest. But genetics do not work in the way you say. There is indeed a chance of issues but its by no means a strong one at start. It takes generations for the DNA to really get messed up. Because if you dont have generations of Incest behind, your DNA material is still pretty widespread. You likely dont know but DNA material goes back several generations so you can absolutely generate someone who is a copy of your great great uncle. I am no specialist in genetics but I do am a specialist in history. As example, all greatest Egiptian rullers were born from brother and sister. The first successful female ruller, Hatshepsut was one of such examples. There are many others. Europe is also full of examples. You maybe will just focus on the Habsburg family which did generate a congenit blood issue. But focusing on the Habsburgs would be to forget there were plenty other families. And by the way, it took the Habsburgs a couple generations to get this trait concentrated that almost everyone had it. When all is said and done, if you did not have modern medicine, it would be more dangerous to have a kid from a stranger after lets say 35 years old, vs having a kid from your cousin at 20 years old. The first thing would have a far greater chance of killing you and the baby if you did not apply modern medicine.
  5. I will give it a 7 It is still really good television and I was close to giving an 8. The thing that keeps me from going into higher grades is that the show seems to keep its tendency to not be really made as a whole from episode to episode and now from season to season. Things are set up one way, then they change, then they change again.....it is still great, but there seems a lack of overal management. Like several people are giving inputs to adapt the story and no one can clearly get everything fit together. The example on this episode was quite clear at the start! Lucky enough everything else was great but the start was simply too disconected from last season. Sam starting where he does, ghost showing up out of nowhere, Lord Comander asking Sam for the ravens we didnt even know about before......it almost seems someone had seen a different season 2 ending before writting this one and someone forget to tell them they ended up editing it differently. But ok, rant away...Almost everything else is great for me and this is still great TV by all accounts. Jon / Mance: I´m ok. Not too enthusiast but it still works well enough. I am on board with all who think Jon is a bit emo but we will have to wait and see Bronn / Whore: Broon is amazing so I am all well with having more from him. At least he was a character on the book so if he is working better on the show, so bit it! Unleash him! Lets have him around more then. Tyrion / Cersei: meh....nothing special. What could be said about this scene is "nothing happens". Not a particular good scene for either Cersei or Tyrion also. Still...the line "still makes me more clever then you" deserved to be on screen and makes this worth the time :) Bronn again: yeahhhhh! I stand by my previous statement: Bronn works well on screen, lets have him! no issue with it. Davos / Salador: Nice scene altough this one makes me wonder about Salador....why could we not see him at the Blackwater somewhere if he was to still be in the show and be used now? And he felt quite in place in this episode. But was this the second and last scene from him? If this is so....allas....the character had potential I think. I am still feelling I would have liked seing him at the Blackwater maybe at the end trying to lead some rearguard action or ordering someone to come with him for Stannis. Robb at Harrenhall: Ok, fair enough! Makes total sense considering the plot changes on season 2. My take here is well played considering where they decided to go with the show. And when they play it well, I have no issue. Still....from my personal view, I dont like this Robb and the way he relates to his mother. I guess it can make sense considering its an older Robb....maybe....just maybe. But this really messes up the relationship bettween Robb and Cat or at least seems to. But as this is GOT, most likely next episode it will be like Robb never arrested Cat at all.....and I dont know if I just hope for that or not. Tywin / Tyrion: Great amazing perfect scene!!!! WELL DONE!!!! But...allas....this scene seems now a bit disconected after where they went with Tywin on previous seasons. Tywin seemed to recognize Tyrion at the end of season 1, he also seemed a lot nicer all along season 2. Well....it´s nice to see we have the real Tywin back. Where was he????? Charles Dance is trully something to behold tough. And I am 100% confident he can take Tywin the right way now if they let him. Hope they let him keep the style now. Sansa / Shae / LF / Ros: meh again. I think removing Dontos makes sense. Seems like something necessary or at least wise to do. But having Shae and Ros there in his place doesnt make for a necessary better deal....at least for me. Havin LF revealing himself I can take it and understand it. Gives him a lot more to do now and I am totally fine with having more of him around. Just, please, dont make him do stupid stuff like on season 2. If we can sail clear from that, I am fine with him being a bit more 1st stage. Ros can stay but please get her something better to do. She is still not a character and still maybe a "most used prop"....would they care to give her a character if they insist she has to stay around? Shae is still different from the book but at least she keeps consistent so I will give them the credit and wait to see where she will end up before judging if its a good story or not. Dany / Jorah: Nice to see the dragons and the seasick Dothraki. Davos / Stanis / Mel: I enjoy Davos. Stanis does really nothing for me. But I think this is well done and looks good on tv. Blaming Davos is consistent with the show. Makes Davos a bit less awesome as he was in the books but that awesomness was already lost when they decided to go this way in season 2. Glad they keep consistent here! Good scene to me. Marg / Joff / Cersei / Loras: Enjoyed everything! Well done!! And they have me on board Marg train so my respect for that. I am now totally ok with the actress and the way they are going with Marg. Feels quite good storywise. Danny and Unsullied: GOOD!!! Not exactly like the book but cool enough and the main message was there. Perfect for me! Barristan / murder: I have no problems with the murder atemp being from the warlocks. Makes sense inside the show. The Barristan reveal was cool to see so as for the moment I am an happy camper about it. Feelling could change depending on how this will impact the mechanics bettween Danny / Selmy and Jorah. But for now was well done and I am willing to take their train if it goes somewhere on track (even if not exactly by the book).
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