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  1. I'm getting more than just SQL errors - I can't even view my own profile...my picture isn't showing up and I get the error message that says I do not have permission to "look at member profiles." I'm just trying to get to my own???????? Am I to understand that this is blocked all together???
  2. I thought it was amazing, as well - a definite 10...there are so many details that the writers and directors are addressing. It was a difficult episode to watch - Dany's struggles and Ned's death; however, it stayed true to Martin, and that is what matters. I cannot believe that next week's episode will be the last. The series is phenomenal... On a completely separate note - can someone help me? There seems to be some problems with my account, and as a fairly new user, I have no idea what to do, but Ran, I know you are an administrator - please help...I cannot look at my own profile - I keep getting error messages saying that '(I) do not have permission to...' What do I do? I haven't logged on since June 6th, I think, yet when I tried this morning, I was BLOCKED from everything?????????????????
  3. My rose-colored glasses shattered... I think I'll just let the sun shine on my face...

  4. Columbus, here I come... It's been a while - have you missed me?

  5. I can say nothing other than this, for now - you bring out an obstreperous and volatile Elizabeth; however, you probably wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

  6. School is out for the summer, the sun is shining, flowers in my garden are blooming, I have time again to read, swim, relax... So why do I feel so melancholy???

  7. Sometimes we're holding angels, and we never even know... Don't know if we'll make it, or we know we just can't let it show... It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't; It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed; Some prayers find an answer, Some prayers never know... We're holding on and letting go...we're letting go...

  8. I was plagued by horrible nightmares all night...woke up feeling exhausted...

  9. "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." -President John F. Kennedy

  10. Today, I am finally taking my car to get fixed from the "accident" in March that everyone keeps teasing me about...it will be nice to see black again and not a huge white streak down half the passenger side... Ah, the little things that make us happy... Thank you, my wonderful parents, for letting me borrow your car while mine gets repaired...I'll try not to hit anything this week! ;)

  11. I love hummingbirds...just watched one drinking from the feeder by my rose garden - beautiful...

  12. I feel amazingly accomplished: senior research papers were finished (yesterday) and senior grades submitted; 2/3 of the yard mowed; a rose garden designed, dug, planted, lined, mulched, and fertilized; the deck stained; my garden swing hung; and flower boxes and hanging baskets filled with annuals... Wow - is THIS what it feels like to have "me time" again? I love it...

  13. "Tonight is the night!" -Lumiere. AWESOME job last night, kids...but tonight will be even better!!!!!! ;)

  14. It's opening night!!!!! One more day - today - and all of our hard work will show when those curtains slide away...

  15. Lol...Varys just said "res-PITE" - not "respit(e)."

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