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  1. For some reason, I got the weird vibe that Daario is going to betray Dany from this episode. In the books, if Aegon's invasion leads to Tommen's death, then you could say Tyrion putting the seed into Aegon's head to invade helped lead to it.
  2. It would funny if Winds comes out before next season and reveals that Jon returns after all the talk from Kit and D&D that Jon was gone.
  3. He's going to be resurrected, by Mel or Bran or both.
  4. There are no actual gods. They are all myths and legends that have been built up around magic. Look at the Old Gods, they are just Greenseers that went into the trees. Pretty much all the magic we see requires the same thing: sacrifice, be it of blood or a life.
  5. The Northern lords will never back Stannis and most of his army is currently made up of northerners. He has very few of his own men with him in the books and they are dropping like flies. Stannis may win the battle of Winterfell, but he is going to lose the war. Jon's "death" may also change what happens when Shireen and Massey get to the Wall. Stannis and his daughter could meet up once again. Also, bookStannis has no relationship with his daughter and it isn't like he's been unwilling at other times to kill relatives for his own gain.
  6. Well, they said GRRM told them stannis burns Shireen. I guess we'll find out if they're lying or not 10 years from now when Winds comes out.
  7. One way to make dany a likable hero for the ending is to make everyone else terrible.
  8. Well, Mel and Stannis are both eventually dying terrible deaths. Maybe the Boltons can flay them before Jon feeds Roose and Ramsay to Ramsay's dogs.
  9. When Shireen is burned alive in the books will people still be mad at the show? Or will they say how edgy GRRM is?
  10. I think Myranda will be killed in the escape. Ramsay will be livid that he just lost his three toys: Theon, Sansa, and Myranda.
  11. You can't not have Jon be the leader to take the Other leader down after a standoff scene like that. Coming to a screen near you: Lord Commander Jon “The Bastard” Snow versus The Nights King, aka Puddles Jr. Two warriors enter, one shall leave. Also, it'd be pretty useful to have an army of giants right about now. Wun Wun was brushing the wights aside like flies. ETA on Giant wights?
  12. Jon: I've heard it's best to keep your enemies close. Stannis: Whoever told you that didn't have many enemies. I wonder if this was referencing book Jon systematically sending all of his friends/allies away from him while keeping the people he doesn't trust close to him. That doesn't end well for Jon. Cersei probably told them to stay out of the way.
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