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    Books, music, photography, films, dance/running and general training, law, other things I shouldn't go telling around and cooking (and brewing things).

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  1. Yes, they can.

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    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for well, years now, but I decided to sign in only yesterday (or maybe it was the day before yesterday, I've been working so I'm not really sure). I read the books when a good friend of mine lend them to me so I wouldn't get that bored staying in bed, a lot of years ago -and since then I've been waiting for DwD. I still think I should have waited for the series to be complete before starting the reading: I see no fun in waiting years to know how things develop :) Have a nice day, sometimes I get the time to write, sometimes I get busy enough and my social life reduces to ... well ... it gets tight and tiny and truly annoying so I really can't make promises about how much I'll move around. L
  3. If I had a mind I'd sure have something on it -or maybe aound.