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  1. I was looking at the actor who is playing Theon in the series (the brother of Lily Allen I believe), and he reminded me of someone, the look in his eye. Then it occurred to me it was a young Malcolm McDowell who he reminded me of. Then I thought about it some more and it occurred to me that Theon's journey is looking similar (definitely not exact) to the character that MM played in a Clockwork Orange. I have to admit I could never watch that movie all the way through, but I know the story. I'm not sure if Theon starts out quite as violent as the character in a Clockwork Orange, but it seems like at the point of this new POV chapter, he is at that place where he was a bringer of violence and is now very meek and mild. I'm sure this is not a new theory, but it's new to me. Anyone else see a similarity?