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    music, procastinating, ritual sacrifices.
  1. Your avatar is amazing ;)

  2. Whatever

    READ FIRST: Rules

    mods, there are two lemore threads. Can you merge them? Thanks Ps: the new board is great!
  3. Whatever

    READ FIRST: Rules

    ookay, thanks ;)
  4. Whatever

    READ FIRST: Rules

    question for the mods: the lemore thread has been closed because there is another thread about the same topic, linked in the last post. But the other thread is also closed. Can I open another one, or can the lemore thread be re-opened, or there's another place in which discuting the topic? (the search function is not working right now) Thank you :)
  5. He surelly will :( I hope meera survives, at least
  6. Whatever

    Episode Names

    I don't remember.. where are these from? :)